Aldon Smith: Kaepernick’s play, preparation are important, not his hat

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On Wednesday, 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith appeared on “ESPN’s First Take.” Of course, the topic of Colin Kaepernick’s Miami Dolphins hat came up.

And you know what? It’s a good thing it did, because Smith addressed the issue sensibly and smartly.

Here’s one take-away quote on Kaepernick from Smith’s appearance, per “As long as he’s dedicated to what he does and he does a great job on the field and he’s dedicated to his team and he’s a leader for us, that’s all that matters.”

Smith also said this: “When Colin rushes for 1,500 yards, it doesn’t matter. He can wear the team that he ran the yards on.”

Everyone laughed at this, and Smith, himself laughing, then said: “It doesn’t matter. It’s OK.”

He added, “. . . You know, let him have fun.”

Yes. Exactly. Because, as Smith noted, we are taking about a quarterback who’s both put in time and put up the numbers to help his team.

27 responses to “Aldon Smith: Kaepernick’s play, preparation are important, not his hat

  1. If he has a deal with Under Armour, he’d have enough respect not wear a Reebok hat.

    Somehow he doesn’t seem to know he should respect the 49ers (or their fans) for his NFL paycheck.

    Fan = short for fanatic. Otherwise known as people who are crazy enough to dump millions of dollars in support of the team. Only an idiot would be surprised at the backlash. There’s your leader 49er fans.

  2. How about Wilson of the seachickens giving tribute to Kap when he was photographed Kaepernicking…

  3. speaking of Kaep fashion, he looked like a Jersey Shore reject at a clown convention at the ESPY’s last night. Craig Sager was even shaking his head in disgust.

  4. He should just go back to wearing his Milwaukee Brewers hat and everyone will just shut the hell up.

  5. I heard there is a gang called the dolphins which Kap is affiliated with

    hence why he wore the hat….

    heard he also a Dolphins starter coat

  6. I find it funny that this is getting “blown out of proportion” and he was “just wearing a hat” or “expressing himself.”

    Let’s say it was Tom Brady wearing a Jets hat, or Eli Manning wearing a Cowboys hat – can you imagine the backlash?

  7. Agreed, somebody needs to tell that to NaVorro Bowman. Oh wait I did and then got slaughtered by PFT planet with the most dislikes ever. You guys need to get your priorities straight with what’s important in football. Good up and coming QBs are important, not bad apple LBs that want to decide how those QBs live their lives.

  8. I heard there is a gang called the dolphins which Kap is affiliated with

    hence why he wore the hat….

    heard he also a Dolphins starter coat


    Do I have gang experience? I was in the Snake Eyes, the Duckies, the Cuckoos, the Vampires, the Ballroom Dancers, the Hobo Lords, the Little Enchanters,and in ’54 I joined the Monkey Lords. After that the Rockers, the Gentlemen Jims, the Tsars, the Stars, the Mighty Midgets from Queens.

    They’re all gangs, Big Daddy!

  9. “Let’s say it was Tom Brady wearing a Jets hat, or Eli Manning wearing a Cowboys hat – can you imagine the backlash?”

    Uh, yeah, I can imagine the backlash because your hypothetical examples involve QBs wearing hats of DIVISION RIVALS.

    Any 49ers fan who has been following Kaepernick closely knows that he grew up a Packers fan. The guy isn’t a Dolphins fan, and the Dolphins are about as far from being a 49ers rival as a team could possibly be.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think wearing the Dolphins hat was silly and immature. The whole idea of obsessing over fashion to the point of picking sports teams hats to match outfits seems silly to me. But getting all offended and thinking Kaepernick is supporting another NFL team over his own is just as silly. I’ll take Kap–who is ultra-competitive and busts his butt behind the scenes–over a guy who says all the right things in public but doesn’t work as hard.

  10. @thestrategyexpert;
    Good up and coming QBs are important, not bad apple LBs that want to decide how those QBs live their lives.
    When did Navarro Bowman become a bad apple?

    As a 49er Fan for the last 45 years, I was neither upset or concerned about CK’s loyalty to the 9ers.
    What’s funny to me is how a number of people posting as outraged 49er fans probably just jumped back on the bandwagon! Where were they during the lean years? I don’t care what a player wears, but I sure do care what a so called FAN wears and if he/she really is loyal to the team all the time and not just when they are winning!

  11. If he wore the hat solely because it matched his clothes, I am sure there are plenty of lids out there that he could have chosen that wasn’t another NFL team.
    And as I am sure has been pointed out, the bigger issue is his reaction to fan reaction.
    I didn’t care for the guy before this happened (for obvious reasons) so nothing has changed for me. But he should consider his fan base.

  12. 4ever49er:

    By talking trash about Kaep. I didn’t agree with his comments and for him to be the one to call out his teammate in the fashion. If I’m Jim Harbaugh I’m having a more serious talk with Bowman and I’m telling Kaep that I have his back and Bowman won’t talk about him in a negative light again or he’s out. It’s just my philosophy, if a guy is not a team player and is going to do the opposite of supporting MY guy at QB, then he’s not going to be on this team. So if I’m the GM I’m very interested in trading him right now.

    If Alex Smith was the QB, then I wouldn’t be so quick to move NaVorro, because Alex Smith wasn’t MY guy at QB. I handpicked Kaep from my own personal evaluations and I’m not going to allow anybody to interfere with his head because that’s my job and I don’t want NaVorro’s junk to distract him. He’s too important to me and I want to make sure his mind is in the right place.

  13. Bowman was supporting Kap? Did u even see the interview? He had Kaps back. The quote was taken out of context a bit.

    Also Kap didn’t wear a division rivals hat like the seachickens so it doesn’t really compare to Brady wearing a Jets hat. More like Brady wearing a Cardnials hat.

    Would there be huge backlash if Brady wore an Arizona Cardnials hat?

  14. I may be a little bias here but does anyone else feel this is a little crazy. The guy wore a Miami Dolphins hat. Granted should he have, probably not but the Pouncy’s wear a “Free Hernandez” hat and THIS is getting more attention?? Kinda crazy if you ask me….

  15. @thestrategyexpert says: Jul 18, 2013 2:42 PM

    1. Bowman didn’t bash CK

    2. If you were the GM, you’d be fired for trading Bowman (Big key to 9er D)

    3. What part of the comment was he portraying CK in a negative light ( I agree with myosin10, you evidently didn’t see, hear or read the interview)
    4. Are you a 9er fan or a CK fan only?

    5. Based on your Alex Smith comment you are one of those fans I was talking about who seems to only care about the team when they are winning

    6. If Harbaugh thought that by someone criticizing CK for wearing a cap would mess with his head, I guarantee that Alex Smith wouldn’t be in KC now.

    7. He’s gonna get more flak from his teammates for running around naked in the ESPN mag, do you think Harbaugh is going to go into the locker room and say “Guys let’s leave Colin alone he’s a little fragile”?

    8. CK’s a big boy who can and will handle anything that comes his way. The fact that he took just a week off after the SB tells me all I need to know about his, Leadership, Work Ethic and Loyalty to the 9ers! (regardless of what team’s cap he wearing while relaxing at home, the beach etc.)

    9ers Today~9ers Tomorrow~9ers Forever

  16. 4ever49er:

    1: Yes he did. That’s your opinion and I disagree.

    2: If I was the GM I believe I would have already earned tremendous respect from performance, the team would know that I know how to assemble a team that can win better than anybody. If the owner had such a passion for that one player then he can easily veto my decision and force me to keep him if he is so inclined.

    3: Same as #1, you just need to re-read his quotes and see that he is basically saying he did the wrong thing. Whether he did the wrong thing or not it’s not NaVorro’s place to speak up to the media and smear him like that. That has potential to affect Kaep’s subconscious mindset with a negative and unnecessary distraction, and further a positive comment could have been used to bonus him up instead of bringing him down.

    4: I’m both. I’m a CK fan because he’s one of the few QBs that I personally vouched for, and I don’t like the 49ers for quite a few reasons but I do see them as arguably the best team on paper right now so I like them for outperforming most everybody else and doing an overall decent job with the team. They might be my #1 team of least to complain about right now.

    5: No, I care about ALL teams in the NFL whether they are winning or losing. I want each team to come up with their best and I criticize any and all teams from any success level at the top or bottom if they do things I think are mistakes.

    6: That’s Harbaugh’s opinion then. And this isn’t about shattering Kaep’s mindset, this is a highly complex psychological issue and any input into the brain has an output effect whether it’s significant to measure or not. I don’t think Harbaugh is a sharp guy when it comes to psychology so I don’t think he’s qualified to really understand the implications here. He manages his QBs his way, and I manage my QBs my way and I think Harbaugh isn’t doing a good job with Kaep to begin with, partly because he’s not in touch with how to use psychology to develop Kaep so that he can be his best. That’s not in his arsenal of QB development skills.

    7: More? Whatever, I’m looking still for any score I can get and to minimize any penalty. Any other issue is just that, another issue. This issue nevertheless still exists.

    8: Agreed, but it’s better to not have to handle negative influences at all as long as that negativity is voluntarily containable. Again, my philosophy is win at everything and lose at nothing to the 100% maximum possible best that you can do.

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