Mike Pouncey won’t talk about “Free Hernandez” hat


The Pouncey brothers raised plenty of eyebrows with their decision to wear hats reading “Free Hernandez” to a club recently and one of them quickly apologized for referencing former Florida teammate Aaron Hernandez in that manner.

But Dolphins center Mike Pouncey isn’t joining his brother, Steelers center Maurkice, in a show of contrition. Mike Pouncey was asked about the hat after the Dolphins’ first practice of training camp on Sunday, but neither apologized nor otherwise talked about the hat.

I’m just here to focus on football,” Pouncey said. “It’s training camp right now, so we’re just here to focus on football.”

Reporters asked a few more times about the hat and referenced his brother’s apology, but Pouncey refused to engage on anything other than football. That’s his choice, although people will move on to football more quickly if the Dolphins center addresses his other choice to wear a hat showing support for an accused murderer whether or not that includes an apology for his haberdashery.

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  1. Sounds like one narcissist defending another. Pouncey has been stellar since joining the Dolphins and was greatly admired. This makes it very clear that the public persona is a sham.

  2. Apparently the Dolphins won’t force him to apologize like the Steelers did with Maurkice.

  3. Why does he have to apologize? Personally, I think Hernandez is almost certainly guilty, but the fact is that he hasn’t been convicted. So supporting a former teammate who “allegedly” committed a crime is something you have to apologize for? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Is this part of the offseason really so boring that what hats everyone is wearing needs to come up over and over again?

  4. He’s not sorry and he refuses to act like he’s sorry.

    His brother is not sorry but was forced by his team to act like he was sorry.

    That’s the only difference.

  5. What is so wrong about believing that your friend is not a killer? Prolly a natural reaction. Give these guys a break.

  6. He doesn’t owe anyone an apology or an explanation.
    He doesn’t owe any of you anything.
    Why would you think otherwise?

  7. Finally someone who stands behind something he said or did rather than scrambling to apologize when people get offended…he’s showing support for his friend who has not been convicted of anything yet

  8. He doesn’t have to apologize for wearing the hat. The guy is his buddy regardless of what he may or may not have done and like a good friend does he is supporting his buddy at a time when most are abandoning him. Speaks more about his character and the lack of character of those who want to lynch him for being a stand up guy.

  9. i dont care what tia and tamara think. just snap the ball, you unimportant football players

  10. Respect for him having an opinion and sticking with it instead of letting the media force an apology he doesn’t mean.

    I may disagree with him, but at least he doesn’t care about being a politically correct media puppet.

  11. Who cares he’s his college teammate and its innocent until proven guilty, I believe he’s guilty but he deserves his day in court and supporters until then

  12. Another member of the “I’m entitled” club. First, let’s wear an article of clothing and be photographed in it that makes a dumb @$& statement. Next, when asked about said clothing, refuse to speak about it. Nice job. Another upstanding member of society.

  13. Pouncey did nothing wrong by wearing the hat. The law in the U.S. is still innocent until proven guilty right?
    It would have been perfectly fine if he had worn a “Free Zimmerman” hat.

  14. The argument that he’s just “supporting” a college pal is patently ridiculous. This wasn’t some interview where the Pouncey brothers expressed some sincere sentiment. They were partying at a club and wore hats that said “Free Hernandez”. They were more than happy to have their pictures taken with big smiles on their faces, flashing some signs. Meanwhile, a guy’s family deals with the fact that a brother, son, etc. got MURDERED. The “Free So-and-So” slogan has historically been used as a rallying cry for people wrongfully imprisoned. Like political prisoners (“Free Mandela”) and those wrongfully convicted – like Rueben “Hurrican” Carter, for example. And while, yes, Hernandez is innocent until proven guilty, and deserves all appropriate legal benefit of the doubt, the actions of the Pouncey brothers was just plain stupid. Tone-deaf, ill-conceived and clearly – at least on the part of Maurkice – deserving of public apology. If Mike’s convictions are so strong that Hernandez should be freed, he certainly doesn’t seem to be standing behind them, does he? Not so funny in the light of day, outside of the club, is it, Einstein?

  15. Free speech…. Innocent till proven guilty…. Freedom of expression… All things we are entitled to living in this country! Y’all fanatics want 24/7 all access granted into their lives then want them to apologize for living them how they see fit. He broke no laws so why are u crucifying him for it but will root and buy a jersey of someone who beats women and drives drunk! Get a life!

  16. This is still America rite??? Ok he can support anyone he so chooses without having to explain to the media…If you don’t like that please remove yourself from American soil thanks.

  17. Perhaps the graphic details of the killing (s) will force them to reconsider their allegiance but unless AH does a plea deal, this is going to trial and the Pouncey brothers have just placed themselves on top of the list as character witnesses. If they are going to do the talk, they will be made to walk the walk.

  18. How would we all be without these wonderful moral lessons or sayings or flat out judgments which our worthy scribes all seem to think we need at the end of each piece?

    I for one would feel better – we don’t need it. And this is a stupid story in the first place.

  19. There’s nothing wrong with him wearing the hat or not answering questions about it. If he chooses to be an idiot, let him be an idiot.

    Let’s just call him what he is though, an idiot.

  20. The Dolphins are a first-class organization. Their best player shouldn’t have to apologize for supporting a murderer.

    Hey, did anyone see Sanchez’s headband?? That’s the real story, people!!

  21. Neither he, nor his brother, are individuals of conviction but are thoughtless, immature, individuals of low intelligence and moral character. If they were honorable and wanted to stand up and support a friend ,guilty or not, most would respect that. Say it, and stand by it. When asked, state that you support your friend. Period. Cowardly retractions/ apologies or failing to make a real statement when offered the opportunity to do it reveal these men to be the low quality individuals the thoughtless picture shows them to be.

  22. Mike Pouncey is standing his ground. The perks of playing in Florida rather than Pennsylvania

  23. Of course he doesn’t have to answer, Miami won’t do crap about him but you bet the Rooneys put an end to it and Markice quickly did an about face. There can not be a more clear example of the influence of an organization if they want to have some intestinal fortitude. Obviously the Miami front office doesn’t have the cajunas that Pittsnurgh has and that is why Miami will be perennial losers. Maybe the Miami front office should all wear skirts because they are clearly missing some man parts.

  24. People can see what Mike Pouncey is all about and what he stands for now. So if you wear a Mike Pouncey jersey are you, by proxy, also wearing a “Free Hernandez” cap too?

  25. Good, Im tired of fake apologies, If your not sorry don’t say you are. Just deal with the consequences.

    Now lets talk about actual football news, and stop the drama talk like we’re women in a hair salon.

  26. Recall the shooting in florida when Hernandez was a freshman, it was over a chain supposedly stolen from a pouncey brother, no? Perhaps the brothers pouncey are carefully measuring their words in fear that hernandez will sell information regarding past shootings in an effort to lessen his own eventual sentence???

  27. If my college friend, or my brother, was accused of multiple murders, I would keep my mouth shut until a final verdict. And if he was found guilty, I would wash my hands of him and never speak of him. Low life’s do not deserve respect.

  28. The Puncey boys are classless pigs. I don’t want an apology from Mike. I’d respect him if he simply said: “my friend said he’s innocent, I believe him and I support him. As long as he hasn’t been convicted I think he should be free.”

    Instead he wears said hat, smiles for idiotic picture and then won’t talk about it. Gutless pig

  29. I understand and have advocated for innocence until proven guilty, but we now have evidence being presented by the lawyers, not the media, showing witnesses willing to testify Hernandez killed this man and possibly others. There is a car, gun, and security system all drenched in blood in his name.

    Sorry, but you don’t go around saying free Hernandez without it getting noticed by the media. If you believe in freedoms of speech then you better be able to stand by that speech when others use their freedom of speech to question yours.

  30. So, if you don’t want to talk about it, what made you think it was a good idea to wear the stupid hat in the first place?? (Much less posing in front of a camera with it on)

    What exactly did you expect? Idiot

  31. Why is it that so many of the upstanding patriots of this country defending the Pouncey brothers’ constitutional rights and Hernandez’s right to be innocent until proven guilty can’t even spell? It makes it hard to take you seriously. Am I to believe you can’t spell simple words like right and probably, but you some how have some deep insight into the underlying strategy here? Come on.

    I will not pretend to analyze what was going on in their heads, or whether or not they were supposedly standing up for a friend. I will simply comment on the obvious. The Patriots are cutting all ties. They obviously believe he is guilty of murder or conspiracy. They are at least informed of enough to believe that he was complicit in some way to the degree that they immediately had to was the stink off them. They didn’t cut Dennard. However, this has also been a fiasco for the NFL and has all kinds of media investigating and drudging up statistics on how many knucklehead losers and screw ups that they employ. These two idiots did not think at all. They are both now professionals working for the a very public employer. An employer that wants to kill this story or let it die as fast as possible, and certainly doesn’t want to be coming out in support of it. They just look like morons, or two troublemakers supporting another.

    The fact that you wore the hat does not make it a bold statement. One fake apology makes it a joke, another using it to get attention and then not having the balls to comment about it is not courageous. It’s quite the contrary…cowardice. If you are going to take a stand and back your boy…go big or go home loser. Stop just stirring the pot to get some attention for yourself, and the wrong kind of attention for your team and your league.

    I think it’s funny how nobody thought it was admirable to take the stand for Papa Joe down there at Penn state. When his students rallied, they were criticized for being delusional. I won’t say that the criticism was deserved or not. I’m just saying that standing up for a teammate or a coach or anyone in life is not always the stand up thing to do. Sometimes, you should look at the facts and think about why the rest of the country thinks he’s guilty. I mean, there is so much evidence that his best defense is a frame job. Get real.

  32. What you’re seeing is clearly the difference between a team on the rise and one on the decline. Dolphins humiliated the Steelers by snatching their best receiver and now they refuse to force one of their own into uttering a hollow apology. On the other hand, you have the Steelers who can’t afford any more scandals, especially when their bandwagon fan base is due to contract now that they’ve been forecast to miss the playoffs two years in a row.

  33. Come on Steelers, stop clowning around and get back to football. While these goofs are out partying and taking pics, every team in the AFCN is getting better. AARGH! Come on Tomlin!

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