Judge in Josh Brent case tells lawyers to watch their words

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As former (for now) Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent awaits trial on intoxication manslaughter charges, the presiding judge has offered some friendly advice to the lawyers involved.

Watch what you say.

Though a formal gag order wasn’t issued, the Associated Press reports that the judge asked counsel to be more careful with their words, given that some of the things said have been inaccurate.

Brent’s lawyer wanted the judge to tell the prosecutor to zip it completely.  That won’t happen for now, and it likely will never happen if the lawyers exercise more prudence when commenting publicly.

Brent retired from the Cowboys on Thursday, in a move that likely resulted from behind-the-scenes discussions that included the league office telling Brent if he doesn’t retire he’ll be indefinitely suspended.

7 responses to “Judge in Josh Brent case tells lawyers to watch their words

  1. The guys actions led to someone dying. Football should be the last thing on his mind. Unreal that the Cowboys had him on the sidelines last year. Par for the course, I suppose.

  2. I remember when being a sports fan was a way of consuming news while avoiding these types of issues.

  3. The mother of that “someone” that died is the reason the Cowboys kept him on the roster. She wanted the Cowboys to support him, and keeping on the 90 man roster did not hurt the team. Small price to pay for the wishes of the grieving mother.

  4. Him and his buddy made a mistake. Have a heart, even a little one. Yeah u do the crime u do the time, we all know this. At the end of the day what he did was an accident. He didn’t shoot someone in the face and hid the body a mile from his house or anything.

  5. Yeah, because the opinion of a “grieving mother” should supersede common decency and common sense. Did she also recommend that he retire so the Cowboys could retain his rights?


  6. We all have drank n drove. I’m sure he feels terrible and is already paying for it since the night he lost his friend. It sucks for sure. Just like the days of old when people would chant for a hanging or beheading. People love the demise of others? WHY?

  7. Being suspended now is better than being suspended later, if he gets his act together, so retiring now doesn’t make sens.

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