Cutler understands Urlacher’s feelings


While some of his old Bears teammates might be disappointed to know that former linebacker Brian Urlacher doesn’t want them to win a Super Bowl without him, quarterback Jay Cutler said he understood.

Urlacher said he was still hoping the Bears did well, but added: “They better not win a championship without me because I’ll be really pissed.”

Cutler said he got where the statements were coming from, and didn’t hold it against his old teammate.

“I don’t blame him, I think if I had just retired, I’d probably be in the similar boat,” Cutler said, via Scott Krinch of “You miss the game, you obviously wish everyone well, if your team does go the distance you wish you were right there with him. I can’t blame him.”

Urlacher’s departure from the Bears was handled awkwardly, and the lack of closure to what should have been a celebrated career feels extremely cold and clumsy in hindsight.

Of course, Cutler’s also entering a contract year with no hint of a new deal, so being able to compartmentalize personal feelings while business happens is something that might be useful to him in the near future.

19 responses to “Cutler understands Urlacher’s feelings

  1. Sure Jay is imagining his next offseason. Not even offering a contract to a so called franchise player while making him prove himself is unheard of. Thats Chicago, where qb’s go to die.

  2. Cutty is legit, huge piece to Da Bears!! We’ll miss Urlacher’s brains and coaching, but we did just get younger and quicker…bittersweet really

  3. As a Bears fan who got frustrated with his many injuries, h e should have just accepted the 2 million dollars that was offered to him then. It was ridiculous for him to think he was worth as much as he thought he was worth. I would have love to see him do the Ray Lewis fare well tour this year. Just saying.

  4. Only a leader would say they understand a old team mate to NOT
    wish the team well. Cutler is the franchise QB and should be offered a contract as fast as Emery can get in that office today.

  5. Dumb and Dumber

    Jay Quitler was unavailable for comment because since he has retired and even before – he couldn’t care less about any Bears Super Bowl.

  6. Don’t worry Urlacher won’t have that problem this year. Cutler will never lead a team to a Super Bowl.

    It is sad that the horrible QB Rex Grossman helped a team to a Super Bowl apperance.

    While the great talent of Cutler is wasted with his poor leadership qualities and sad attitude.

  7. Urlacher was offered the going rate for older LBs. Yes, it was much less than he was uses to but this is on him, not the Bears. You cannot expect the Bears to over pay, leaving some other need wide open. Urlacher knew that the Bears were already up tight against the cap. His expectations were unreasonable. He should have taken the money, it was not like the Bears underpaid him for his whole career. In the end, it was Urlacher that walked away from the offer, he could be playing this year for the Bears.

  8. Well, I’m not sure anyone outside of “Norm” from Cheers and Da Bears crew will be picking them to win it all this year. Crisis avoided. 🙂

  9. Man, when Cutler isn’t getting knocked on his ass, or having his coordinator tell him to run a play that is sure to get him knocked on his ass, he’s a pretty even-mannered guy.

    He just doesn’t care what you say, but he does care if you can’t catch, or block, or call a game, or avoid penalties.

  10. Wow, this may be the first time in his career that Cutler understands something about a defense. 😉

  11. Classy comments by Jay…If I was one of the current Bears #54 doesn’t want to see win a SB, I’d be far less charitable.

  12. I think Emery has really done a great job in Chicago. he’s picked up a real #1 WR.. a pro bowl LT.. a offensive minded head coach with a proven system. and he has the guts to let go of older players. BUT here is the real test. Emery must sign Cutler to a decent contract and really get behind him. You cant expect a QB to win games when he dont have the support of management. that means everybody all the time.

  13. @ swagger52

    Exactly when did Cutler quit? I thought he blew his knee out and still played a quarter with a bad knee before being pulled. Maybe because I’m a Bears fan I got that info incorrect. Maybe I thought it was confirmed a legit knee injury but in reality it was Jay just quitting.

    Hey RG3 didn’t quit before his knee injury was serious and look what happened to him while playing on a knee he shouldn’t have played on. I guess you’d want you QB to make a foolish decision to continue to play after a knee injury.

    There is one thing that can’t be disputed, when Cutler plays the Bears win games. When he doesn’t the Bears lose games.

  14. filthymcnasty1 says: Jul 19, 2013 12:51 PM

    Jay Cutler single handily invented “sports pouting”, and Urlacher is no threat to his crown.

    filthymcnasty1 just revealed that he is 12 years old.

    I guess you never saw Dan Marino, Mike Tomczak, Reggie Miller, Bill Laimbeer, Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, or A.J. Pierzynski play sports!

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