DeSean Jackson releases rap single with Snoop Dogg

Getty Images

Earlier this offseason, there was some speculation that Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was interested in signing with Jay-Z’s RocNation Sports agency to represent him.

That didn’t happen, but Jackson has found another way to rub elbows with a well-known rap artist. Jackson, who launched his own record label with a $25,000 party in 2012, has released “Diamonds on my Neck,” a single and video featuring Snoop Dogg rapping alongside Jackson.

The video, which you can watch here with the warning that there’s explicit language included among the lyrics, is a slickly produced nighttime tour of Las Vegas focused on wearing the titular jewels while enjoying the various charms of Sin City. Jackson doesn’t do too much rapping in it, one verse of the three minute-plus song, but does call himself an “ice cold receiver” who has “them money bags like I’m freezing” so there’s some connection to football.

Music criticism is best left to those with a deep knowledge of music, but it doesn’t feel like going too far out on a limb to say that it would probably be wise for Jackson to hold onto his day job as long as possible. That said, Jackson’s effort was more than enough to wrest the crown of best rap recording by a celebrated punt returner from “Must Be The Money” by Deion Sanders.