Joe Banner: Browns “want to see what develops” on offense


The Browns were 25th in yards and 24th in points in 2012, but most of the core personnel from that offense returns this season.

In a Q&A with Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer published Saturday, Browns CEO Joe Banner explained why the club didn’t want to shake up the offense just yet.

“On offense, we want to see what develops before making big changes, other than the scheme,” Banner told Pluto.

Banner also noted that the Browns’ personnel on offense is on the inexperienced side.

“It’s hard to know their potential because so many of them — not just [QB] Brandon [Weeden] — are so young,” Banner told the Plain Dealer. “Also, the coaches looked at Brandon and some of the others and saw enough there to want to see more.”

By contrast, the Browns were ready to shake up their defense, Banner told the paper. The club signed defensive lineman Desmond Bryant and outside linebacker Paul Kruger, drafted outside linebacker Barkevious Mingo No. 6 overall and changed to 3-4 scheme.

“We knew we had to change our defense,” Banner told Pluto. “We had to get faster and get more pressure on the quarterback. We went out and got players to do that. We were ready to charge ahead on defense.”

With a new head coach (Rob Chudzinski), offensive coordinator (Norv Turner) and offensive scheme, the focus turns to how the Browns’ personnel fits into the new regime’s new ways on that side of the ball.

10 responses to “Joe Banner: Browns “want to see what develops” on offense

  1. IF Trent Richardson runs like he did the first half of last season, prior to injuring his ribs, the Browns running game will open up their passing game, and their offense could surprise a lot of people.

  2. See what develops?? Does that mean they haven’t a clue as to what they have personnel wise when it comes to talent?

  3. No one can deny the Browns have been perennial losers, however they never had a coaching staff this talented with this much experience. These coaches make winners and now they are together on one squad. This defense will surprise the league plus Turner and Chud’s offense will be fun to watch. Whether these changes translates to wins, we won’t find out until later.

  4. The biggest issue holding back the Browns offense is very simple… a severe lack of talent at virtually every skill position.

    Trent Richardson is the most talented player they have but his injury history makes him a part-time player at best and very doubtful he’ll even play all 16 games.

    Add in the fact that the franchise has had absolutely no continuity on the coaching staff and an owner trying to avoid Federal fraud charges and it all adds up to yet another 5 win season or less for the Factory of Sadness.

  5. Banner seems like a bright guy. He has also been quoted in the past as saying that you can’t fix everything at once. My guess is that he decided to let the offense alone for now and to concentrate on the defense during the 2013 offseason, bringing in a bunch of pass rushers. He’ll deal with the offense in the 2014 offseason, after he’s had a full season in which to evaluate all the young guys, like Gordon and Little and especially Richardson. The main question marks are Gordon and Richardson. Is Gordon more interested in playing football, or in smoking dope? Is Richardson a big-time back like he seemed to be in college, or is he a short-yardage plodder like he seemed to be as an NFL rookie? As for Brandon Weeden, the Cleveland media seems to think he can secure his future by showing improvement in 2013. I think he’s a lame duck, that the brass has already decided (with good reason) to replace him as soon as a suitable replacement can be found. There wasn’t anybody worth getting excited about in the 2013 draft, but the 2014 draft could be a different story.

  6. Smart move…not sure what they added, but the RB & 1 wr spot are pretty solid…TE & #2 wr get added, they’ll have something on the Browns…And no, they didn’t always lose…..maybe Bernie Kosar was the last great Browns team…Earnest Byner…another RB…they were tough…..

  7. donmcg2012 says: Jul 21, 2013 7:51 AM

    See what develops?? Does that mean they haven’t a clue as to what they have personnel wise when it comes to talent?”

    It means they see a good amount of physical talent on the current roster that was terribly misused by the last regime, and they want to see if those players can produce under the new scheme before cutting ties.

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