Report: Dolphins won’t sign Vonta Leach before training camp

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It doesn’t look like Vonta Leach will be going to training camp with the Dolphins.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the team has decided not to an extend an offer to the free agent fullback and they stick with what they have at the position to open up training camp. Salguero adds that the team could still return to Leach if the options already on hand. Those options would be Jorvorskie Lane and Charles Clay, who also sees time at tight end on the Miami offense.

Circling back to Leach might not be an option, though. He’s gotten interest from the Giants and Texans since his release from the Ravens on top of reports that a return to Baltimore under a friendlier contract than he had before the team cut him loose.

Leach, who turns 32 during the season, also had a previous stint with the Texans so it would seem he has a good chance of winding up in familiar surroundings for the 2013 season if the Dolphins remain out of the picture.

25 responses to “Report: Dolphins won’t sign Vonta Leach before training camp

  1. Fullback is a dying breed in the NFL. Most teams simply don’t use a lead blocker anymore. Many of the ones that still do are choosing to use a tight end at the position. Keeping an extra tight end on the roster gives a team more versatility.

  2. ” He’s gotten interest from the Giants and Texans since his release from the Ravens on top of reports that a return to Baltimore under a friendlier contract than he had before the team cut him loose.” WHAT?!

  3. My guess is Leach isn’t in that big a hurry to go to training camp either. He’s familiar with the system, so being there for the full training camp probably wouldn’t be necessary. The also recently signed fullback E Rodriguez. Might as well see what you got.

  4. He’ll be a Raven guys, enough already. The Ravens are $5m+ under the cap. At this point the only team that cam afford to give him a decent deal. Giants are cap strapped. The Dolphins can afford him but face it, if you are Leach wouldn’t you take a paycut and play for the team you are already familiar with? Won titles with?

  5. Still my pick to win AFC East. Due to BB/front office types completely gutting & butchering the WR position, I hope Pats could at least compete for WC w/Steelers Bengals Colts etc

  6. The days of the old dolphins are over. No more paying big money for guys near the end of their career. We no longer want to be known as a ‘retirement community!’

  7. Gotta agree with Vincentbojackson…. Bengals
    still have FB Chris Pressley on their roster but Orson Charles has been lining up at FB all during the OTA’s. Bengals drafted him in the 4th round of the 2012 draft. He was a beast at Georgia playing TE but the Bengals already have 2 first round pick TE’s plus the veteran Alex Smith in the fold he’s been getting reps at FB. At 6’3″ 250 lbs. he’s got the build of a FB plus a lot of experience catching the ball.
    Might be one of the story lines on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this season. Should be interesting.

  8. So teams are still willing to overpay for a traditional fullback?

  9. Good. Leach wouldn’t have much of a role in the Dolphins new offense so it makes no sense to sign him, especially long term.

  10. Now Dolphins will not make the playoffs this year. Probably won’t have a winning record.

  11. Ravens need to be offered a lot of money before they’ll leave a championship franchise like Baltimore. As opposed to Mike Wallace who gets a few bucks more and kisses that dying franchise GOODBYE!

  12. I really wish the Raiders would put this guy in front of Darren McFadden. Start finding better ways to utilize Marcel Reece in much more situations (like carrying the ball!!!) and get a devastating blocker in to clear downhill lanes for Darren….I know it most likely won’t happen but dammit it should!

  13. The longer he sits out, the more comfortable he gets with having all his free time. So the longer a team waits… The more expensive he’ll get.

    Especially if it comes down to an injury on some team or two… that starts a bidding war for him.

    Once the preseason games start and certain teams QBs are getting entirely too much pressure on then… Teams will rethink not having the best FB in the game.

  14. A 32 year old guy who plays the least valuable position in the game wants a long term deal and is still available? No kidding.

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