Texans take 10 spot in PFT preseason power rankings

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They had a top 10 defense, including perhaps the best player in the game last year. The offense was also very good, and all the key parts are back.

So why is there a nagging sense of letdown about the Texans?

It’s probably just the fact they blew a tire down the stretch, falling flat on their faces when it was time to play their best.

But it’s such a good roster constructed by General Manager Rick Smith, led by all-everything defensive end J.J. Watt, that they’re automatically a contender this year. Whether they make the next step will depend on how a few key additions make, and whether some young players get better and take on more responsibility.

You can read the full preview here, and then tell us if you agree with our assessment in the poll below.

15 responses to “Texans take 10 spot in PFT preseason power rankings

  1. JJ Watt’s the best all around defensive lineman I’ve seen since a guy JJ grew up watching as a Packers fan in Pewaukee – Reggie White.

  2. JJ Watt is an OC’s nightmare, but Cushing is the most important player on Houston’s defense. Just look at their scoring defense after that Jet’s game where that chump tore Cush’s ACL. It was absolutely painful watching Rudd and James getting repeatedly burned last season.

  3. The Texans are the SECOND best team in the AFC, behind only the Broncos. A TEAM doesn’t need a marquee quarterback to win it all.
    Of course, once that TEAM does win it all, its quarterback automatically becomes marquee. Quarterback-obsessed ESPN won’t have it any other way.

  4. I agree with Bobzilla, if everything plays out as it looks on paper Denver and Houston will meet in the AFC title game, I wouldn’t mind that game being in Houston since over the years Peyton has owned that dome! But as January 12th taught us (damn Ravens!) things aren’t played out on paper.

    I’m shocked you have the Texans below the Patriots, I know the old adage is “Bill and Tom always find a way” but given what they’ve lost at receiver and tight end this year and the uncertainty surrounding Gronkowski early in the season, and the Pats defense, I think the Texans look like the better team.

  5. I would place Schwab in the bottom of the “middle” QB group. If he can play consistently, or manage the game better, he can move this team deep into the playoffs.

    Remember Dilfer. I would place Matts passing ability ahead of Dilfer’s, but NO ONE managed a game better than Dilfer.

    The Texans D is going to be the key this year.

  6. We have a great team. Cushing coming back and those new players we added on free agency are only gonna make us better.
    But we still have Schaub. We’re not going no where with that scary cat noodle arm qb. It doesn’t matter how much the local media try to cover up for him.. we see him play.. we know he sucks..elite qb my butt!! He’s no better than the ortons, cassells, of the nfl.
    Schaub needs everybody around him to play like a probowler for us to have a chance.

  7. Lets not forget the Bengals either…..they haven’t been named yet!…..next up Baltimore, Cincinnati will be top 2 in the AFC behind only Denver.
    5. Seattle
    4. Cincinnati
    3. Green Bay
    2. San Francisco
    1. Denver

  8. I don’t think Schaub is as bad as many here say.

    We’ve seen the “great regular season / choke in the playoffs” thing before. I think it’s Kubiak. No way an offense with that many weapons curls up and dies in the playoffs without it being a scheme issue.

    Remember Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning all those futile years?

    That said, top 10 for the Texans is about right. Who knows. Let ’em play.

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