Cardinals, Cooper not talking, yet


When addressing the offset-language status of the players taken in the top 10 of the 2013 draft, we didn’t include Cardinals guard Jonathan Cooper, the seventh overall pick.

Cooper was omitted because it’s not known whether offset language will be an issue.  And it’s not known whether offset language will be an issue because no substantive talks have occurred between the two sides.

Per a source with knowledge of the talks, there has been only limited engagement between the team and the player, with nothing happening right now.

Time is running out.  The Cardinals open camp with practice on Friday, July 26.

14 responses to “Cardinals, Cooper not talking, yet

  1. For the love of god, just sign the contract. Because of the latest cba, this is supposed to be easy. They all fall into slots. Why do agents(lawyers) have to make things so damn difficult? Cards can’t afford a damn hold out. Need everyone there to get the ship headed in the right direction. Come on man!!!

  2. I really wonder what would happen if we had 25% of the amount of lawyers that we currently have now in the U.S. my guess is a balanced budget and return to a global manufacturing powerhouse. And the Cards would have their guard signed.

  3. I’m sure all of the people here complaining about lawyers would represent themselves in court, negotiate a multimillion dollar contract on their own, etc.

  4. Even as a huge UNC fan I’m still shocked Coop went #7 overall. He was a really good college OG and a very good NFL prospect, but very good OG prospects go late 1st/early 2cd every year. OG just isn’t the type of impact position you want in the top 10. The only OL position I’d even consider in the top 10 is an elite LT prospect.

  5. Put a doo-rag on his head with the knot in the front, and tell me he don’t look like Mrs Butterworth with a beard!

  6. For all the complaining about lawyers, the lawyers’ clients are also at fault here. You can always fire a lawyer.

    Cooper’s agent and team execs are either being reckless, stubborn, or just incompetent. I can’t take this as a good sign for Steve Keim’s first year in office, it suggests he doesn’t know how to handle the process well.

  7. He can sign when the contract is what he wants….the team pick Cooper….Cooper didn’t pick the team. This team is notoriously CHEAP….who knows what they are trying to pull.

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