Jerry Jones insists this year’s team is better


The Cowboys most significant changes this offseason were with the coaching staff rather than their personnel, but owner Jerry Jones said he still sees a better team than the one which went to training camp last year.

Owner Jerry Jones joked with reporters about a Super Bowl run, but after a few laughs, said he thinks his team is improved.

“I think we’ve taken steps to improve our team,” Jones said, via Calvin Watkins of “We are a better team, no question in my mind, than we were at this same time last year. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Of course, they didn’t have the ability to change much from last year’s 8-8 team because of their salary cap limitations. The name free agents were safety Will Allen and linebacker Justin Durant, and their first round pick was center Travis Frederick.

While all should help, the bigger shift is to a 4-3 defense under new coordinator Monte Kiffin, and to Bill Callahan calling the offensive plays, after that was stripped away from head coach Jason Garrett.

“We feel like we’ve got the right kind of guys on our staff and we feel like we got the right type of guys on our football team,” Garrett said Friday. “It’s time to go to work.”

And they have a significant amount of work to do, if not enough tools to get the job done.

75 responses to “Jerry Jones insists this year’s team is better

  1. “We’re good enough, we’re smart enough and doggone it, people like us!”

    – Jerry “Stuart Smiley” Jones

  2. dementia, denial, disturbing, disgusting, delusional.

    Anyone would probably work.

  3. I’m a huge Cowboys fan, but gotta admit that he says the same thing year after year and all we do is end up 8-8….

  4. The worst thing about the Cowboys is their GM but the GM cant see it.they may win one more game than last year so their GM may be right in his assesment.

  5. “Craziness is just repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.” —

    Albert Einstein

    Having lived in the Dallas metroplex a few years ago I now hold a certain element of pity for Cowboy fans (which I can’t believe I actually hold). It’s now been nearly 20 years since the super bowl days of Jimmy Johnson and the only common element that stands in the way of all those following teams is “Jerruh” as GM. Sadly, Jerry finds it either (a) inconceivable or (b) implausible that he could relinquish the reigns of the GM box for, say, 3-5 years and see where the team goes.

    This will be an 8-8 team, again, and giving Romo more $$$ will only put added stress on an already stressed quarterback.

    Keep on keepin’ on Jerruh.

  6. I despise the Cowboys and love that their owner is completely insane and thinks he is a great GM (everyone knows he’s not). So here is my question, if “Jerrah” were to pass today (not wishing the man any harm) would Cowboy fans be happy that his idiot (as far as football goes) of a son takes over or nervous because at least they are dealing with a devil they know??…. I mean Jerrah gave Tony Romo that contract which should qualify him for at least a hearing on his sanity. However, his son sounds like he is even dumber and waiting in the wings….

  7. When have we heard this song n’ dance before. Every year we hear this from Jerrah and Rexy.

  8. This may well be true….But the fact that Jerry Jones is possibly the worst football GM in history, likely will never change.

  9. He also insists that his facelift looks good and that he’s a formidable GM……..

  10. Blah Blah Blah cowboys are better.
    Blah blah Blah window is blah blah blah.
    Blah blah blah cowboys are superbowl bound.
    Blah Blah Blah

  11. It’s gotta be nice to praise yourself. Since Jerry is the GM, basically he’s just saying “I did a great job this year”… It’s also an easy statement to support with a 0-0 record. I don’t know of any GM that would come out publicly and NOT say that the team is better than last year. What would you expect him to say?? “We missed to playoffs the last 3 years… But this year we really took a step back”???

  12. Long time Lions fan here,

    The pick-up of Justin Durant was a small but solid move for the Cowboys. Durant has excellent sideline to sideline, lateral speed and will help vs. the run. He was a cap casualty in Detroit and we hate to see him go. Ernie Sims 2.0 he is not!

  13. I never thought I’d say this, but, I think I’m startng to feel sorry for Cowboys fans. When your team tanks this year don’t blame Romo.

  14. What a stupid arrogant fool.
    The cow girl fans are even worse as they actually believe this jerk.

  15. Lol, I got to laugh at you guys. What owner, G.M, Coach or player thinks their team isn’t better at the start of a new year? Every team thinks they have a chance at winning it all. Even if they don’t believe it, they are going to say it anyway. Because its Jerry its somehow a stupid thing to say. Get a clue!!

  16. As long as Jerry Jones is the GM and owner of the Cowboys, they will be perfectly mediocre. They won’t get in the top 5 of the draft, they won’t get deep in the playoffs.

    As an Eagles fan, I wish Jerry a LONG and healthy life and career as GM.

  17. “We are a better team, no question in my mind” – Jerry Jones

    We TOLD you not to drink the Kool-Aid !!! Now you are seeing things that just aren’t there.

  18. As long as they have Jerrah and romo they will go nowhere but 8-8, 9-7 and that’s with the free win the league gives them every thanksgiving.

  19. I’m sold. In fact, I’d buy season tickets if I wasn’t worried that when I showed up there would be no seat, and then the Cowboys would somehow blame and sue ME!

  20. Have to agree with most of the comments here… as a Giants fan, I surely hope Jerrah never, ever steps down as GM. I have some good friends that are Cowbys fans and I hear a collective sigh from them every year Jerrah says the same thing. I kinda feel sorry for them, actually.

    Well…. maybe just a LITTLE sorry…..

  21. I insist they are not better so phphphphhtpthtphthpthptphthptth!!! no go wipe yourself off.

  22. What’s the difference between Jerrah Jones and the late Al Davis? Al Davis was a genious as coach, GM and owner until he started to struggle with dementia…….Jerrah just has it all backwards.

  23. Seems to be a consensus in the responses:
    Cowpies suck

    Seems like they are the living the movie Groundhog day. Every off season a lot of hype and chest thumping and then of epic fail, whining and blaming once the games actually count.

  24. The possibility of getting better also rests on the team staying healthy…last year the defense was working with guys that were on the street just prior to starting.

  25. This generation of cowboys just aren’t built to win, they have the talent and the expectations of a winner, but not the mindset. The Jimmy J team was a perfect football team. When parcels was running them there was a deficiency in top level talent at key positions, but they were a tough team. Now it’s just a fantasy football team.

  26. JERRY JONES knows how to do business…the guy is a great salesman and every year the COWBOYS are the #1 talked About team. The reason why so many love us and hate us.
    As a COWBOYS fan, I fully expect us to make the playoffs this year…we dealt with far too many injuries last year to really show out improvements from the previous year. And we STILL almost made playoffs. If we can stay HEALTHY, I don’t see many teams in the league being able to beat us. Now, come PLAYOFFS….I’ll hold my breath on that one. ROMO still scares me :/

  27. He also said anyone can coach the team to the Super Bowl, how’s that worked out since JJ.
    The only time you can believe what Jerrah says is if he ask, would you like another round, I’m buying

  28. Dallas has a very soft schedule this year. NFC North and AFC West. Jerry’s right.

  29. These cowboy fans are crack me up. Crying about injuries from last year. Well let me point out the Redskins had a lot of injuries as well. On offence starts to WR,TE,RT and on defence the injuries were starts RE,LLB, both FS,SS so if my math is right that comes out to 7 starters in total that the Redskins did not have during the 2012 season.
    So once again WHAT WAS the cowboys EXCUSE AGAIN.???? 8-8.?????

  30. Jerry is a great owner, not so much of a GM but is gGOLD when it comes to marketing, he has the most valuable Franchise in the NFL. It’s teams like the cowboys that fund all these crappy franchises because of the Revenue share. If it wasn’t for the Boys then all these owners would be less rich.


  31. Even if they make the playoffs they won’t win a game. I don’t care if they’re up 21pts with a minute left, Romo will find a way to choke…

  32. Everybody hates on the Cowboys how many of y’all’s teams have won more SB’s than the Cowboys. I bet not many of y’all can say that Jerry may be a blow hard but he supports his team all the way around. I’m saying I hope the Cowboys do a lot better just to shut some of you people up. The reason y’all rag on the Cowboys so much is because y’all or either jealous because of all the SB’s they have won or y’all’s teams just suck. So to all you ragging on Jerry and the Cowboys and the Romo haters out just shut the heck up. I have been a die hard Cowboys fan for life I take the bad with the good no matter what can any of you say that. How many you have a QB that has a career passer rating over 95% I bet not many so why all the hate on Romo I get upset with him because he makes some bone head plays but he has had to run for his life every season he’s been a starter because of the O-Line so I feel most of his mistakes his because he has no protection. I bet even FLacco or Ryan couldn’t even have a winning record that Romo has had behind this O-line. So keep on hating on the Cowboys and Jerry but I bet that the other teams which they could have the success the Cowboys have had so live with it. ” GO COWBOYS”

  33. I’ve said this a million times but I’d like to say it again, Jerry Jones is awful.

    -Cowboys’ fan.

  34. Ron says: Jul 19, 2013 12:20 PM

    I have been a die hard Cowboys fan for life I take the bad with the good no matter what can any of you say that.
    Ron, I am not a hater of the Dallas Cowboys and have always picked them to do well based off their talent. I don’t buy the criticism of Tony Romo at all. BUT if you can tell me as a Cowboy fan that you are going to watch all 16 games this year and not end up screaming at Jason Garrett at the end of at least 3 games, then I would believe you guys have a shot at winning your division. I just don’t think that is the case, man. Phillips and Garrett were bad hires and until Jerry gets a real football guy in there, the Boys are going to suckle every ounce of life from their current stars until your sitting at the bottom of the league again. Its a shame.

  35. Why is it that every time JJ makes a simple quote along the lines of “we’re better, but still have a ways to go”, a statement echoed by oodles of NFL people and hardly too much even by Bill Belichick standards, we get an article on here? There’s no substance here, it’s no different than anyone else, but because its JJ it gets an article…don’t they say “don’t feed the trolls”? That’s the only motive I can see here.

  36. Jerry says this every year blah blah blah.

    He is in the ticket selling business and if the team isn’t improved, it reflects on the team GM which happens to be Jerry.

    There may be reason for some optimism but let’s wait and see what happens on the field. If they stay healthy, they can compete.

  37. Relax people. There are 32 teams competing for the Lombardi trophy. That same one they compete for every year. There will only be one team hoisting that trophy(STEELERS BABY) so let JJ say what he wants about them Cowboys, as many times as he wants to say it………….until he gets rid of Romo, he will be singing the same tune next year……….

  38. Every time I get depressed about the Raiders and the mess that Al Davis created in his later years, I find consolation in knowing that Jerry Jones was/is doing the same thing to the Cowboys (who I never liked).

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