Dolphins place Jordan on non-football injury list

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Last night, we pointed out that Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan won’t be ready to participate in contact drills for one or two weeks, following offseason shoulder surgery.  As a result, the Dolphins have not yet placed Jordan on the active, 90-man roster.

Per a league source, the Dolphins placed Jordan on the active/non-football injury list upon opening training camp this morning.

He can be moved to the active roster at any time.  If he doesn’t make the shift by the date of the final roster cuts, Jordan will spend the first six weeks of the regular season on that non-football injury list.

That would be a shock, if it were to happen.  He’ll be ready to go in a week or two.  In the interim, he’ll be able to attend meetings and engage in limited workouts on his own.  He just can’t practice with the team, either during padded drills or walk-throughs.

13 responses to “Dolphins place Jordan on non-football injury list

  1. And we moved up in the draft to pick this guy, I have a bad feeling on this. I’m still praying on a healthy training camp with no injuries. But hey we’re still not the Jets

  2. A bad feeling just because an elite talent in the draft needs 2 weeks to heal? So if he ends up having a JT type of career, you’re sayin we should’ve passed on him cause he didn’t participate in camp for 2 weeks? That’s basically what you’re saying.

  3. I think it speaks volumes about this young man’s character and dedication that he got into camp on time even though he can’t participate in contact drills. A lot of guys would have said: “I can’t participate in drills , so I might as well hold out for more money.”
    Dion Jordan is in my opinion , a class act ; the NFL and the world in general could use a lot more people like him.

  4. I admit his health is a bit of a concern, considering his days at Oregon. He can have all the character in the world but if injuries continue to halt his progress that offset language will be enacted sooner than any Dolfans would hope. And lets face it, there will be a handfull of first round picks that will battle injuries.

  5. Forget the first round pick in the last 3 years Tannehill Pouncey Oderick. Anyone remember Jason Allen,Ted Ginn Jr, Jake Long,Vontae Davis And every other blown pick in the first round. We should know in 3 years.

  6. I thought it would be Pouncy with a non-football related injury – low intelligence.

  7. He played what, like 42% of Oregon’s defensive snaps? That’s not what u’d expect from a top pick or all-pro player. I actually think Oakland got the better end of this.

  8. Miami is in a week early. In reality, this will put Jordan only a week behind other rookies, and he’s not banned from classroom or some non-contact drills.

    Weird people would make this a big deal. It’s a roster move to allow an extra body, nothing more.

  9. People need this put in perspective apparently. We took him at 3 because of his potential. A shoulder injury isn’t a big deal at this point because he isn’t the assumed starter. He’s expected in his rookie year to come off the bench on pass rushing downs until he can add the weight he needs to and until he understands his role in the rushing defense and passing defensive downs. He’s a limited time pass rusher right now so we can afford to let him rest, get healthy, and take our time with grooming him. I don’t understand the mindset these days that a guy gets one injury and he’s all of a sudden a broken toy.

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