Saints at No. 9 in PFT preseason power rankings


They no longer have to talk about bounties.

They no longer have to worry about interim coaches.

But that doesn’t mean the Saints don’t have anything to worry about.

They have head coach Sean Payton back, which should spark one of the game’s best offenses led by quarterback Drew Brees.

But they have so many issues on defense that it might not make enough of a difference.

Fixing what was the NFL’s all-time worst defense (by yards allowed) will be the priority this year, and making any improvement there should allow them to contend for a playoff spot. They didn’t have enough money to make all the upgrades they needed, but they changed scheme and moved some guys around in hopes of making a difference. But it still might not be enough to matter.

You can read the full preview here, and then tell us in the poll below whether we’ve put them in the right spot.

19 responses to “Saints at No. 9 in PFT preseason power rankings

  1. Rex Ryan will not fix the defense but it was so awful last year that it will probably improve a little. Their offense is capable of scoring enough points to over come the defense. Number 9 sounds a little too high to me.

  2. I think they’ll feel the effects of Sean Payton being gone for a year. He’ll be rusty on the sidelines. With that uncertainty, I don’t see them ranked as high as 9

  3. The saints were 13-3 with the 13th ranked defense in 2011. The zone coverage with spags was a disaster. Playing man to man defense the saints could easily go back to top 15 defense with much of the same or better personnel. If you go off last year then #9 is too high. But predicting the 2013 season #9 is actually a bit low. The saints home schedule is easy except for SF. All outdoor northern games are before it gets cold. 12-4 is not unrealistic for 2013.

  4. Brees throws too many picks. It isn’t like he doesn’t have a run game to make the defense think twice, he simply throws too many questionable passes. Still a great QB but if the Saints want to contend year in and year out he has to do better. That defense isn’t good enough for him to be turning the ball over.

  5. Not a Saints fan, but I can’t stand the Chargers.

    Hope cool Brees wins another Super Bowl or two..

  6. One year of relevance ??? 2006 NFC Title game. 2009 Super Bowl champions. 2010 11-5 Wild Card team that had a better record than 2 division winners. 2011 13-3 and IF we beat San Fran we win the SB guaranteed. I’m not a mathematician, but that’s more than one successful year there pal.

  7. Bad move. Rob Ryan never made the playoffs as a DC.

    The Saints will fail to go to the postseason.

    Did I mention that they still employ offense progression killer Mark Ingram?

    Ryan = Overrated DC

    Ingram (and other Alabama RBs) = overrated player that benefitted from Chance Warmack.

  8. Whatever the Saints were ranked for the beginning of 2011, they should be ranked even higher for this season. Same top weapons on the offense as then, plus the added fire and motivation that an angry Sean Payton brings. He also effects the defense more than given credit. The fans of other teams are in for a big surprise if they think the Saints are out of it. Those who’ve been paying close attention are seeing the 2009 team taking shape again.

  9. Ryan never made the playoffs as a defensive coordinator because he was in Cleveland, Oakland, and Dallas, 3 organizations that are somewhat of a hot mess. He’s now coaching on a team with an elite offense. Everyone feeds off of each other. I love how everybody thinks just because he didn’t have great success on other teams, he can’t do it here. Gregg Williams didn’t have too much success in Jacksonville, Buffalo, or Washington, but he came to N.O. in his 1st season and won a Super Bowl.

  10. I love how Ryan has bombed everywhere he has coached but now since he is in N.O., Saint fan thinks it will all come together. Really?

    In case you are looking through thos rose colored glasses, the Saints are a hot mess too. Keep it real bro.

  11. “They no longer have to talk about bounties.
    They no longer have to worry about interim coaches.”

    …you mean they no longer have excuses. Should be rested from that long off season they took by missing the playoffs.

  12. The worst defense had a shut out? Sounds fishy to me. Guess stats dont mean everything. Maybe it was the system considering the year before the Saints were 13th. Just an observation.

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