Fulham to play matches in Jacksonville in 2014


Jaguars owner Shad Khan said Friday that Fulham, the English soccer club he recently purchased, will play matches in Jacksonville’s EverBank Field in 2014, ActionNewsJax.com reported.

Khan indicated the matches would be exhibitions for the club, and he believes they would bring added exposure to Jacksonville.

“If you look at the eyeballs, the typical Fulham game has, you know, three or four million people,” Khan said Friday, per ActionNewsJax.com. “I think it really gives us a huge amount of upside to play especially starting with the (friendlies) and some of the preseason games.”

Fulham is a member of the Barclays Premier League, which begins play on August 17. Note that Premier League matches can be seen on NBC, NBCSN, Telemundo and other NBC platforms throughout the 2013-14 season.

12 responses to “Fulham to play matches in Jacksonville in 2014

  1. Does the owner even know people in jacksonville like football, nascar, hunting & fishing and lynyrd skynyrd rock bands?! Not soccer

  2. needed Jaguar fans on live chat at (shoot gap . com) delete the spaces and youre welcome to awesome articles as well as a friendly community of AFC South or other divisions too

  3. he is in for a rude awakening, if he thinks any one in the U.S., let alone florida, gives a crap about soccer

  4. Fulham has a history of signing American players too – Brian McBride and Clint Dempsey have both played for them. I think this is good for Fulham and the Premier League and in the long run I think it’ll be good for the Jags as well. There’s already the brilliantly named Union Jax (get it?) fan club which TV companies and NFLUK are promoting.

  5. Actually, Jacksonville is a strong market for soccer, especially the beaches area and our prep schools. Lots of soccer leagues and fans here. I just wonder if the owner of the dolphins and the Raiders realize that nobody in their towns like their teams, and they supposedly love football in those cities. sounds like Phinfan is still butthurt about Dan Marinos last Game where he was made into a Worthless joke by Jacksonville.

  6. sdakota says: he is in for a rude awakening, if he thinks any one in the U.S., let alone florida, gives a crap about soccer

    Actually, plenty of people in the US (including Florida) give “a crap about soccer” – the mere fact the the corporate owner of this site has purchased for a pretty penny the right to broadcast EPL should alert you to this fact. And there is the the growth of the women’s game, the USMNT team and MLS. And guess what? Not one but two cities (Orlando and Miami) are vying for MLS expansion teams.

    So, yes, plenty of people give a crap.

  7. Actually, contrary to what sdakota says, plenty of people give a crap about soccer in the US and in Flordia, where several groups (including one attached to David Beckham) is vying for expansion teams in Orlando and Miami.

  8. @sdakota – US Women sell out stadiums regularly for exhibition matches. I think they have averaged over 25,000 fans this year, even though some venues are small. Sold 20,000 tickets in Jax for a game against Scotland which is hardly a burning rivalry. Their rematch vs. Canada sold out in an hour, two months in advance.

  9. I’m pumped! Can’t wait to see them play at The Bank in Duval! We are Jaguars and we are Fulham FC! #standunited

    It would be nice see them play the Glazers Manchester United here in Florida.

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