PFT Live, Pro Football Talk return on Monday

Three weeks ago today, I was getting ready for a much-needed break from all things video, with PFT Live and Pro Football Talk on NBCSN embarking on a three-week hiatus.

Three weeks later, I’m wrapping up a working (sort of) vacation with a visit to the South Carolina shore and a long drive home tomorrow.

Come Monday, both shows return with a vengeance.  The web broadcast, which has been around for more than two-and-a-half years, returns at noon ET, and the hour-long NBCSN program will be back at 5:00 p.m. ET.

Our goal is to make both shows more interactive, which means not simply giving you what you think you want but giving you ways to tell us what you want.

To that end, the PFT Live phone lines will be open more often, with most days featuring at least a short segment where we answer Twitter questions and give you a chance to take the floor by telephone.

If you have other ideas as to how we can make the show better, feel free to mention them in the comments.  Smart-ass responses are allowed, even encouraged.

9 responses to “PFT Live, Pro Football Talk return on Monday

  1. Awesome. Anything that has to do with professional football and MORE interaction from the common fans is a wonderful thing for this planet.

    Very refreshing and exciting news, so bring it on as I can’t get enough of this content!

  2. Well I could come up with about 846 ideas if you want that many, but I’ll throw 5 general and broad ideas out there for now:

    1) Prizes – Offer some kind of contest or reward for good comments or create some kind of game and tie it into the website. You could score fantasy points in different ways that compete with normal fantasy football. Carve out a niche and create a vast new football league/game that nobody else in the world offers.

    2) Q/A – Would be neat if some of the phone callers could talk to coaches or players with their own questions. PFT does a great job but they ask all the easy questions still and I feel like we never get to ask them the hard questions or the fascinating questions about what we really want to know. And most of the questions are the same questions that somebody else already asked them or will eventually ask them. Probe a bit further for the deep down mind-blowing thoughts that these NFL people have.

    Also it would be cool to use video-chat interface for those that want to call in.

    3) More formal structure communication – Give commenters a better system of communicating with each other. More of a standard forum housing and then use that system to have more lively and in-depth discussion to delve into topics seen on the TV show.

    4) Create a larger network of personalities – PFT has a solid writing team to cover basically everything, but expand upon that network and develop some kind of hierarchy of specific team personalities, or by subject such as a cap expert, a draft expert of your own to compete with the Mayocks and the Kipers, etc., or even a rules expert to compete with the Pereira types. People like to see him break down things involving the rules, yet he is insufficient there and you can step in and offer something more insightful than what he contributes. Take over his role, and then maybe the NFL uses the PFT guy for that stuff in the future.

    5) BIG issues – keep developing pressure and focus on hot topics such as the Redskins name or how the NFL handles the business end of things. Develop a more comprehensive philosophy to show the potential of how things could be improved if the NFL had a better economic system, or rulebook, or expansion plan, or system to help potentially troubled players etc. Bring awareness to these issues and then have these conversations with NFL reps on the show to make them come up with answers to the better vision that they are missing out on and put the pressure on them to answer those questions well or change things for the better.

  3. Discuss: Out of all the teams that changed coaches this season who will be the most successful this season?

  4. never ever ever talk fantasy football again, not that you do Florio, but that EK… jeez. he’s too smart to be caught up in a simpletons “game”. tell him you run a nfl news program and to save that crap for his own radio shows. thx! missed my shows! only tv i watch besides actual games, literally

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