Dolphins sign first-round pick Dion Jordan as training camp opens

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The Miami Dolphins announced Saturday they have signed first-round pick Dion Jordan as players report for the start of training camp.

With the signing, the Dolphins now have every draft pick under contract.

Jordan expected the deal would get done in time for the start of camp and it more or less did. The hold-up on the contract was the Dolphins attempt to get offset language put into the contract. According to Mike Garafolo of, the Dolphins succeeded in getting the offset language in the deal but Jordan will get his signing bonus money early.

The Dolphins have succeeded in getting offset language in the contract of Jordan and last year’s first-round pick Ryan Tannehill.

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  1. That’s one reason free agents don’t wanna play for Miami unless they overpay them. You trade up in the draft to take him and now you are afraid he may not make it until the end of his rookie contract. If you are confident his is a top 3 player you don’t need offset language. SMH.

  2. Great move getting the offset language. If a player doesnt perform to his or the teams expectations, he should be released without getting the remainder of that signed contract PLUS whatever contract he might sign with a new team. Double-dipping is crap! More teams should hold out for offset language.

  3. Offsetting language doesn’t mean very much: There were 349 first rd picks from 2000-2010 – Only eight players were cut before their fourth season, when offset would apply. None of 8 got much more than minimum salary. – Nice little tidbit from Jason Cole

  4. “Offset language” is a way of saying, my “Offset scouting” wasn’t that good. Gotta put the blame some where and the language of “Bust” should be no more…I’m just sayin’

  5. Skiss, this is a business where owner and player want the best deal possible. The Dolphins aren’t ink the business of handouts to those who will never earn their next contract. Wake up and pay attention

  6. Not a Dolphin but they got a special player and difference maker in Jordan. The only question on him will be his girth but the game is a changing.

  7. You fellows that are expecting to see the Fins get raked over the coals by players’ agents must have their current front office confused with the front office from the mid nineties , when they got reamed repeatedly by agents whenever they tried to sign a draft pick or free agent. Say what you will about Jeff Ireland and Co. , but they’re more shrewd with their money than past Dolphins regimes.

  8. I vividly remember the clips of this guy when he was drafted. Nothing I saw in the clips earned him a first round selection by anyone.

  9. The draft is a roll of the dice & I think Miami did the right thing. What they accomplished was signing a talented player who now has to not only prove his talent, but personal character as well, which will help to keep him from being a diva.

    Congrats to Miami & Jordan. Joe Philbin is turning that franchise into a team that not only free agents, but draftees as well into a team that sets a classy standard where the players are enjoying working hard for their coach. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win the AFC East this season.

  10. If he has any talent its going to show early when he has one on one blocking while Wake gets double teamed.

  11. I’m conflicted on the offset language premise. I’m trying to look at it from the player and the team perspective. Although two different sports and complex luxury tax system, amnestied players like Mike Miller will get paid by Miami over 12 millions for the next two years as he also receives a salary from his new team. Chris Anderson still getting money from amnesty by Denver. Different but kinda of sort of the same.

  12. At first I thought they were crazy for not taking lane Johnson. But as a giants fan my thought is that they see how Brady quivers in the face of pressure. Wake and Jordan could very well be there strahan and Osi / tuck and jPp

  13. Miami is going to have the best pass rush in the division if not the league. Brady is going to dread facing these guys twice a year. Sanchez should just lie down after each snap.

  14. The question about Jordan is not his talent, but his durability. He’s light for DE, didn’t play nearly as many snaps as starters usually play at Oregon, and is coming off the shoulder injury.

    But if he holds up he will be a terror lining up opposite of Cam Wake.

  15. “That’s one reason free agents don’t wanna play for Miami unless they overpay them. ”

    I suggest they get the gunman who held a gun to the Free Agents’ heads that signed with Miami this offseason, since none of them apparently even wanted to sign…

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