Is Browns fullback Owen Marecic in a battle for his job?

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On Thursday, we noted the Cowboys’ willingness to go into training camp without a fullback after going through the offseason with no dedicated blocking back.

The Browns figure to begin camp with just one fullback on the roster: third-year pro Owen Marecic. And, as linked to this morning in one-liners by Josh Alper, Browns beat writer Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon-Journal suggests Marecic could be in a fight for his job.

According to Pro Football Focus, Marecic played just 114 snaps in 2012, with just one snap played after Week Six. He did not carry the ball once, and in limited opportunities in the passing game, he struggled, with four drops (per PFF and Ulrich) in five passes thrown his way. (In Marecic’s defense, his blocking is his calling card, not his pass catching or rushing.)

The Browns drafted Marecic, lauded for his two-way play at Stanford, in Round Four two years ago. However, the front office, coaching staff and offense in place when he arrived is gone, as is the West Coast offense. In the 2013 offseason, Marecic was a backup, and running back Chris Ogbonnaya and tight end / H-back Brad Smelley — competitors for a similar role to Marecic — fared well, the Beacon-Journal reported.

There is still a place for fullbacks in the NFL, but landing with the right coach and in the right scheme are key. For example, Andy Reid’s Chiefs enter camp with three true blocking backs.

The Browns have one fullback, but as one close club observer sees it, he will be vying for his spot on the team.

12 responses to “Is Browns fullback Owen Marecic in a battle for his job?

  1. Owen Marecic is garbage, the Browns stopped using him cause he did so poorly at FB. They made the switch to backup TE Alex Smith and Richardson said he could tell a huge difference, there were actually holes to go through.
    The Browns need to part ways and get someone that can actually play FB.

  2. Most Browns fans are wondering how this guy is even still on the team. One of Heckert’s less than spectacular picks to put it mildly. Should’ve kept Vickers instead and we would have won a few more games. This guy has hands of stone and it cost us.

  3. I was excited by the drafting of Marecic. I thought he looked great at Stanford. It hasn’t translated into success in Cleveland though. I’d rather see him get another chance than cut him, but how many more chances can the Browns give him before moving on?

  4. he has no position- bad FB, can’t play LB or even Special Teams…gotta cut him….unless he can kick FG’s or something

  5. If they ranked 4th round busts, this guy would be way up towards #1. Think Heckert, who I strongly lobbied to keep, had finally had one too many by that round.

    Marecic will fumble the doorknob on his way out of Cleveland. . .

  6. The only reason Marecic still has a job is because no one cares about the FB. If you switch importance of QB and FB he’d been out of the leagues after mini camp.

  7. Marecic is downright awful. How he’s still on the roster is beyond me. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he’s not on the final roster. He didn’t play after week 6 because he sucked… plain and simple.

  8. Yeah, Marecic is battling for his job because he sucks. I’d venture to say this isn’t a big surprise.

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