Jacksonville man who killed Bears fan will try for lesser sentence


Last October, a Bears fan who traveled from Illinois to Jacksonville was killed by a local man who has since pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.  The killer will now try to obtain a reduced sentence by pointing to mitigating factors.

According to Larry Hannan of the Florida Times-Union, 28-year-old Matthew Reid Hinson will point to alcohol abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder at his sentencing hearing.  He faces 20 years to life for the October 2012 killing of William “Chris” Pettry, 42.

Hinson slashed Pettry’s throat in a bar at the Jacksonville Landing the night before the Bears faced the Jaguars.  Pettry and another man reportedly were talking to Hinson’s wife before the incident occurred.

Prosecutor Jeffrey Moody is skeptical of the PTSD claim.

“He told officers he had multiple combat experiences and killed people like he killed Mr. Pettry,” Moody said of Hinson’s interview on the night of the slaying.  “But there’s no record of him ever being in combat.”

And for good reason.  Hinson served in the Navy as a cook.

47 responses to “Jacksonville man who killed Bears fan will try for lesser sentence

  1. When my wife and I go out to bars, it is fairly normal for guys to start talking to her especially if I am off getting drinks or not with her for a short period of time. Once in a while I get some asswipe who I need to confront to go away, but never has it even crossed my mind that I should slash a guy’s throat because he is chatting with my wife.

    This guy is a seriously deranged individual who is obviously a severe threat to society and should not be allowed his freedom ever again.

  2. “I love the smell of eggs in the morning. You know, one time we had a hill bombed, for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. The smell, you know that egg smell, the whole hill. Smelled like [sniffing, pondering] victory.”

  3. WOW! never talked to a man’s wife you never know the outcome…Here is what you do….Look down at her hand if you see a ring keep it moving…If she doesn’t have a ring on ask her “are you married” sometimes women don’t wear rings either….Control the liquor don’t let liquor control you… Finally….Hinson’s response is most definitely extreme…. Lock him in the same cell as Hernandez and let them fight it out….

  4. Maybe he was mentally unstable to begin with and the military training pushed him over the edge. PTSD isn’t for combat experienced individuals only.

    Whether he was a cook or not, he’s still trained the same as the next person. He just wasn’t good enough to be put out in the field where he can endanger other people’s lives.

  5. Rot in prison, SOB! I went to that game last year and the atmosphere in Jax was amazing. Later on I arrived in Miami and learned about this terrible event. RIP Pettry.
    Go Bears!!

  6. Can’t believe he only got 20 years , it’s not like they got into a fist fight , punched him and him landing wrong killed him. You have to want to and have wanted to kill someone to slash there throat.

    Another case of why FLA is so screwed up.

  7. Lock this guy up for life.

    Dude must have some deep insecurites if he gets that jealous over some bar patrons chatting it up with his wife.

    Consider yourself a lucky man that other guys can’t have what you got and have some trust in your significant other. For all he knows the convo might have been completely innocent.

  8. If only he had shot the guy in the bar, then he would have gotten millions in donations from the NRA for top notch lawyers to get him off.

  9. Why doesn’t he just say he was “standing his ground?”

    I mean, honestly, this is Florida people. All this Jags find did was just make a judgement call before any action had actually taken place. He knew that the Bears were ultimately going to beat up the Jags so he figured he’d just take matters into his own hands like some sort of Zimmerman-esque vigilante.

  10. There is a Florida case in the news where a wife was in a fight with her husband, went out to the garage and got a gun and fired it at him, not even hitting him, just fired it toward him.

    She got 20 years.

    This clown killed a man, likely in cold blood so I would tack on another 5 years and force him to watch the Jags only during the seasons where they are below 500. Like the next 20 years.

  11. I like fans of other teams, it if fun to go back and fourth. If one of them was talking to my wife I’d be ok with as I am secure in my marriage. I don’t get the fanatic that thinks he needs to prove he’s a better fan by beating you up or in this case killing a bears fan. This idiot was going to have trouble at some point no matter the facts. To take a father from a kid, hang him!

  12. @blacknole08:

    It was completely innocent…Pettry and his friends offered Hinson’s wife and her friend a seat so they wouldn’t have to stand…Hinson joined them…Nobody hit on his wife…Pettry goes to the bar for drinks, Hinson comes up behind him and slashes his throat.

    He deserves a life sentence, and for someone in prison to put him out of his misery.

  13. Well fortunately for him getting away with murder seems to be a trend now a days.
    #gettingawaywithmurder ?

  14. See, when white people are guilty, they go to jail too. They key is they have to be guilty of a crime (sorry to rain on your parade Al Sharpton)

  15. These pieces of trash try to find any excuse… You did the crime now man up and do your time! You killed a man plain and simple!!!

  16. Now, what if the Illinois man had taken out a gun and shot the Navy cook? Would it have been a racist shooting? Would Eric Holder have come to the rescue? Even white on white crime can be considered racist if the white victim fancies himself black.

  17. He’s one of those people who had some safe, cush job on deployment and wrote home telling his family about all the secret missions he was going on that he couldn’t talk about.

  18. I’m so tired of military people, both past and present, believing they deserve special treatment. The media created this “I’m a Hero” monster.
    I know military people who wear their dress uniforms to court to get away with DUIs. Ridiculous!!!
    I served in the army from 1970 to ’72, and I liked it better back then when we were all treated like criminals rather than like “heroes.”

  19. a scumb bag!! He kill a man over a game? Walk him to the chair and sit
    him down. thats the only problem with the death penalty they dont use it enough.

  20. The US government taught him how to use a knife.

    That knowledge was used maliciously.

    Obviously the death penalty is called for in this situation. Why the heck should the murderer be in the prison for 40 or 50 years on the taxpayers dime?

    Hang him and charge his estate for the costs.

    Life in prison is beyond hypocritical and beyond immoral.

    There is only one way to permanently remove him from society and partially repay the debt he owes. Allowing him to run up decades of debt to society is beyond stupid and cannot be supported logically.

  21. Not too bright. How many guys are going to be talking to his wife or more now that he is locked?

  22. As punishment he should be forced to attend every Jaguars game until they make the playoffs

    then he can go to prison

  23. Now his wife will have time to talk to anyone she wants in a bar. That will be on his mind the entire sentence.

  24. It really is like that, criminals get rights, education and treatments and victims get crapped on, one man had the right to live as well and can’t so if you ask me, you won’t, stick that idiot in a box and let him sober up or die on his own time.

  25. And here we go again it seems. As a 30 year AF Colonel we are seeing more and more phony PTSD claims coming from our brothers and sisters who once served. The VA is swamped by lying, cheating and dishonest service members faking these types of conditions for financial and flat out coverup for crimes. Hopefully the trail will bring out the facts.

  26. Missed he only got 20 years. We personally know two police officers one in Ft Pierce and another in Martin Co, Fl that are getting 100% military disability for PTSD and they carry guns and work the streets. Unreal, your tax dollars paying for these guys and what about the citizens safety.

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