Bucs trade Eric Wright to 49ers


If the world wants to find out whether cornerback Eric Wright is the exceptional player he says he is, they’ll need to watch 49ers games this season.

The Buccaneers announced Friday afternoon that they have traded Wright to the 49ers in exchange for a conditional 2014 draft pick. The trade comes at the tail end of an offseason that started with speculation that the Bucs would cut Wright after his 2012 performance-enhancing drug suspension wiped out the remaining guaranteed money on his deal.

Wright wound up taking a one-year, $1.5 million deal to stick with Tampa. The 49ers will be responsible for paying that salary now. The trade’s been met with some immediate disapproval from Wright’s former teammate Donald Penn, who tweeted that he “can’t believe this trade and I’m going to leave it at that.”

With Wright gone, second-round pick Johnthan Banks is a good bet to start across from Darrelle Revis on the Bucs defense. The 49ers have a large group of corners competing for roles this season — Nnamdi Asomugha, Carlos Rogers, Tarell Brown, Chris Culliver and Perrish Cox are among the names — so Wright’s arrival might presage other moves as the team starts tweaking its roster during training camp.

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  1. Don’t get it. Wright was clearly overmatched against #1 WRs, but he was going to be going against #2 or #3 WRs this year, where he should have been absolutely OK. I mean, Revis will presumably just go ahead and shut somebody down, so both Wright and rookie Jonathan Banks were going to get easier jobs. Wright was comparably cheap ($1.5 million), and really could have helped as a complementary part of the secondary. After Revis and Banks, all that’s left is the bottom-of-the-roster fodder at CB that made Tampa’s pass defense so utterly godawful last year.

  2. At least he’s on the same team as Boldin now so he won’t have to get his lunch eaten all day like when he played for the Browns. I don’t know how rated this guy is but Tampa’s idea of his worth makde him completely overrated and overpaid.

  3. Curious move for the 49ers, but I can see how it definitely shores up some security and insurance for their 2013 run. They have a strong position now and should be looking to fortify the long-term plans instead of making moves like this imo.

    I like the deal for the Bucs very much as anything that gets rid of mediocre journeymen to help the rebuild process I think is a step in the right direction for them. They need to open up more spots for young prospects of upside, and this one also gets a bonus draft pick in the process.

  4. TB was short on CB depth as it was. SF has a bunch of decent #2-#3 guys. It’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out for their depth, on both sides. If Revis plays as advertised, then Wright would have been a decent compliment across from him. Guess not now.

  5. Not surprised. Wright has been a pain in the butt for the Bucs since we signed him…thankfully he is the 49er’s problem now. I’ll take my chances with young Johnathon Banks Revis, Goldson and Barron as our starting secondary. I’m sure the Bucs will also look at adding a player or two as camp kicks into gear. Well done Coach Schiano!

  6. Did not expect this, but Schiano has not let me down yet. Him and Domink are smart fellers!

    I am excited to see Mr. Thorpe line up opposite Revis Island, but . . . who is #3 now . . . ?

  7. Good trade for the Niners, he’s in a contract year so he’ll play well.

    As for the Bucs, this must mean Johnthan Banks has been very impressive so far to make this move. I’m cool with that.

  8. niner13 says:
    Jul 19, 2013 4:21 PM
    I hope this Eric Wright is as good the earlier Eric Wright, a Pro Bowl shut down corner before that phrase was coined.


    Champ Bailey? I forgot Eric Wright is the best cb in the league, my bad -_-

  9. supremekingz & eastcoastninerfan

    I think you guys may be overreacting to a move that just bolsters depth. The all caps response seems a little much.

  10. seahawksteven777 says:
    Jul 19, 2013 4:18 PM
    The 49ers defense is good but it’s certainly not because of their secondary. And losing Goldson is going to hurt a bit.


    Losing Goldson isn’t as big of a deal as many are making it out to be. Goldson was a liability in coverage and often, much too often, he made personal foul errors that were just foolish and would hurt the team. But Goldson’s presence as a hitter was his big advantage and he certainly did that.

    I think the 49ers secondary will be quite good this year and will surprise some folks. Eric Reid will be just fine especially with the talent he has in front of him. Chris Culliver, Super Bowl and idiotic remarks aside, is a very capable corner. Alphabet remains a mystery but if he can regain a portion of his man-to-man ability that’d be great. And that’s not to mention the teams likely best corner in Tarrell Brown who is now a seasoned veteran and will have a good amount of experience. Carlos Rogers? He may be the odd man out come to final cuts but we’ll see.

  11. @supremekingz: Seachickens? Our move? Cute. Sorry but we have the best secondary in the league. No “retaliatory” move is necessary. Seahawks keep getting better.

  12. Let the training camp competition commence!

    Here’s a thought:

    Threaten them all with the losers getting traded to the Jets!

  13. supremekingz says: Jul 19, 2013 4:22 PM

    Oh YES!!!!!!!!!

    Your move, Seachickens!

    49ers keep getting better!

    I LOVE it!!!

    Eric Wright was suspended for four games in 2012 for PED use.

    “In a statement released by the team, Wright said Adderall was the cause of the positive test.”

  14. supremekingz says: Jul 19, 2013 4:22 PM

    Oh YES!!!!!!!!!

    Your move, Seachickens!

    49ers keep getting better!


    Yea, I’ll laugh every time WR Percy Harvin burns him for a TD…..

  15. i wouldn’t trip off this, training camp hasn’t even started yet. he’s going in there to compete and if he doesn’t pan out, the 49ers wasted a conditional 2014 draft pick. not bad we just have to see how he does in camp

  16. The Bucs are saying they were going to cut Wright had they not found a trade partner. He’s honestly a pretty average player and the Niners have a ton of cornerbacks he’s going to have to compete with for a spot.

    Sure I’m biased but I honestly don’t understand the excitement here.

  17. I don’t think the Legion of Boom is suddenly shaking with fear that the 9ers secondary is about to overcome them. This guy wouldn’t even make the 53-man roster in Seattle.

  18. lol i love the seahawks fans talking up how their secondary is still better than the nienrs….the same secondary that couldn’t stop roddy white and julio in the playoffs…who then 49ers then shut down and knocked off. Say what you want about stats but in the end all, they couldn’t perform when it mattered.

  19. The Seahawks only gave up big plays in 10 AM games and in soft zone defenses. Believe me, no one in the organization was sad to see Gus Bradley leave.

    But the idea that the zeroniners secondary comes close to Seattle’s is laughable. Our worst corner is better than Eric Wright or Namdi Asomughua

  20. Sf falling into the sb loser trap by grabbing 19 different players to fill one weakness. Strategy has never worked and only serves to disturb established team chemistry.

  21. I love the move for both teams.

    Tampa-gets to have the ultimate corner in Revis to be the undisputed veteran set the tone of what being a pro is all about to groom the youngsters. Having Wright there sets mixed messages. The team will benefit next year when youngsters get valuable playing time.

    SF-In win now mode needs as many vets in camp to sift through to piece together a decent secondary. Wright will be a nice addition to push the camp of CBs in competition.

    I like what Tampa is doing long term.

  22. All I can say is that Jim Harbaugh’s hypocrisy knows no bounds: criticize the Seahawks for PED use and then trade for a guy suspended for PED use.

  23. I have to laugh at Niner fans. They are here touting Wright as this great CB who will help their team. Two things: He was awful in Tampa last year and I mean awful. Also, he was arrested again on July 12 for suspicion of DWI. So good luck with this idiot.

  24. Why didn’t the ‘9ers trade some of THIS year’s draft picks away? It’s not likely that 11 rookies are going to make a team that’s coming back from the Super Bowl.

  25. Now we know the real reason. Wright got arrested on a DUI charge last week. He was lucky he was still even on the team, no wonder why Bucs got rid of him. I’m happy they were able to get anything for him even if its just a 7th.

  26. Memo to Jimmy Harbaugh:

    If you’re going to stand in front of microphones and give lectures about another team in your division possibly cheating, signing a guy who was suspended for PED’s just last year isn’t exactly a sign of consistency in messaging.

    In fact, some less charitable folk might call it downright hypocritical.

  27. Damn. As much as I hate to say it the Niners are looking real good for this season. I would be pretty surprised if they don’t end up back in the Superbowl.

  28. Eric Wright is coming home to SF where he starred in high school at Riordan High on both sides of the line. In college, he also had off field problems that led to transfer to UNLV.

    This move could prive to be a win-win-win for everyone. First for Tamba, under new control, they have to set their culture for rebuilding. As 9er fans, we know about that. For the 49ers, adding depth for camp to breed competition will only help to push those looking for roster spot. Rodgers could be odd man out here if outplayed due to cap.

    For Wright, a new change of scenery, especially in his home town, under solid coaching in a contract year and possibility for playing for a winner could only be a dream come true. If he doesn`t get his head out of his rearend now, he`ll be another wasted talent.

    Low risk – high reward possible move for 49ers. Like It.

  29. Talk about calling the kettle black Harbaugh, you growl about the Seahawks and their drug problems, then you go right out and sign this overrated pot smoker. He’ll be gone by mid-season, he’ll get busted !

  30. May look like an odd move considering the Bucs CB depth on paper.

    But these Bucs are trying to build the perfect beast.

    Schiano, Dominic, and scouting dept army do this for a living…all day long, every single day.

    Have done pretty well so far especially considering that we want to employ the kind of players that aren’t just good, but good for the game.

    Go Bucs!

  31. Mr. Wright, it turns out was arrested for suspicion of DUI for the second time in a year in LA on July 12.

  32. A lot of back-and-forth banter from 49ers and Seahawks fans. Don’t look in your rear view mirror, SF and SEA, because something might be much closer than it appears.

  33. Let’s get something straight here…..the PED use was while he was a Buc, not a Niner, people.

    Thank you!

  34. Wow I can’t believe the hate for Carlos Rogers?? Dude is the 49 era best corner! He is a beast on the corner. The liability has been T. Brown he needs to get cut. Rogers, Nhamdi, Cox then Culliver is how I see it. Not sure where Wright fits in I mean he was on the worst pass defense in the NFL last year. Obviously they know more than I tho

  35. Keep in mind people were laughing when Carlos Rogers signed with the 49ers in 2011.

    Also keep in mind that if you put Wright at CB opposite Brown or Rogers that is only 2 starting position changes. Having 9 guys back from the last year is still really good in terms of chemestry.

  36. I laugh at 49er fans. Talking about the Falcons game to talk about shutting down with your secondary. They had 500 yards that game, 400 yards passing. Rogers, Nnamdi, Wright, Whitner are all second rate player. The only good defensive back you had is in Tampa now. NFC West play makers love the trade. Go Hawks!

  37. Our chemistry is fine that’s why we can get some of these guys that didn’t pan out at other places and they flourish in SF. Like Rogers and about to be like Glenn Dorsey and Nhamdi. Our heart of our Defense the LBs keep everyone in check and let the rest of the defense flourish because they r so good! This kid Wright might be a great pick up if he gets his act together. Not sure where he fits in tho.

  38. It looks like the 49ers want to go back to being crappy like a few years ago. Eric Wright is probably the most overrated player in the league. He has sucked at every stop he has been and that will continue. He is soft, horrible ball awareness, doesn’t get his head around to track the ball and just is a bad player. This is an obvious win for Tampa that they could get anything for him. 49er fans don’t want to hear this but I see them finishing 3rd in the Division behind Seattle and St.Louis at 7-9.

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