DeSean Jackson releases rap single with Snoop Dogg

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Earlier this offseason, there was some speculation that Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was interested in signing with Jay-Z’s RocNation Sports agency to represent him.

That didn’t happen, but Jackson has found another way to rub elbows with a well-known rap artist. Jackson, who launched his own record label with a $25,000 party in 2012, has released “Diamonds on my Neck,” a single and video featuring Snoop Dogg rapping alongside Jackson.

The video, which you can watch here with the warning that there’s explicit language included among the lyrics, is a slickly produced nighttime tour of Las Vegas focused on wearing the titular jewels while enjoying the various charms of Sin City. Jackson doesn’t do too much rapping in it, one verse of the three minute-plus song, but does call himself an “ice cold receiver” who has “them money bags like I’m freezing” so there’s some connection to football.

Music criticism is best left to those with a deep knowledge of music, but it doesn’t feel like going too far out on a limb to say that it would probably be wise for Jackson to hold onto his day job as long as possible. That said, Jackson’s effort was more than enough to wrest the crown of best rap recording by a celebrated punt returner from “Must Be The Money” by Deion Sanders.

40 responses to “DeSean Jackson releases rap single with Snoop Dogg

  1. It sounds alot like everything else I hear that gets played relentlessly. It’s not my cup of tea but it seems to be for a lot of people.

    I have a question for those that do like it and it’s not coming from a place of judgement….does the constant boasting ever get to you? I think that’s what rubs me the wrong way. Beat and feel wise it works for me but the bragging just eventually gets to me.

  2. I’ve heard worse. I suppose it’s a harmless way to spend your off-season downtime, which is more than you can say for far too many players these days.

  3. I thought one of the basic requirements for any individual rapping, was the fact that it should RHYME!!! See what happens when guys leave school early? and as far as metaphors go, how do Money Bags and Receiving belong together? I don’t now, nor have I ever deliberately or accidentially put my money bags, debit card, or even change for that matter, into or near an environment where freezing could possibly occur. This is not necessarily by design, I just never connected the two, thus I never felt compelled to freeze my money bags. Am I the only person not hip to freezing my money? If so, should I start doing so immediately?

  4. I want to preface this by saying I like and appreciate most music including rap… This however, is just horribly uncomfortable. You know that weird uncomfortable vibe Ben Stiller puts off in his movies? DeSean has secured that feeling unintentionally. You suck brah

  5. I doubt Mike Quick or Harold Carmichael would have done something so…….. what’s the word I’m looking for here?????…….. Oh yeah! STUPID!!! Yes that was it, STUPID. No, no not stupid but STUPIT.

  6. I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red.

  7. Horrible. Must be the money was better. And that was awful. You have to be a complete dunce to like this.

  8. “I’m headed for the endzone on the run..I’m known to celebrate prematurely by dropping the ball at the 1”

  9. I don’t see anything wrong with a young man tapping into his passion and pursuing a dream. I’ve also learned that he used to be bullied as a youth, so I actually applaud his confidence and determination.

    Dare to Dream, people!

  10. Just to kinda piggy back on triplehops comments above, ….and Yea though I walk thru the valley in the shadow of Rap, I shall fear no man who freezes his money bags, as he must be too STUPIT to be a problem. Amen.

  11. I can’t believe Snoop had anything to do with this song. He must have been high.

  12. Was better than I expected, I am curious what he had to shell out to get Snoop involved. Also can never see too much of the Vegas strip ! Vegas Baby!

  13. Did he have to give the diamonds back to Snoop after the shoot was over?

    Isn’t this the same deadbeat who owes Drew Rosenhaus money because he was broke?

  14. Ladies and gentlemen, meet one of the players to be featured on ESPN’s 30 for 30 film “Broke: Part II.”

  15. When did it become mandatory for NFL receivers to be a-holes? I suggest the league make the season start the week after the draft so these guys don’t have a chance to get into trouble or make themselves look like morons. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

  16. How about putting the time in your REAL job and try to get a diamond SUPERBOWL ring on first…I’m sure there is much better things to do with your down time D jax then making a video with a man who is an ex con..I’m sure the Philly bosses are as about as thrilled about your vid as the woman riding in the limo looked..

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