Missouri Governor: Rams need to make first move in stadium talks

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The Rams officially found out this month that they wouldn’t get the $700 million they wanted from the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission to renovate the Edward Jones Dome into the top 25 percent of stadiums in the NFL, which means they have the right to exit their lease after the 2014 season.

There’s been no word from the team about what they plan to do next and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon would like that to change. Tim Logan of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that there has been speculation that Nixon would engage in direct talks with Rams owner Stan Kroenke about the stadium issue, but Nixon says that the Rams owner needs to propose something for them to talk about.

“The ball’s in their court to say what they need for long-term stability,” Nixon said. “We look forward to hearing from them.”

Nixon said that refinancing Edward Jones Dome bonds could free up money to put toward a new stadium, but cautioned that ” I don’t think anybody’s talking about the state or anyone else ponying up and building a brand new stadium.” The city has been working with Goldman Sachs on possible ways to finance the stadium, but, according to Nixon, the Rams will have to show their cards before talks will pick up again.

27 responses to “Missouri Governor: Rams need to make first move in stadium talks

  1. 700 million is about the cost of a new stadium. Kudos to the city for standing up to another billonaire owner!

  2. The rams already told them what they wanted and it cost 700 mil. St Louis turned it down, so what do they want the Rams to say, obviously something that costs a lot less than 700 mil.

  3. St Louis… Greatest fans in the world! Crappiest city in the US. Convention committee are complete morons. Boycott downtown.

    *the truth*

  4. First the Cardinals and now the Rams. St. Louis cannot or does not want to support an NFL franchise.

    Say goodbye to the Rams after the 2014 season St.Louis !

  5. The fine city of St. Louis has said they will not be coerced into building a new stadium when there is a perfectly fine facility sitting downtown right now. The Rams are a scarce commodity of which many other municipalities would love to have reside in their community.

    Bottom line, it’s a free market system. We all know how this is going to end.

  6. Translation: Don’t let the door hit you on your way out to LA, London, Toronto, Death Valley, etc….

  7. St. Louis is a baseball city first and everything else is a distant second. Even though it has been almost 20 years, I never felt like the Rams really fit in that town. From reading the tea leaves with this situation, the Rams could be feeling the same way.

    Consider this:

    – NFL owners have talked openly about there being two teams in L.A. and that they aren’t in an expansion mode.

    – If the NFL wasn’t going to allow two teams from Texas to be in same conference when the Texans came into the league, it’s reasonable to assume they would hold the same stance with L.A. The Rams are the only NFC team with stadium issues.

    – 50 years of the Rams history is in greater Los Angeles.

    – Kroenke tried buying the Dodgers a few years ago. That would have brought him Chavez Ravine, a site the NFL has talked openly about being ideal for new stadium.

    It’s not hard to figure out where this headed.

  8. Things are going as planned. Kroenke will build his own stadium outside of the city. Just another St. Louis city blunder. There’s no way the Rams are moving to LA where Kroenke would have to give up part ownership to the LA stadium group.

  9. Stl /mizzou better quit playing ! Jeff fisher is well versed in moving Houston to Memphis to Nashville! Hello Oklahoma they will do anything for football! And support their teams! I feel sorry for the fans who suffered through lean times just to get bit by politics! Again!

  10. “It looks like Mizzou doesn’t care if the Rams leave.”

    I don’t know why anybody would care what the University of Missouri (Mizzou) thinks about the St. Louis Rams stadium situation.

  11. Here’s the thing. The St Louis Convention Center was stupid to put the guarantee in the lease that the stadium would stay in the top 25% of stadiums.

    This isn’t a team being greedy. This is the team responding to one of the clauses in their contract.

    The Rams are in the drivers seat. They can choose to stay if they are happy – or they can now look for the best deal out there.

    Someone at the conversation center should be fired…

  12. I agree with the Governor, the Rams need to make the first move.

    The first move is to get their ducks in a row and make the playoffs. See if the Rams can figure out how to handle the most important task there is first, before deciding if they are worthy to invest in. Make them produce or tell them to go away. Then we can talk about a stadium deal.

  13. Just a little Missouri love here but I’d like to point out to the people on Stl that we here in kc never have to get the governor or the state involved to build our stadiums. Thanks to the good people of Jackson co it always gets taken care of but ill be thinking of you guys when I’m still going to arrowhead to watch nfl football and u guys don’t have a team anymore. At least you have the cards and there brand new stadium in one of the worst parts of town.

  14. I am so sick of billionaire owners holding up communities for rich guy welfare. They always claim to love the community until the community does not want to be their personal ATM

  15. On the surface it seems highly dubious that it would take $700 million to put the Jones Dome in the top 25% of stadiums. I think the Rams know this, and that figure was their version of a “poison pill”. The problem was letting the Rams be the ones to decide how much renovations would cost. Not to mention putting that clause in the lease in the first place. It DOES seem that the commission are not the brightest bulbs in the box. The Rams either want a new stadium or they want to move. They are not showing good civic faith, but they are playing the cards that they were dealt.

  16. Rams have several options. LA, London,Toronto, San Antonio. St Lou is a baseball town only.

  17. when the ram came to town stl pack the place. when they stopped putting a good product out on the field that’s when it went down hill. Im jest saying this bc I get tired of hearing that stl is a baseball town. put a good product out there and we will come. U cant keep putting out junk and expect everybody to pay out the a$$ for it. So now that we are getting better we will be there again. The rams have not been there long enough to have ten yrs of junk and keep the ATTENDANCE UP

  18. I hate when taxpayers are held hostage to build billionaire owners a new stadium, when the tickets are too high for the average fan to take his or her family to a game. That being said, the Dome has to be the worst stadium in America to see a football game. There is no enviornment and it is basically a generic building. I hate when teams relocate but I make an exception in this case and think it would be fitting for them to go back to Los Angeles. If not, St.Louis needs to forget renovations at the dome and build a new stadium (on the owners dime). St.Louis needs a 65-70,000 seat open air stadium.

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