Ernest Wallace will have a pretrial hearing Monday


More details regarding the Odin Lloyd murder case could emerge as soon as Monday, when alleged accessory after the fact Ernest Wallace has a pre-trial hearing.

The specific purpose of the hearing isn’t known.  Wallace, along with former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, currently is being held without bail.

Wallace reportedly has retained a high-profile criminal defense lawyer, prompting speculation that Hernandez is footing the bill for Wallace’s legal fees, possibly hopeful that Wallace won’t give information or testimony adverse to Hernandez’s interests.

Regardless of what transpires on Monday, more information about the case likely will emerge Wednesday, when Hernandez is scheduled to have a probable cause hearing.  As the name suggests, prosecutors will be required at that time to introduce sufficient evidence to support a finding by the presiding judge that Hernandez is responsible for Lloyd’s death.  The key witness for the prosecution could be Carlos Ortiz, who was interviewed by police the day before Hernandez’s arrest.

Meanwhile, a grand jury continues to investigate the case, and indictments could come at any time.

5 responses to “Ernest Wallace will have a pretrial hearing Monday

  1. Quick question… How is a scumbag’s pretrial hearing in any way, shape, form or fashion related to football other than the fact he’s a buddy of an ex football player?

  2. What’s the difference between this crime story and Trayvon? The circumstances, from a purely racial view, seem substantially identical. Why is this not a race incident? When’s Obama going to cease his silence on the matter?

    Naturally, I’m being fatuous, but it’s funny how the press picks its battles.

  3. The press picks the “Newsworthy”; battles and then some of the public run with it and riot. How many of them Riot, boycott states and try to change laws when worse crimes happen at their front door. How many children and babies die each year due to drive by shootings in all their neighborhoods. But they wouln’t even tell the police who did the drive by. But now when a man goes to trial and is found not guilty then they stand up. Guess they think drive by shootings are okay. Or are they being hypocritical? I think its the latter.

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