Bruce Arians recalls Bear Bryant’s ability to ‘read people’


Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians spent two seasons as an assistant to the late Bear Bryant at Alabama, and in a feature published Saturday in the Arizona Republic, Arians shared a neat memory of the legendary Crimson Tide head coach, whom he called “a master of personnel, of people.”

“He could read people,” Arians told Kent Somers of the Republic. “When he walked in the office, he could look at the secretary and tell, ‘Oh, she’s down today.’ And he’d go pat her on the back and her feet wouldn’t touch the ground.

“He’d look at me and think, ‘He’s cocky.’ And he’d rip my tail. He loved ripping my tail, because I thought I knew everything.”

For those wanting to learn more about Arians’ path to becoming a head coach, Somers’ feature is a wonderful read, one filled with interesting anecdotes from those who know Arians well.