Chip Kelly wants to win now, not just in future


The Eagles were 4-12 a year ago, aren’t sure who the quarterback is going to be, and are implementing new everythings under new coach Chip Kelly.

But while the talent base of the team might have eroded as much as expectations, Kelly said he’s not willing to accept that his team won’t be competitive this year.

My job is to win right now,” Kelly said, via Geoff Mosher of “How do you think I’d be received in Philly if I told them we were going to write this year off? Those people that are waving to me on the streets right now? That ain’t going to happen.

“But that’s never been my mentality, either. We’re not writing anything off. We’re going out there to compete and see how it falls, but that’s never been our mentality. I don’t think anyone on our staff, anyone in our locker room, . . . you want to talk about our players buying in? If I went in the locker room and said, ‘This is going to be a really good year for us to get ready for the following year,’ that’s not going to work.

“No one has a mindset like that. So our decision isn’t based upon what is the future two years down the road, three years down the road. I don’t think that far.”

Of course, no coach takes a job thinking he’s going to fail, and Kelly himself doesn’t have much experience with it. He was 46-7 at Oregon, but knows well that others who piloted successful college programs have failed to win at this level.

“Every day you go out there you don’t think, ‘Hey, we’re going to win 46 out of 53,’” he said. “It’s a competition every single day, so I don’t think that way, that, hey, I’m not used to losing. We’ve got the utmost respect for whoever we’re going to compete against.

“I know it’s extremely difficult to win in this league. You just look at everybody’s record over the history of the game. It is a different game from that standpoint. But that’s just part of it. That’s the challenge. You look at it and kind of embrace it. You’re excited about it.”

The excitement and promise of something new will buy Kelly some time.

But after missing the playoffs the last two years, Philadelphia fans aren’t inclined toward patience, and will let him know that soon enough.

23 responses to “Chip Kelly wants to win now, not just in future

  1. You underestimate Philly fans patience. Most of them consider this year a wash. It’s good he doesn’t, and I wouldn’t expect him ,or any of the players to. But most Eagles fans I know expect 7-9 or 8-8, and wouldn’t be too worried about 5-11 or 6-10 if they show improvement as the season goes along

    New system and a young team, it will take a year to get everything running smoothly IMO

  2. Should have stayed in college ball, Eagles is a terrible place to “win now” with the confusion and criminal QB potentially starting this year.

  3. Of course he doesn’t care about the future. As soon as Lane Kiffin gets fired, Kelly will bolt to USC.

    The Eagles are toast for a while

  4. Im not buying in. He’s a coach that would throw his players under the bus rather than be a leader. Yeah he’s all cheery and stuff in July, but just wait till October or November, you’ll see. Pac12 fan here, I know his Oregon smug ass.

  5. That’s the problem with Eagles fans and media they think they should run the show, hopefully Kelly will ignore the nuts and do what he thinks is best to win!

  6. Eagles Training camp starts in less than 48 hours!!!! Most anticipating camp in years. In chip we trust. who is it gonna be, Foles,Vick or Barkely?

  7. If Chip is able to use his timeouts and challenges in way that warrants them, then this season will be an improvement. God help KC and that brilliant game day coach they brought it.

  8. Honestly, the division is up for grabs. I’m not getting carried away and saying Super Bowl but the division is definitely up for grabs. We’ll just see how this plays out. I do know I’m excited for football season as always but thus year it’s fresh and not the same old Reid.

  9. I’m not even an Eagles fan , but I have to admit , this guy really seems to “get it”. As is usually the case when a high profile college coach takes an NFL job , a lot of folks probably can’t wait to see him fail , but it looks like the team made a great hire in Chip Kelly ; I think he’s going to do well.

  10. Another Chip Kelly article … he’s like a precocious little girl. Look at me … look at me. And he still reminds me of Marcus Bachmann.

  11. Then he needs to get his players to shut up and quit talking out of turn on team issues.

    That’s step one.

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