Cowboys want nearly $200,000 from Super Bowl seating plaintiffs

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Jason Garrett may want to take lessons from the Cowboys’ lawyers about going on the offensive.

Previously dismissed from the lawsuit filed by customers who showed up for Super Bowl XLV with tickets but who weren’t actually able to use them, the Cowboys now want nearly $200,000 from those who have sued, for complying with subpoeanas issued to the team last September.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys seek $196,584.44 for reviewing more than 23 gigabytes of data and producing more than 85,000 pages of documents.

Judges have broad discretion to order reimbursement for compliance with subpoenas.  The charges typically arise from making copies.  But since no one seems to make copies any more, the Cowboys apparently want to be paid for the efforts of those who reviewed and digitally transferred the documents.

It’s likely no coincidence that the request comes after a judge denied class-action status to the lawsuit.  As a class action, it would have been much easier for the lawyers representing the plaintiffs to include the Cowboys’ invoice in the settlement demands from the NFL.  Now that it’s every plaintiff for him or her self, it’ll be much harder to find a way to stick the NFL with the $196,584.44 bill.

The Dallas Morning News also points out that the deadline for appealing the denial of class-action status comes on Tuesday, and that the NFL has begun the process of attacking specific plaintiffs’ claims, in the hopes of winning the cases (or at least limiting liability) on customer at a time.

Lost in all of this is that people showed up for the Super Bowl with tickets and weren’t able to watch the game.  While the plaintiffs shouldn’t be able to overreach in their efforts to be fairly compensated for the snafu, the fact remains that the premier sporting event in America suffered a complete failure on one of the most simple and linear propositions in all of business — buy a ticket for admission, gain admission.

42 responses to “Cowboys want nearly $200,000 from Super Bowl seating plaintiffs

  1. So Dallas are responding to not having enough seats at a Super Bowl kickoff by suing the people who wanted to sit on them?

    That’s so gracious and mature of them.

  2. Welcome to the N-efarious F-ederation L-eague.

    Add this to the PSL’s and it’s no wonder why I sold my season tickets!

  3. I’m no cowboys fan.. But I always used to have respect for Jerry Jones simply as a smart business person. BUT this is just stupid. Instead of admitting to a screwup and trying to do your best to rectify the problem and work with the fans and NFL to come up with a fair solution, the fact that this is in court is sad. And the fact that he is looking to drag this out is also sad. Jerry forgot what it is so be a fan, take time off from work, the travel expenses for people coming cross country, lodging, food, etc… Offering a ticket for a future Super Bowl doesn’t come close to compensation. Especially if the only reason they shelled out the $1000’s for a ticket was that their favorite team was in that game…. Jerry… It’s just a sad display of greed

  4. You’ve gotta reimburse each ticket but also travel arrangements IMHO. They flew/drove there and got a room because they were going to the game. Is this what the Cowboys want people to think about their organization? Countersuing for damages to them for failing to provide a seat to somebody that bought a ticket? This is shameful.

  5. Lost in all of this is that people showed up for the Super Bowl with tickets and weren’t able to watch the game. While the plaintiffs shouldn’t be able to overreach in their efforts to be fairly compensated for the snafu, the fact remains that the premier sporting event in America suffered a complete failure on one of the most simple and linear propositions in all of business — buy a ticket for admission, gain admission.


    No. It hasn’t been lost at all. There were multiple articles on this site for a long time and it was on the mainstream news.

    The plaintiffs have been overreaching despite the league bending over backwards admitting they screwed up and trying to rectify it. The plaintiffs were hoping for million dollar awards for missing the superbowl. They do deserve to foot the bill.

  6. I’m no Cowboys fan and I think Jerry Jones is an idiot.

    But having said that, those folks that were sold tickets for seats that didn’t exist tried to be too greedy.

    And now I hope they end up with less than what was previously offered without any litigation.

    The fact that the attempted class action caused the creation of 85,000 pages of documentation to the tune of nearly $200,000.00 is what happens when people start being as big of an idiot as Jerry Jones.

  7. This should come out of Goodell’s pocket!! Pretty BS for the NFL to be bullying individuals when they were the ones that messed up!!! They don’t care right now because NFL is right now at it’s peak in popularity.

  8. It really isn’t that hard of a problem to fix.

    Reimburse double what they paid. And give them all comparable seating to Th next Super Bowl.

    If they don’t like the teams playing in that Super Bowl… They can sell the tickets for even more money.

    And never host another Super Bowl on Dallas until all other cities are given a Chance to host.

  9. I hope that the NFL takes a stand on this point and derails Jerry Jones and the cowboys efforts to actually get this money from the people they screwed over. I can’t imagine the anger and outrage I might feel at thus whole situation if I got screwed out if a chance to see the Super Bowl live. Then the rich A**hole who over-reached and sold tickets for seats he didn’t have tried to bill me for wanting to be compensated for my expenses and time missed from work… I really hope the NFL realizes the lunacy of this and takes a stand. When a team goes through the process of getting their city approved for a Super Bowl, they have to take the good with the bad.. And the cowboys took this opportunity to show the rest of the league how NOT to handle the Super Bowl… Might be a long while before Dallas sees another Super Bowl

  10. WTF am I reading? But a ticket for the superbowl, don’t get a seat, and get sued by the Cowboys. WTF is wrong with this justice system? When the hell is common damn sense going to come into play. The NFL should be over-extending themselves to reimburse these people who probably spent thousands of hard earned dollars just to get to the game.

  11. A pathetic, meritless attempt to seek reimbursement for costs/expenses which were never incurred. “Costs taxed as paid.”

  12. Ridiculous. So, it’s now completely legal to sell someone a product that doesn’t exist, remove their right to demand reparations and then you can sue them to recover what you spent ensuring they can’t get reparations?

    Something is seriously, seriously wrong with this picture. The Cowboys should be doing the right thing here by reimbursing these people for their double their money on the tickets, hotel and airfare costs. Suing them isn’t going to help anything.

    Of course, this is the same organization that kept Josh Brent on the roster after he killed a teammate so, is it really surprising?

  13. These people turned down very good compensation packages from the NFL in hopes of hitting a million dollar jackpot by being sue happy. Can’t say I feel for them at all. Wish they would throw more frivolous lawsuits out.

  14. What is really lost in all this is Dallas had one of its worst ice storms ever that caught the whole region by surprise. If that we’re not the case the seats would have been there. It was an outside company responsible and then the Arlington fire marshal the day of said the portable seats would not work. Then the cowboys and nfl bent over backwards for these greedy people. Just a thought

  15. I have not seen anywhere the “millions of dollars” these fans are seeking. Can someone show me an article where thee people are asking for this kind of money? They are asking for a penalty for Dallas and the NFL to pay and the cost associated with the ticket, time and lodging they paid. Many of these fans paid far more than face value for these tickets and the NFL knows this. They sell tickets for “packages” for many thousands of dollars over the face value but include a hotel room. Don’t believe me? I am a Jags fan and the “package” for season ticket holders for the London game is outrageous, thousands of dollars per ticket including a hotel stay. The NFL is making much more than the face value off these tickets from “resellers”. This amount of money is petty and the fact that a team like Dallas is going after these fans shows how thoughtless the NFL has become toward its fans.

    Until you know what these people spent on their package deal, plus the fact they wanted to see THEIR team in the Super Bowl – probably a once in a lifetime experience, I think keeping the lips sealed shut would be beneficial to many of you. Better to not say anything and be thought a fool than to open you mouth and confirm it.

  16. the smart PR move would have been to reimburse these people for their ticket and travel and lodging. I believe that dollar amount would a been a drop in the bucket compared to the revenue generated by the game itself. To turn around and sue the people that you screwed is just a scumbag move.

  17. People crack me up cant wait to bash the cowboys for anything..first off if u idiots that have a problem with the cowboys doing this would actually find out why the Boys are making these people responsible for bringing a law suit for not being able to sit at a freakin game is more greedy cause they were sueing for outrageous amounts of money like someone was physically hurt just shows how american people are money hungry looking for any way possible to sue someone with money or organization!!! go ahead give me your thumbs down but if u knew what u were talking about u would agree the Cowboys have every right to make these blood thirsty people accountable to trying to make a come up from not being able to watch a game!!!

  18. I wonder how much Jones and the league paid to bribe the judge for the no class action ruling ?

    After the the last strike I didn’t watch a game or have anything much to do with the nfl greed machine for a season and a half before I got sucked back in.

    This is a new low in greed by the Cowboys.

  19. This a prime example of how Jerry Jones really feels about NFL (let alone Cowboys) fans. You’re just a dollar sign, a revenue source. The sooner Cowboys fans realize this ad vote with their wallets, the sooner Jerry Jones will get the message. Ubntil then, we’re all just a bunch of dupes for this 1%er clown.

  20. it seems like a lot of you don’t understand what is going on here.
    which is understandable, given the cloudy way this article was written.

    The judge basically said “Dallas isnt liable in the class action suit. The fault lays at the hands of the NFL, theyre the ones who were in charge of all of this, the ones who made the mistakes.” Which is exactly what JJ said all along. I believe even the NFL said as much, but I could be mistaken in that. Its not like, just because its your stadium thats hosting the superbowl, you get to do what you want and make all decisions in regards to capacity/seating/etc. The NFL controls all of that.

    The fans have every right to sue the NFL for the mixups. However, the fans got greedy, and in an effort to squueze everything they could out if the NFL, they sued everyone. The judge said “Dallas is exempt”.

    Dallas said “hey, cool. but since these greedy people caused us a lot of time and almost $200,000 in legal fees, we’re trying to recapture this.”

    Imagine if you owned a restaurant, that took part in a community event, say a fundraiser for charity. The charity says “make 50,000 hamburgers bc we estimate everyone will have two burgers”. So you do. And then the charity sold more tickets than actaual hamburgers exist. Its not your fault, the charity said do X, then the charity does Y.
    People sue, the charity tries to make good, but the people say, this isnt enough. Eff it, were suing everyone involved, even the food vendor.

    The judge says, BS, the vendor followed direction from the charity, the charity is at fault, NOT the vendor.

    Would you at that point say “hey. screw it. All the time and money I wasted on my defense, I’m just glad I spent 200,000 instead of 10 million. boy am I lucky!”

    Hell no. You go after the people who wasted your time and money.

    That being said, its still not the best move on Dallas’ part.

  21. Jerry Jones, scumbag.

    I love the game but hate the league. One day these arrogant bums are going to get what’s coming to them.

  22. Could there be a more sad commentary to the state of what the NFL has become? The players should be mortified, the team and owner SHOULD have been mortified that such an error occurred and people who paid to attend were let down in such a monumental fashion!!
    Instead they sue the fans…. pathetic or joke don’t begin to describe this entire situation! SHAME on Jones, shame on him!! Greedy grasping b@st@ard!

  23. Blame Jerry Jones NOT the team. The team players have nothing to do with it, just the retard owner Mr. Jones.

  24. For those complaining about the Dallas Cowboys, maybe you should ask the plaintiffs why a $2400 refund (on $800 tickets) along with free tickets, airfare and hotel accommodations to the future Superbowl of their choice (the offer made by the NFL to those who were turned away before they filed a lawsuit) was not enough of an apology. The lawsuits are purely greed on the part of the ticket holders who were offered an extremely generous refund and apology package and an attorney who saw a 7 figure payday.

  25. Before you start complaining about the Cowboys, ask yourself a few questions. What did they do wrong in relationship to the seating problem? The host team does NOT run the Super Bowl. They supply the NFL with the venue FREE OF CHARGE. And BTW, the Cowboys do not own the facility. It is owned by the City of Arlington. The NFL runs the Super Bowl. The NFL sells all of the tickets. The NFL receives ALL ticket revenue. The NFL is in charge of security. The NFL is in charge of stadium preparation. The NFL was in charge of hiring the company who abandoned the job and failed to get the additional seating installed. The NFL literally hires or has final approval on everyone connected with the game production. Perhaps if Roger Goodell and his minions had been more invested in preparation for their biggest event of the season in the weeks leading up to it and less interested in enjoying the beaches of Hawaii while getting paid to be there, the NFL would have been better prepared.

    And perhaps if potential plaintiffs are faced with paying for unnecessary legal costs, they’ll be less likely to sue.

  26. This absolutely sucks… how many times in your lifetime – does your team make it to a superbowl?

    You pay a ton to go and see the big game, no seats – flash forward a couple years later and you’re getting sued by the dummies who couldn’t provide the seats in the first place… smh.

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