Torrey Smith says Ravens have no pressure


The Baltimore Ravens are just over a week away from reporting for training camp and the start of their campaign to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

It’s a feat no NFL team has been able to accomplish since the New England Patriots won consecutive titles in the 2003-2004 seasons.

However, receiver Torrey Smith says the Ravens aren’t feeling the weight of being the hunted this season.

I feel like there’s no pressure at all,” Smith said in an interview on NFL Network’s Total Access. “Because nobody expected us to be there in the first place, so the defending title thing is kind of overblown.”

After a 9-2 start to last season, the Baltimore Ravens nearly lost hold of the AFC North divisional title down the stretch with losses in four of their final five games. However, they turned the switch back on for the playoffs and earned the trip to the Super Bowl with wins over Indianapolis in the divisional round and road victories over Denver and New England.

Several iconic Ravens are no longer with the team. Ray Lewis retired. Ed Reed has moved on to Houston. Players such as Paul Kruger (Cleveland) and  Dannell Ellerbe (Miami) left in free agency and the Ravens traded Anquan Boldin to San Francisco. But Smith believes the Ravens still have potential to return to the Super Bowl this season.

I think we have the potential to be better than we were last year,” Smith said. “We’ve got trust in the guy up top (general manager Ozzie Newsome). All the young guys we’ve been developing and working hard over the last few years, it’s our time to go out there and do it. We just have to go work. Nothing is going to be given to us. We understand that and we have a lot to prove come the 25th.”

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  1. The Ravens are going to have a whole lot of football fans scratching their heads over the fact that the team got better and that Joe Flacco is truly elite.

  2. Well said, Torrey. It’s going to be fun watching you tear past that feeble Steelers secondary.

  3. There’s no pressure because no one believes this team will even sniff the playoffs this year.

  4. All the Raven’s haters are going to say we wont even win 8 games but let’s look at the reality of the situation.

    Our defense was the worst it’s been in about a decade, the primary reason we won games was because we gave up field goals and not touchdowns. However, this offseason we not only got younger, we’ve also become more talented.

    LarDar is coming back, Suggs and Ngata will be healthy, we picked up Dumervil for LESS than what Kruger got. We also got Michael Huff, a former 7th overall pick, in addition to adding Canty and Spears. Not to mention Brandon Williams looks like a sleeper pick.

  5. As a Ravens fan, I buy into Smith’s comments. While we will be sorely disappointed if the Ravens do not make the playoffs, they certainly do not have the burden of “Dynasty” talk. If the team remains competitive, the fans will be happy. They went to the playoffs for 5 straight years and won at least one post season game every year. We’re lovin’ it as Ravens fans. To ask more than they have been giving us is greedy or stupid.

  6. I received my Ravens season tickets yesterday. It was notable that there was only a one page flier included in all of that stuff that mentioned the Superbowl victory. I think Mgmt wants the team and the fans to forget about last years accomplishment almost entirely. That is exactly what highly successful Mgmt teams do – they focus on the goals in front of them. The Ravens will compete this year you can count on that. I can’t wait for it all to begin!

  7. Hard for me imagine to imagine anything but an improved Ravens team this year when you have the entire offense returning except Boldin and Leach. Good players but having Jim Caldwell all season and Pierce to take the load off Rice I think the offense will actually improve overall.

    The defense no question will improve with Dunervil, Huff, and Webb back. Loved Ray, favorite player ever Reed right there but with retirement gives way to the next generation of leadership, overdue to get their turn.

    Someone let the dogs off the leash already! As a Ravens supporter cant wait to see Suggs and Doom off the edge with Ngata coming down the throat!!!

  8. Ravens have some extra confidence because of Batch’s retirement. Like in boxing, when Tyson retired, other boxers finally had a chance to win.

  9. The only question is whether or not the Ravens will win the Super Bowl again. I think they will because they’ve rebuilt the team and made it much better.

  10. “Ravens have some extra confidence because of Batch’s retirement. Like in boxing, when Tyson retired, other boxers finally had a chance to win.”

    Yes, when I think of a certain Steeler QB, I also think of Mike Tyson.

  11. crownofthehelmet says:
    Jul 17, 2013 9:53 AM
    Ravens have some extra confidence because of Batch’s retirement. Like in boxing, when Tyson retired, other boxers finally had a chance to win.


    It’s quite clear for clown here, like most Steelers fans, that victory over the Ravens was their Super Bowl. Glad you enjoyed it.
    (I won’t mention Tim Tebow here, because that is just far too obvious as far as having your team beaten by a crappy QB.)

  12. I continue to be impressed by Smith on and off the field.

    He showed flashes of brilliance his rookie year but had trouble catching Flacco’s rockets. Last year he was remarkably improved. Can’t wait to see what he brings in his third year.

  13. crown, I’m certain that on the first day of training camp, when John gathers the entire team, he’ll make sure the defense is sitting in the front, he’ll look each player in the eye, then break into big smile and say “the pressure you will feel after reaching the pinnacle of our sport, the best of the best, is off guys! Charlie Batch retired!”.

    Most of the team will look at each other “Who?”

  14. There is no pressure when you are prepared. John Harbaugh and staff will take care of that.

  15. so crown…what you are saying is with batch gone, there is no one who can stop the ravens…certainly not ben. i believe the ravens have won the last 3 he has started

  16. He’s right that there is no pressure, because he knows there’s no way Jump Ball Joe will get all the fluke breaks he did in the playoffs again, like the blind lucky heave in Denver, and the Ravens winning the Bowl despite the fact their quarterback TOTALLY disappeared in the second half. Not to mention the 4th and 29 joke in San Diego, blind luck that will never be repeated. So to recap, no more blind luck for Jump Ball Joe in ’13 means no chance of a repeat, so why feel any pressure?

  17. Ravens have to be one of the most balanced teams I’ve seen in quite awhile. Well balanced teams in the NFL not only make the playoffs, they have a very good chance of winning it all.

  18. Steelers fans should be jealous of the Ravens. We just won our 2nd SB since entering the league in 1996. We have made the playoffs 5 years running with victories in each run. We have a great front office. We have a great coaching staff. We just got a lot younger and more talented on D. And Leach still hasn’t signed with anyone so there is still a chance he could be plowing the lanes for Pierce and Rice to compliment our SB MVP QB Joe Flacco’s air attack. Enjoy battling for 2nd from here on out.

  19. Steeler crybabies have been dismissing the Ravens for years, and last year was no exception. How’d that work out for you, by the way?

  20. Twenty-two days (August 9th) until Ozzie Newsome signs or trades for a WR. The day after the first preseason game….

  21. Your ravens are not a true expansion team, the first owner took the crap team with the front office to a new city and left the history behind. That owner who owned the team since the 60’s only manage to win 1 championship. 2 out of the 5 straight playoff appearances the steelers took out the ravens, once in the AFC championship game. Flacon played 2 horrible games against that steeler defense and has a losing record against the steelers. The steelers have a winning record in Baltimore and Pittsburgh, including undefeated in the playoffs. Boast your ring now, you won’t get another anytime soon.

  22. Good luck to Jump Ball Joe completing many passes now that Boldin’s gone. MAN did that guy bail out Flacco! I doubt even Jones can pick up that much slack, so again, no chance of a repeat means no pressure. Nice!

  23. so you are criticizing ozzie for continuously trying to improve his team? meanwhile the steelers will be standing pat with plax spaeth and cotchery. that explains why the ravens won the super bowl and the steelers missed the playoffs

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