Ditka: Urlacher needs to get over it

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Retired Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher would have fit right in with Mike Ditka’s teams.

But the older of the two Bears legends told the younger he should probably move past the emotions of his abrupt departure from the team.

Urlacher said this week he didn’t wish ill on the Bears, but didn’t want them to win a Super Bowl without him, either. That’s understandable, after General Manager Phil Emery gave him the contractual cold shoulder this offseason.

My advice would be to put it behind you,” Ditka said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “Brian has been such a great player for the Bears and an ambassador for the team. Not many guys get to play 13 years for the same team. Usually, when you change GMs and a new regime comes in, they’re going to make tough decisions. Mr. Emery decided that Brian wouldn’t be part of the plan.

“There’s nothing you can do about it. You know, the game of football was very good to Brian, but it owes him nothing now. You just have to move on.”

Of course, Ditka had his own hard feelings with the organization upon leaving, with the retiring of his jersey number 89 signaling a thaw to the freeze which began when Mike McCaskey fired him after the 1992 season. That took decades, so perhaps Urlacher deserves a few months to let his feelings be hurt.

30 responses to “Ditka: Urlacher needs to get over it

  1. It’s strange because, you know, Ditka never says anything quite as caustic as “get over it.” Yet…that’s the headline.

    This site has been reduced to nothing more than a bunch of smarmy trolling yellow journalists looking to make news rather than discuss news.

  2. Alright, Ditka is starting to rub me the wrong way like Mcnabb. Urlacher was clearly cracking a joke, why would Urlacher be bitter about the Chicago Bears winning it all? He created a HOF career there I doubt he would be mad at there success.

  3. Ditka needs to take Urlacher and go away. the Chicago Bears been trying to get rid of Ditka since they fired him and now there are 2 of them.

  4. Dat’s easy to say for somebody who won a ring wit da Bearsss.

    I wonder how Curtis Martin felt retiring without a ring after all the hard work he put in with the Pats and then the marathon with the Jets?

  5. Id be mad to if i was urlacher. Guy plays whole career for this crappy worthless team and his entire career they expected the defense to win everything. And the best qb they could come up with was grossman when the had a shot at winning? Lol. Wow.

  6. Emery made an offer of 2million. No other team offered a dime.
    Brian should have taken it, and at the last game of the year the crowd would have given him a 10 minute standing “O”. It would have been the sendoff he deserved.
    However, I think Brian listened to his agent, and they went all in, with nothing more than a pair of deuces in their hand. Emery won the hand.

  7. Or, better yet, the media could get over it. Urlacher was clearly joking; and even if there’s some truth behind the joke, who cares? What did you expect him to say:

    “No, I’d love to watch the team I played a decade-plus for win the Super Bowl the year after I went through an awkward retirement from them. I’m sure it will feel wonderful.”

    Please. Training camp needs to start so you guys have something significant to write about.

  8. Yeah seriously, you had your chances to leave to a better team and situation Brian. Its no one else’s fault but your own you stayed so long with a team without a QB. Now your old and retired and that’s life. Shut it. They won’t win the SB this year anyway. Not with jay chicken cutlet

  9. Mike Ditka is right! Urlacher needs to quit feeling sorry for himself. There comes a time in every athlete’s career where they are past their prime and need to move on to something else.

  10. Not even a Bears fan but this is coming from the douche bag that thought it was more important for his 300 lbs fat slob of a defensive lineman to get a touchdown in the superbowl than the best running back ever!!!! (Walter Peyton)!! Phuck you Mike!!

  11. Who cares? Urlacher was a tremendously overrated player & now he’s whining that Da Bears didnt want him back. Life is tough. Urlacher should be greatful they let him draw an NFL paycheck at all.

  12. I think that’s totally fair. Just like its totally fair when players want to leave a team in free agency. Though fans seem to side with the teams over the player on that one too.

  13. Here’s the thing, Urlacher would always get mad when former Bears greats would talk negatively about the current teams (ie Gayle Sayers) and one of his retorts would be they never won a championship so who are they to comment. So shouldn’t BU just shut up about it then? And no I do not think he was joking about it.

  14. I can understand Urlacher being petty like this if it were a good team that unceremoniously kicked him to the curb. But it was only da hapless, tasteless Bears.

  15. Without Rod Marinelli and Urlacher the Bears defense could go from good to really mediocre. Will Emery playing hardball with Urlacher look good then?

  16. @ Genxjay
    losing respect everyday. now..
    you are OUT OF YOUR MIND! the 1985 Chicago Bears had the most dangerous defense the game will EVER see. and you can ask Joe Montana, John Elway, Jim Kelly, and any other QB of that season. they were afraid of getting hurt bad out there. that Defense was as mean as it was good. Only a fool would make that statement. NOBODY that played offense against the 46 zone of the Chicago Bears would back you up. in that statement… NOBODY. thats the reason you your self can even bring them up.

  17. Wow! The mighty Mike Ditka has spoken!!
    Who really gives a rats (you know what) what Ditka has to say?? This is the same coach who put himself before his team following the ’85 Super Bowl and cost them any chance at winning another one with that awesome group of players he had. The guy went “hollywood” on his team and forgot his roots. Now he’s an washed up , wrinkled up elephant’s rear end, who brings absolutely nothing to the table when he speaks! As a player and part of his coaching career, Ditka earned his props for that and give him credit, but he has no wisdom to carry over from that time. Go away Mike, just disappear, please!

  18. Urlacher is a passionate person who has just been told he is no longer good at what he has been best at his whole life. Of course he’s bitter it really hasn’t been that long. But I’m sure that most people would be able to pretend they weren’t upset every time someone asked them how they felt about being shown the door. After all, these players are actually humans.

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