49ers say they did their “due diligence” on Eric Wright


The 49ers have not yet responded to our email regarding whether the team knew about cornerback Eric Wright’s recent arrest before trading for his rights from Tampa Bay.  But the Niners have issued a statement announcing the trade, and in it G.M. Trent Baalke seems to acknowledge that the organization was aware of Wright’s most recent red flag.

“We are pleased to add Eric to our team,” Baalke said.  “As an organization, we have done our due diligence and anticipate Eric working hard to contribute to the 49ers.”

If the Niners didn’t know, they gain nothing by admitting it — unless they plan to publicly call out the Bucs for duping them.

There’s still a chance the 49ers will opt to ease their way out of this one by flunking Wright on his physical.  Indeed, the release from the 49ers expressly points out that, “[f]or the trade to be executed, Wright must pass a physical in the Bay Area next week.”

Don’t be shocked if the 49ers decide that Wright isn’t healthy enough to play for the team.

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  1. Am I missing something? With this recent DUI is he due for a suspension? Or, is PFT flabergasted the Niners would trade a late round pick for a CB that has no guaranteed money this year? There is no mention yet of Yahoo reporting they are trying to dump Rogers, as well.

  2. Did anyone think that the Niners hadn’t done their homework on this before pulling the trigger? C’mon, I know it’s a slow news day, but this is ridiculous.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if he flunks his physical. But I would be hysterically amused, especially when Eric Wright immediately tweets that he’s in the best shape of his life.

    Nothing could top that except for a statement by Baalke tomorrow admitting they didn’t know about the arrest even at the time that he made this comment. Now that would be something special.

    I’m going to be on the edge of my keyboard until this case concludes.

  4. If this were the Patriots would there be calls that he needs to be cut? Or that it was “The Patriot Way” to trade for players that have been arrested?

    With one of the lowest arrest rates in the NFL, it’s time to lay off the Patriots.

    I’m just saying what needs to be said….

  5. does Wright have any protection against this? could he file a grievance to get his money if he in fact is completely healthy? does nflpa help?

  6. I have to say I was very skeptical about Schiano when we hired him, but I have been nothing but impressed with him so far. Very hard to get an NFL team to buy into his style of coaching, and he did an above average job last year to say the least (the guy hardly had a staff when the draft rolled around). He has this term “buccaneer man”, and he and Dominik have cut or traded everyone who doesn’t fit this bill. The concept is the team cuts players that don’t love the game of football. He also never made any excuses last year whatsoever about the turds who got suspended (i.e. Wright, Talib) or the injuries to our pro-bowlers. I like our odds in year two.

  7. If it’s a 7th rounder with a chance to be a 5th or something, what do you really care? The guys you might get in that round are longshots to make the roster, anyways.

  8. Niner fans can act like the team new about the DUI and if that were true given his past why would they have signed him, really?

  9. So the 49ers are bringing in Eric Wright to replace Carlos Rogers? Sorry, but that seems like a downgrade in my opinion based on how each have played the past few seasons.

  10. Seeing as he got popped in Cali the 49ers might have known before the Bucs. This guy is a moron of epic proportions. Gets a $37.5 million dollar deal he doesn’t deserve and cannot keep his head straight.

  11. Schiano is the worst! How many arrest is it so far under his watch? Seems enough to break apart a victory formation. Go back to college! Now all we have is a rookie and a gimp at CB.

  12. The Niners made similar low risk-high reward moves last offseason when they brought in Parrish Cox and Randy Moss and both made valuable contributions during their Super Bowl run.

    Harbaugh runs a tight ship and the 49ers are so loaded with talent up and down the roster that they’re not in a position to have to keep low character guys out of desperation.

    If anything, I’m excited to see how Carlos Rogers, Tarrell Brown and particularly Chris Culliver respond to the competition from Wright and Nnamdi.

  13. Sounds like a hard working man is being blackballed for a mistake in life. I do not recall him being trouble or a burden. He is an adequate player for his position.

  14. “Due diligence” = They had him and Brooks get together for a night on the town, and he didn’t get a bottle broken over his head.

  15. Have you seen the college and pro rap sheet on Wright? Holy cow, exactly what are the Niners trying to prove? That they can go hoodlum to hoodlum with Belichick?

    First step to Loserville.

  16. There are worse people out there. The fact that he made a few mistakes (which many people make) shouldn’t stop him from having a career.

    On another note as a niners fan. The front office and Harbaugh like to mess with ppl. Make vague statements, put everyone on the team….for the most part…on the injury list, avoid questions. The niners like to mess with us. They are very conscientious when it comes to keeping things quiet.

  17. Glad to see the Bucs get rid of this loser. He’s been nothing but problems for the Bucs, now he’s the ‘Niners problem.

  18. So all the righteous fans calling for the Patriots to cut a guy for “suspicion” (but not an arrest) for DUI (by cops with a major chip on their shoulders) will certainly fill up these comments with calls for the 49er to cut him I’m sure.

    Otherwise they’d be admitting they’re hypocrites.

  19. He has the same name as the 49er DB that has 4 rings. Eric Cortez Wright is still employed by the team as Alumni Coordinator. Better shape up young blood, you have a lot to live up to.

  20. its depth, competition and going out on a limb a lil bit. I’m pretty sure Harbaugh, Baalke n York are smarter than 95% of the ppl commenting dumb in here

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