Packers to “even out reps” in backup QB competition


One intriguing under-the-radar training camp competition is in Green Bay, where Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman will vie for the Packers’ backup quarterback role.

In a story published Friday in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Packers quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo indicated Harrell has made strides since coming to Green Bay in 2010.

“I think Graham can go in and win a game for us,” McAdoo said, according to the Journal-Sentinel. “There is a savviness about him where to go with the football. Fundamentally, he’s improved tremendously the last couple years.”

However, McAdoo also indicated the Packers would “even out the reps between Graham and B.J. and let them compete” and that it would be “interesting” to see how Coleman, a second-year pro, does with increased opportunities.

As Journal-Sentinel writer Bob McGinn noted in his analysis of the Packers’ quarterbacks entering 2013, the club has had an exceptional run of good health at the position for two decades, first with Brett Favre and now Rodgers.

Rodgers doesn’t figure to play much in the preseason, setting the stage for Harrell and Coleman to compete to be the first option off the bench should Green Bay have to turn to someone other than one of the NFL’s best players at the most important position on the field. And as we noted earlier in July, it’s a big season for the 28-year-old Harrell, who’s a restricted free agent at season’s end.

13 responses to “Packers to “even out reps” in backup QB competition

  1. I like Coleman’s chances of winning the back-up job.

    Harrell had a shaky pre-season last year and couldn’t even handle a simple hand-off at the one after Rodgers was knocked out plays earlier that kept the Saints in the game last season.

    Either way Packers fans should pray Rodgers doesn’t get hurt.

  2. Harrell is no Matt Flynn. I hope to see Coleman step up and take the #2 job…lots of physical talent and he seems to have the right attitude too.

  3. At 28 years old, if he became a free agent, what kind of numbers would Harrel have to put up to make it into the Hall of Fame? sort of interesting to think about.

  4. I hope to never see Graham Harrell or BJ Coleman throw a pass in a regular season game. If we do Jadeveon Clowney will be opposite Clay Matthews next season.

  5. I’d be so happy to see Coleman win this job. Harrell’s trip & fumble against the Saints last year was almost as bad as the Sanchez butt fumble, it was just lower profile.

  6. Rodgers is not the whole team anymore than Favre was. It’s a team. I don’t want Rodgers, or Matthews, or Raji, or anyone hurt. But if Rodgers goes down……then it’s next man up.

  7. B.J. Coleman better challenge for the back up job. Matt Brown has a better track record with the skill set this system needs better than anyone since Matt Flynn and would greatly benefit from a year of conditioning and practice quad coaching.

  8. Harrell did not trip in some sort of boneheaded, clutzy move in the Saints game. Saturday was a wuss and got pushed back and stepped on Harrell when his back was turned. Thank God Mcarthy and crew are not as misguided as those posting comments here. Rodgers said a week ago that he sees Harrell as being in the position that Flynn was at this point in their careers. Harrell has done everything he needed to do increase his strength and athleticism. Coleman doesn’t stand a chance to overtake him this year, and Harrell will land a starting job after this season with another team.

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