Cowboys 14th in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings


Since winning the NFC East in 2009, the Cowboys have failed to make the postseason, and every one of their division rivals have won the division. The Eagles won the East in 2010, while the Giants captured the division (and the Lombardi Trophy) in 2011. Then, the Redskins, led by quarterback Robert Griffin III, surprised many by taking the East in 2012.

Maybe the Cowboys, who are 14th in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings, are due. After all, they have been very close to winning the division the last two seasons. And they have some quality talent, as we detailed in our preseason preview.

However, to make the postseason, the Cowboys are going to have to be better than 14th-best in the league, eighth-best in their conference and third-best in their division, which is how we currently stack them.

Have we underrated or overrated the Cowboys, or are they right where they belong? Let us know via the poll and in the comments.

23 responses to “Cowboys 14th in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings

  1. I’d hate to have to say this for every ranking from now on, but how can the cowboys be ahead of the Vikes? We have the best RB in football, one of the best OLs, talented WRs (finally) and a very good defense. I just don’t see it.

  2. There is no chance that they are this high. Romo will play great until October and then he will start throwing INT’s and failing as usual. His extension will make Jerry considering finally firing himself as GM.

  3. It’s tough because the Cowboys actually have talent. Luckily they also have the inept leadership to balance that out.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA! 17 years and running of overrating the Cowboys. Is Troy Aikman walking through that door? Emmitt Smith? Michael Irvin? No, so I’ll go ahead and wait for them to miss the playoffs…again.

  5. Dallas and Pittsburgh are in the same boat this year. Both teams are getting older without getting any better, and people are inexplicably assuming that both will be competitive just because.

  6. Wow, 14th?? Did I miss the news about Jerry Jones and Tony Romo retiring or something?

  7. Every year it’s the same story. The media always thinks “THIS IS THE YEAR!”. And then they have a .500 season and the media calls them a disappointment because of all the talent they have on their team.

    It’s become my favorite football tradition.

  8. Lots of hate for Dallas, and thats okay.
    I do think this is about right, and heres why.

    Dallas barely missed the playoffs last year, despite a ridiculous amount of loss to defensive starters. 12 teams go to the playoffs, which means Dallas on the outside looking in puts them right around 13-15.

    Theyve added some good pieces, changed schemes to be better at pressuring the qb, and have some key players back from IR.

    I don’t know if I am ready to believe they will be winning the division/making playoffs/going deep into post season, but they should be competitive.

    Their december schedule is pretty tough, so it’ll be interesting to see if Dallas folds as per usual, or if Tony and company finally find their grit and make a run.

  9. Yea it’s overrated becuase it’s better than half the league which anybody who’s been forced to watch the cowboys in Texas, which I’m sure Jerry is close to trying to make it mandatory, knows they suck hard.

  10. If the Cowboys offensive line can stop killing offensive drives with dumb penalty after penalty.. if the defense can stop giving up big play after big play…the Cowboys have some very talented players but football is the ultimate team sport


  11. people hate Dallas so much they think you putting them ranked 14th you’re picking them to win the Superbowl! lol
    I think 14 is just right, but hope for better.

  12. News flash to all the haters/trolls out there: when a team finishes 8-8, with a Week 17 shot at winning its division, all in spite of two nail-biter losses and a huge slate of injuries, and returns basically the same team, you have to expect that the team’s record will be at least as good as the previous year’s.

    If Dez Bryant doesn’t break his fall in the end zone, the team would have been 9-7 last year, in spite of the injuries. If the team would have had a reasonable number of injuries on top of that, it would have been 10-6 or 11-5. Definitely not a perfect squad, but a upper-half team for sure.

    If you’re ranked around 16-17th, you’re projected to be a mid-tier, roughly .500 team. There’s no reasonable argument to say that Dallas can’t be that. Raise them a couple of spots for their upside, and you have #14.

    If you think that ranking doesn’t make sense, you either just hate the Cowboys or your brain doesn’t work properly.

  13. PeterKingLovesCoqAVin says: “Dallas and Pittsburgh are in the same boat this year. Both teams are getting older without getting any better”

    See, look how easily Dallas-hating turns people into morons. Oh yes, the Cowboys are so old…
    D Murray – 25
    M Austin – 29
    D Bryant – 24
    J Hanna – 24
    T Smith – 22
    T Crawford – 23
    S Lissemore – 25
    A Spencer – 29
    B Carter – 25
    J Durant – 27
    S Lee – 26
    B Carr – 27
    M Claiborne – 23
    O Scandrick – 26
    D Bailey – 25
    C Jones – 23

    That’s not even counting rookies or young players who haven’t played much yet. Sure, Romo is 33, but is anyone writing off Denver or NE because of the AGE of their QBs? Other than Romo, there’s Witten (31), Hatcher (31), Ratliff (31), and Ware (30) as major players in their 30s, and only Romo is older than 31. Golly gee, since when were NFL teams supposed to not roster anyone over 29?

    If anything, most of the team’s core (Smith, the LBs, the CBs, Bryant, Murray) is just entering its prime. Any other criticisms you feel like just making up?

  14. Joe Flacco is 28 and has started 14 playoff games in his NFL career, winning 9 of them (including 6 on the road, an all-time record). At 33, how many has Romo won? How many have the Cowboys won in the past 5 years? Last year the Ravens had injuries to Ray Lewis, Terrel Suggs, Haloki Ngata and Lardarius Webb and still won the Super Bowl. Then in the offseason they got rid of (or let go) a lot of their older, slower players (like Ed Reed). The point being that the Cowboys have not made that many changes from last year’s team, and injuries in the NFL are no excuse since every team has them.

  15. the cowboys were the 18th pick in a draft of 32 teams….17 teams ahead of them….17-32 = 15….and here were are ranked one spot better at 14….OMG the cowboys are so overrated drrrrrrr

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