Russell Investments to donate $2,000 for every Russell Wilson touchdown


The Seattle Seahawks expect big things from quarterback Russell Wilson in his second year as the team’s starter. Now thanks to a partnership with Russell Investments, Wilson has even more incentive to rack up as many touchdowns as possible this season for the Seahawks.

Wilson and Russell Investments, an asset management firm headquartered in Seattle, have partnered together to created a charitable program entitled “Invested with Russell.”

For each touchdown – running or passing – scored by Wilson this season, Russell Investments will donate $2,000 to Wilson’s charitable foundation. Wilson’s foundation supports youth activities for communities in need. The actual charities that will benefit from the donations will be announced at the end of the season.

Wilson accounted for 30 touchdowns as rookie last season with 26 passing touchdowns and four rushing touchdowns. If he repeats that performance this year, he’ll raise $60,000 toward his foundation.

40 responses to “Russell Investments to donate $2,000 for every Russell Wilson touchdown

  1. 26 passing TDs last year, in spite of being held back by a conservative gameplan the first month and a half. Seattle had the fewest pass attempts in the league last year…think that might change with Harvin’s arrival?

    He could easily clear 30 passing alone.

  2. With all the negative press we’ve seen from some NFL players lately like first degree murder, it’s nice to hear stories like what Russell Wilson is doing.

  3. And for every touchdown that Kaepernick scores, he promises to kiss his bicep 2,000 times.
    Russell Wilson, you’re a class act and is Russell Investments.

  4. I dont’t care who you are, it is absolutely not possible to dislike this guy. He’s a great player, a great person, just great in general.

  5. And this is charity is counting the post season, so that would have been another 4 TDs or $8000

  6. Russell Wilson is a great leader on the field and now in the seattle community. I have a feeling he will be leading parades in downtown seattle very soon.

  7. Wilson, Sherman and Carroll along with the entire hawks organization do an immense amount of charitable work. This is truly a first class organization throughout… Now go out and bring that Lombardi home fellas.

  8. Just another one of his guise’s he uses to give the impression he is trying to help children, but in reality he is just wants to be in arms reach of their adderall.

  9. This is very nice but I gotta say….Russell Investments has assets of $152 BILLION! I bet they could find more than $60,000 in their couch cushions. And why does it have to be tied to an athelete’s performance? If they want to give money to a charity, what’s stopping them?

  10. The media went gaga over this guy and the fans followed, as per usual.

    The media will be AWOL when he takes a header this year.

  11. Pfizer promised to do the same every time one of the juiceheads makes a big play. It’ll end up being a lot more than $60,000 though.

  12. Not to play Devil’s advocate, but with the thousands of active charities, how do we know which one if any to trust and how do we know it not a sandusky situation?

  13. Like or loathe the Seahawks, this guy is a class act.

    To come this far, with every expert not called Gruden telling him he won’t make it, takes some effort.

  14. Marshawn had better offer up 2K to Wilson’s charity too if he expects many rushing TD’s.

  15. So his company is donating money to his charity? Please do a follow up next year and let us know how much of this money actually goes to anyone in need compared to the amount spent on “administrative” fees. Sounds like your typical athlete tax dodge.

  16. RW is a class act. We are very lucky to have such a great leader as our QB. His maturity and determination is the reason we are SB bound this year. The separation is in the preparation. GO HAWKS!!!

  17. Russell is genuinely, doing it right. That’s my boy. There is not a team in the NFL who would like him as their guy. Every team not Green Bay would trade their guy straight up for Wilson.

    Washington and Indy would never admit it though.

  18. Fair warning: Anyone referring to all Seattle fans as “frontrunners” and/or “bandwagoners” is at risk of being severely beaten about the head with a copy of the AFC Championship Game program I bought in January of 1984 when I attended the game between the ‘Hawks and Raiders, or strangled with the #80 Seahawks jersey I waited six weeks for Sears to deliver sometime around 1981.

  19. I’m glad he has a corporate partner. At $2k per TD, given what he makes, he’s gonna have to get a second job.

  20. I love it. It’s well known that Wilson is BY FAR the lowest paid starter (and one of the lowest paid QB’s period) in the NFL, and annouces plans to donate potentially more that these loser trolls will donate in their entire worthless lives, and all they can do is say it’s not enough, it’s a tax dodge (which REALLY shows their ignorance), or he’ll have a slump & not give much. How many of these idiots would offer to contribute over 20% of their salary (which $68k last year would have been for RW) last year to ANY charity? Russell continues to prove himself a classy guy with wisdom & maturity beyond his years. WTG DangeRuss!

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