Rich Gannon: Bill Callahan “an excellent communicator”


Cowboys offensive coordinator / offensive line coach Bill Callahan is the play-caller in Dallas this season, and it’s a move that’s drawn quite a bit of attention, considering head coach Jason Garrett previously had those responsibilities.

We may not have a good read on how Callahan’s play-calling differs from Garrett until Dallas gets into the regular season, but we know this much: if a club’s offensive coordinator and quarterback actively work to stay on the same page, it’s a good thing. And in a story published in the San Antonio Express-News Friday, former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon indicated that Callahan will listen to the player directing the offense on the field.

“I remember in 2003 going into his office before a preseason game to share some concerns I had,” Gannon told Tom Orsborn of the Express-News. “Two weeks later, I told him, ‘I don’t think you heard a word I said.’ Well, he pulled out his notes and regurgitated verbatim what I had said. He is good about offering feedback and wants interaction with his quarterbacks.”

Gannon, who worked with Callahan from 1999 through 2003 in Oakland, called the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator “an excellent communicator.”

If nothing else, it’s interesting to hear a perspective on Callahan from one of his former quarterbacks — not to mention one who had great success in Callahan’s offense when the Raiders captured the AFC in 2002.

19 responses to “Rich Gannon: Bill Callahan “an excellent communicator”

  1. He’s a great communicator, this Bill Callahan guy. When his teams come to the line of scrimmage, its almost like I know what plays he’s running. Hes one of the best football coaches around I tell you- Jon Gruden.

  2. Rich Gannon deserves more credit. Yes he was a journeyman before the raiders but he was the NFL MVP and a great raider. I never felt we were out of the game with Gannon….

  3. “Two weeks later, I told him, ‘I don’t think you heard a word I said.’

    Don’t know about you Rich Gannon, but this example doesn’t exactly make Callahan sound like a ‘good’ communicator; more like a ‘non’ communicator! Writing something down and/or remembering it is only a small part of communication. Your “don’t think you heard a word I said” comment indicates that Callahan hadn’t communicated with you AT ALL about your concerns!

  4. There sure are a lot of stories here about an 8-8 team that hasn’t been a threat to anyone in the last twenty years or so.

  5. Callahan has ultimately failed everywhere he has coached. He won at Oakland with a team that Gruden built but then managed to take it downward. Former players have said he intentionally lost the super bowl!

    Not sure if that’s true but I think he was so terrible it seemed like it.

  6. An excellent communicator would let the person know he understood that point at that time – not weeks later when the person questions him.

  7. Callahan is one of the best coaches in the league, and Gruden and Rob Ryan have not been able to run the ball and “ground & pound” without his O Lines.

  8. I think Gannon was just trying to be respectful. Gannon would be an excellent coach. I wish Al Davis would have given him a chance instead of getting pissed when Rich rightfully criticized some things he saw in Oakland.

  9. Much love for rich Gannon but… It was Callahan that communicated to the media that his Raiders were the dumbest team in America, how is that gonna help your team?

  10. Read some of the comments Gannon had after Callahan got fired in Oak. Perhaps Gannon should write his own notes because he forgot how critical he was. Either way, referring to notes is for lawyers not pro coaches. Direct communication, look someone in the eyes. On the other hand, Callahan may have this written down in his diary, “Throw the SB”…check!

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