Giants have a standing offer to Vonta Leach


It has become clear that there’s a market for fullback Vonta Leach.

But it’s equally clear that the market does not match his expectations.

According to Paul Schwartz of the New York Post, the Giants have a standing offer to the Pro Bowl fullback, but it’s believed to be a one-year deal for near the veteran minimum.

The Giants are looking for some cover for the injured Henry Hynoski, but they’ve seemed to be on the fringes of this deal from the start.

The Dolphins put out word they were ready to move on without him recently, and if Leach decides he wants to play, he may come to realize the offer the Ravens have on the table might be the best he can do.

9 responses to “Giants have a standing offer to Vonta Leach

  1. Dolphins had a deal on the table, and would of been the most money he would have gotten. Him and his agent decided to play games and try to get more money out of Baltimore. I love Miami and wish he was there but I am glad they finally cut the deal and moved on. Either he wanted to play in Miami or he didn’t and obviously we know now he didn’t or he would of signed.

  2. I’m a big fan of Hynoski, but it’s time for the Giants to acknowledge he might never make it back from his injury.

    It would be fantastic if the Giants could bring in a Super Bowl champion like Leach to show the other Giants how to push hard at practice and in games. The Giants should have been embarrassed last year by how they gave up in their back to back blowout losses to the Falcons and Ravens, the NFC championship runner up and the Super Bowl champion.

  3. If the giants are offering the veterans minimum, why would he waste any money moving north when the ravens clearly have an offer out there as well? Slow news for the giants beat writers…

  4. Leach is a contract sleezebag. He’s done this routine before. No team should waste their time with him.

  5. For the life of me I still do not understand why the Bears haven’t made an offer to this guy. With the questionable O-line having an extra blocker like Leach would be huge and he could create craters for Forte to run through!

  6. Leach is a solid guy to have on your roster… for the right money. Let’s face it the market for fullbacks in the NFL these days is just not there. He better sign something while he still can.

  7. Leach is the best blocking fullback in the league. Period. He’s also 32, and clearly doesn’t want to – or have to – participate in training camp. He doesn’t need to prove himself. The market has been set for him, and he will more than likely take the $2 mil deal – plus $1 mil in incentives – and go back to the Ravens. Plus he’s a he’s a good locker room guy.

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