Report: Ravens’ offer to Vonta Leach remains available

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Before releasing fullback Vonta Leach in June, the Ravens offered him $2 million in salary plus $1 million in incentives for 2013, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Friday. Moreover, Mortensen reported the Ravens “had told [Leach] their last offer would stand.”

A three-time Pro Bowler, the 31-year-old Leach is one of the best unsigned veterans entering training camp. One potential suitor, Miami, is not adding another fullback for now, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reported Thursday.

In a story published Thursday in the Baltimore Sun, Leach’s agent, Ralph Vitolo, neither closed the door nor committed to a return to Baltimore for his client.

“Of course, Vonta likes the Ravens,” Vitolo told the Sun‘s Aaron Wilson. “Why wouldn’t he? Maybe he ends up back there. Who knows? Until it happens, there’s no sense in pure speculation.”

Leach played a combined 579 snaps for Baltimore in the regular season and playoffs in 2012, per Pro Football Focus.

34 responses to “Report: Ravens’ offer to Vonta Leach remains available

  1. Compare to Steelers’ treatment of James Harrison after he declined a pay cut and then decided to come back for less money. (Door slammed in face).

  2. Dude knows he’s the best fullback, and milking it for all it’s worth. He’s 32 and still a grinder…. Training camp is a waste of time for him considering his options are all involving former teams or coaches with similar blocking schemes. He’ll probably sign with Baltimore or Miami in the next few weeks. Miami really wants him but Jeff Ireland is in a “show me” year and tired of players using Miami to drive up the price, hence the stalemate.

  3. I torn with this. Leach is a beast, no question, but for this position which will see less and less playing time I’m also interested to see what Kyle “the Juice” Juszczyk can do. But Leach can pass block better than the Juice. If Leach returns Kyle still makes ST I suppose.

  4. This is a smart move by one of the best front offices in the game. Vonta would be wise to return to the world champion Ravens, even if to play for free.

    Is that better lovefootball and rockthered? That didn’t hurt your feelings did it?

    But since Leach isn’t 30 pounds overweight, Bal is not interested, so moot point.

  5. Difference between leach and Harrison joemontanaflacco, leach still performs for the money where as Harrison is rapidly declining. Also, do the steelers need to cut the old and slow or pay players for past performance…you raven fans seem to flip flop in your criticism.

  6. I am not torn. Juice is a 4th round draft pick. Leach a perennial pro bowler and an amazing fb. Let juice learn from the best and also be a compliment to leach

  7. I apologize for my red headed step child joannemomtanaflacco for being an idiot!. Still working on getting the meds right.

  8. I think both parties should move on. Leach can do better elsewhere with a bigger role, and if I’m the Ravens I don’t want teach taking any snaps away from Juice who is my favorite FB in the draft in recent years.

  9. Personally, I’d love for Leach to come back. It’s always fun watching him knock that tired old Steeler defense on their butts and then watching them get up and beg Tomlin to take them out of the game.

  10. I don’t understand what incentives a team could offer a fullback besides how many snaps he plays. It isn’t really a cut and dry stats position. Once Caldwell became the OC his playing time decreased I thought, so how does he even get a chance to make that extra million? Two million sounds very fair for a nasty bruiser that no linebacker wants to meet in the hole. The Ravens definitely need to find a way to get him back.

  11. His best deal is in Baltimore, and always has been, just like McKinnie found out.
    The only question is how he will be used in a Jim Caldwell offense. Whenever he’s in the game, it usually means a running play to Ray Rice. This has to stop.

  12. Well at least they didn’t do Leach the way they discarded Reed and Boldin, like old shoes. And after all Boldin did to get that big contract for Jump Ball Joe (the most overpaid American worker of all time.) Tsk tsk.

  13. “Well at least they didn’t do Leach the way they discarded Reed and Boldin, like old shoes.”

    Boldin was traded and Reed was made an offer for a contract extension. Leach was cut, but then made an offer to come back, presumably with less money.

    I guess all these guys might have taken less money without a fight if they were worried about being unmarketable because of multiple prior rape allegations. But they weren’t.

  14. Well Leach is a fullback, a position that’s dying out, he can take the Ravens offer or, there’s always Jacksonville.

  15. “But since Leach isn’t 30 pounds overweight, Bal is not interested, so moot point.”

    Pretty sure the over weight thing has been debunked so its time to move onto something else.

    @djstat. Good point. He’ll learn from the best. Also rookies also discover how much harder it is to make an entire NFL season. But if Leach finds a better contract elsewhere that’s good for him. He deserves it. Ravens won’t be left with a gap at the position.

  16. If that Steeler D is old and tired what does that make your Raven O? A little over 500 yards, 3 TDs, 2 turn overs compared to 600 yards if offense, 3 TDs, 2 turnovers(lead by back ups) for the steelers, the ravens were a blown punt return from the playoffs and the ravens sitting at home during the playoffs. It’s sad how a team starts 9-2, finishes 10-6, and they are a punt return away from not making the playoffs and fans say they dominated the North

  17. All I am saying, steelers and ravens would’ve both been 9-7, and the ravens would’ve been home, altho I think the steelers still would’ve too. Just stating the facts that the Ravens wasn’t as dominate in the North as you fans make them out to have. Flacco averaged about 170 ypg and the team averaged about 80 rushing ypg. Browns put up 2 good games, and came close to winning. The only decisive win was the first thumping of the bengals, the other game meant nothing for standings but ravens still lost. For the raven fans I would not expect the luck to fall in your favor this year, plays like 4th&29, blown punt coverage, gross misplay of a deep ball, sure handed receivers dropping balls, and pass interference not being called in the end zone does not happen often. It’s going to be a long year for Flacco when he plays like he did against the steelers. What’s the excuses going to be for Flaccos horrible play now that Cam is gone?

  18. Ravens aren’t making any excuses, jmblosser, you are. Quit crying like a little baby over spilled milk.

  19. I just don’t understand raven fans, cam was responsible for Flacco’s poor play, they were 9-4 when he got fired and called played for 4 playoff appearances(2 AFC title game)and likely a 5th straight if he wasn’t fired. When the team wins it was all due to Flacco but when they lose its due to the defense or bad play calling. Steelers defense is old and tired, yet they dominated your offense and finished #1 overall. You lose Flacco #1 target but that guy is a bum. You flip flop so much it’s hard to follow your train of thought. Your franchise got off to a better start then the steelers but 80 years ago was a different time. Art had the franchise for 40 years(only counting his time with the browns because he proved for 35 years he couldn’t manage a championship team)and produced 1 trophy. I judge Flacco the same harshness that I judged ben and Eli, win a second ring then he might be worth that $120 mil. The steelers are the class of the Super Bowl era. Ravens are on a roll right down but they will crash hard.

  20. Honestly, stop your sniffling. Can’t wait for the Steelers to play Green Bay. It’s going to be the Whine and Cheese Bowl.

  21. a few comments jm. i dont know why you think the ravens will crash hard, but you are entitled to your opinion. and yes the steeler defense did shut down the ravens last year. as far as your comment of 80 years ago the league being different, thats true…but other teams were succesful so thats really not an excuse. no one thinks boldin is a bum and he was huge in the playoffs. however he is getting older and better to let him go sooner rather than later. i think the issue is again having steeler fans make excuses for the steelers and downplaying other teams successes. of course luck, both good and bad, happens to every team. but what happens happens and last year the ravens were better than the steelers. when ravens fans point out what ifs we are shouted down as sore losers. cant have it both ways

  22. an even better question is what will steeler fans say if the ravens again win the division and the steelers continue their downwar slide

  23. Same criticism, we let loose Harrison when he still has 2-3 more years left in the tank and steelers get judged harshly, he needed to go for the money plain and simple, steelers already started the replacement plan when he found out he wasn’t going to get the kind if money he expected. Boldin getting older but was still your number 1, smith could fill in but has to be mor consistent and jones is a #3, Boldin got dealt and all if raven nation played it down as tho he was a bum.
    What leads me to believe they will crash hard sooner rather then later is your franchise track record, few years if glory few years of fail. Steelers had their downtime, I expect 1 more year at most. Even the mist hardcore raven fan has to admit that if Ben didn’t get hurt the outcome of the season would’ve been different. Mike Wallace was a turd last year, he’ll only be slightly missed, mendenhall was a bust so he won’t be missed. Heath will be missed, so all in all the offense will be suitable. Lewis and Harrison gone, lewis will be missed but gay will fit in nicely. Worlids and Jarvis jones will step up in that spot. Steelers will still have a top 5 def. if they play at the same time unlike last year they will have 10-12 wins.

  24. The ultimate “what if”:

    What if SD could tackle and the ref didn’t blow the spot, and Flacco’s efforts to concede the game and playoffs came to fruition?

  25. to jmblosser….ravens have made the playoffs 5 years in a row and 6 out of 7. since their first playoff appearance in 2000(the year they won their first superbowl) they have made the playoffs 9 times. so i really dont see where you are coming from
    to crown….bigger what if. what if bill leavey and the rest of the sb 40 crew did their jobs. you guys would still be stuck on 5 rings. leavey admitted they blew the game. so how bout them apples

  26. The ravens would be stuck at 1 if the pass interference call would’ve been called correctly…how do you like them apples? Look at the whole history not recent, 8 of the 17 seasons, .500 or worse. The defense lead that team to the playoffs in four of the five years, but Flacco gets the credit. I will admit Flacco is a top five QB only after his second SB appearence, if they win he might be considered elite. That’s how I felt when it came to both Eli and Ben

  27. if if if. so i guess the steelers were never the beneficiary of any lucky breaks(immaculate reception, bill leavey). and there was no pass interference since crabtree and smith initiated contact at the same time. as far as flacco not being elite, your opinion. but he also led their 2011 playoff run and had them in position to go to the super bowl. you are a big football fan but you dont know the ravens as well as you think you do

  28. Smith held the arm and just about took him down. I know enough about the ravens, the little brother of the North. One outstanding season/post season does not make you elite, Derek Anderson came put and lot things up for the browns, got a nice contract, and is he even still in the nfl? Yes I know Flacco will be around for 5-10 more years at least, but that doesn’t change the def carried the off for 4 years, Flacco is inconsistent, he choked in big games, and damn near disappeared in the second half of the SB. We will see more of his inconsistency this year and how well will he perform without his safety blanket?

  29. I love how no one mentions the pass interference on Torrey Smith when they reference missed P.I. calls in the Superbowl- nor the late hit on Joe coming down the stretch for that matter. As for the “choked in big games”- I mean…Did you watch ANY of his playoff games in the past 2 years? I think what makes me more mad is that I am actually spending the time to address your moronic, obviously not based on watching any Ravens games but Steeler fanboy sites, statement. I hate Mondays.

  30. easy there jm…it seems like experts were 50/50 on whether or not that was pass interference. they didnt call it so move on. its like steeler fans being all worked up over the botched calls in superbowl 40. and i will give you flacco being inconsistent in the regular season. but he steps up big in the post season when it matters most. as far as his “security blanket” being gone, anquan caught 68 passes last year. and the same stuff was said when heap left…when mason left…etc. and as far as choking…did you catch ben throwing pick 6s in the regular season last year with the game on the line. and to compare derek anderson to joe flacco makes we wonder how much you pay attention at all

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