Chiefs pushing for offset language in Fisher deal


With three of the top 10 draft picks blinking in the past 24 hours on the issue of offsets, the Chiefs are trying to make it a quartet.

Per a league source, the Chiefs are pushing for offset language in the guaranteed money to be paid to tackle Eric Fisher.

On one hand, it’s an unprecedented development for the first overall pick in the draft.  On the other hand, Fisher is only the third first overall pick taken under the new rookie wage scale.

It’s unclear whether Fisher and agent Joel Segal will dig in and hold out, unlike Dion Jordan, Lane Johnson, and Barkevious Mingo.  It is clear, however, that the Chiefs didn’t simply wake up on Sunday and decide to push for offsets.  This is an issue that has been looming as the Chiefs and Fisher inch toward full-blown negotiations, which are expected to begin today.

The two sides still have some time; the Chiefs don’t report for training camp until Friday, July 26.

8 responses to “Chiefs pushing for offset language in Fisher deal

  1. sure lets anger the first overall pick. he earned the right to be number 1 now just guarantee the whole contract. if anyone earned it its the number 1 pick

  2. And without offset language, that means that if he gets cut by the Chiefs, they would still be paying him while he is getting paid by another team (assuming he gets picked up by another team). “Double dipping”.

  3. This offset language is the silliest thing. If a draft pick is so bad he gets cut with his orginal team- the next contract he signs will likely be at the minimum.

    So these teams are choosing to play hardball with their draft picks for MAYBE a savings of a million bucks???

    That extra million is going to be huge for a player who may be on his way out of the league looking at an uncertain future based on dedicating their lives on football- to teams that million is of almost no consequence- but I guess this is how GMs show they “win” as negotiators. Lame.

  4. You took him with the first overall pick, if you had any doubt he wouldn’t last through his first contract you shouldn’t have picked him. Own up to your pick and don’t screw him around

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