Tony Romo to have throws limited during camp


Quarterback Tony Romo was significantly limited throughout offseason work for the Dallas Cowboys as he recovered from surgery to remove a cyst in his back.

Romo has been cleared to practice as the Cowboys report for the start of training camp on Saturday in Oxnard, Calif. However, the Cowboys intend to ease Romo back into full workouts and monitor his reps as camp gets underway.

According to Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys plan to manage the workload Romo sees during practices. Head coach Jason Garrett said Romo isn’t going to be limited to a specific number of throws but they will communicate with Romo to make sure he isn’t feeling fatigued and the quality of his throws aren’t falling off.

“One of the challenges for Tony, when you have a back injury, is it’s hard for you to actually to stay in the kind of shape you want to be in,” Garrett said. “…He looks great. He looks lean to me. We do have to monitor his throwing. I don’t think it’ll be significant.”

10 responses to “Tony Romo to have throws limited during camp

  1. Haaa haaa haaa. He needs so much pratice. Cause he will throw away so many balls to the other teams it aint funny LOL!! The cowboys suck man. I will be laughing my head off at these people come time for the season to start. My goodness It will look ugly on the field. LOL!! JJ I will love to see his face when romo throws them interceptions and the camera points to JJ haa haa haaaa that look makes my day LOL!!! Cowboys are the laughing stock of the nfl have not been relevant for 20 years and will be more cause romo there with a $100 million dollar contract for 7 more years LOL!!!! Idiots !!!

  2. I believe that I read he had that cyst removed in April but he’s still on the mend? That cyst must have been removed internally all the way to his big toe.

  3. Having a cyst in your back is not the same as having a back injury Mr. Garrett. Try living an everyday normal life with a back injury, as millions of Americans can attest, and you would love to have a simple cyst in your back.

    Stop cuddling your QB, let him play, and grow a pair to stand up to your overbearing, micromanaging boss.

  4. All but three months to return from a cyst removal…must have been as big a a bowling ball.
    Bet he can play golf

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