No, the Raiders are not over the tuck rule

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The NFL scrapped the tuck rule this year, 11 years too late for the Raiders. And the Raiders are not over it.

NFL Network put out a promotional tweet last week letting fans know that the January 19, 2002, tuck rule game — in which Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson appeared to force a game-clinching forced fumble on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, only to have the officials rule it an incomplete pass — would be re-broadcast on the league-owned network. Whoever runs the Raiders’ official Twitter didn’t seem to appreciate that.

Immediately after NFL Network tweeted to promote the tuck rule broadcast, the Raiders tweeted at NFL Network:


Shortly after that, the Raiders tweeted again to say they’re not over the tuck rule game:


The Raiders will never be over the tuck rule. At least the NFL is done with it.

80 responses to “No, the Raiders are not over the tuck rule

  1. Here’s the thing: Raiders have the holy roller in their arsenal, you know the game that actually forced a rule change. They also were on the wrong end of the Immaculate Reception. Why don’t they complain more about that since it was actually ambiguous. The fact is that the tuck rule is a bad rule and it’s now gone. But it was correctly ruled at that time, wasn’t invented for the Pats or that game and had been called against the Pats earlier that same year in a game against our hated rivals the NYJ in fact.

    We all as fans have games we are still mad about years later but it usually involves something that was a true item of debate such as a nonexistent catch, pass interference, etc. Not a rule that was called correctly. I watched the recent re airing of the NFL’s Greatest Games on this game and Lincoln Kennedy in particular just whined and whined. Good grief, put a pacifier in his mouth.

  2. Stupid rule to begin with. Although I have to say that if that rule did not exist, the Raiders win the Superbowl and Gruden never makes it to Tampa Bay.

  3. The league is so much better when the raiders are part of the conversation. Were just one of those teams that everyone loves to root for or against and it just brings a lot more excitement. just look at all the gay rules changes and Kick off yd line moved up to the 30yd etc..

  4. It does suck that it happen that way, but what can you do now. It’s like the NBA players crying about a foul after the play is over. It’s not like the ref is gonna say you know what you’re right, blow the whistle and give you the foul based on the your argument! I remember that game well and I can’t believe it happen either but it’s spilled milk!

  5. The Lions still aren’t over the Calvin Johnson Rule, the Titus Young rule (all TDs are reviewed), and the Jim Schwartz rule (challenge rule). All those cost us games. Its part of the game.

  6. I get why The Raiders and their fans are still mad about it. It’s tough when your team loses on a penalty or referee decision. As a Buffalo sports fan we have the ” Music City Miracle” and “Brett Hulls foot”… I’ll never get over either of those plays.

  7. Its hard to get over it.when you have NFL network constantly replaying the game and pitting it into all those top 10 was a rule that was enforced so little most fans didn’t know it existed until the NFL could use it to promote a friendly team that the NFL could market.who’s owner didn’t follow blindly.NFL had their reasons.anyone with knowledge of the late great All Davis knows why the NFL did what they did

  8. The Raiders didn’t lose because the referee correctly called a bad rule. They didn’t get the job done. They didn’t convert on 3rd and 1. After the tuck call, the Pats were on the 42, the Raiders didnt keep them out of FG range. The raiders couldn’t stop a bad offense, in bad weather in OT. They had their chances, but instead hung their heads and watched the Pats make all the plays. Now, it’s all their fanbase and former players have to hold on to.

  9. Let’s not forget the calls the NFL ref’s don’t make like when Siragusa belly flopped on Gannon and knocked him out of the game only to not have a penalty called for a blatant late hit. But later that week the NFL fines Siragusa for the hit.

  10. Why should we? Simply the worst call in sports history. Never been called in that situation before and never will again. The league reached down and changed a game. This is the day any thought of a fair NFL left me.

  11. I dislike the Raiders but I am not over the Tuck Rule.
    You can’t get over a garbage rule.

  12. Not a Raiders fan, but everytime I see that replay I can’t help but wonder how do you not call that a fumble, rule or no rule. If it had happen to my team I am not sure I would get over it ether.

  13. The difference between the immaculate reception and the tuck rule is that most people believe the immaculate reception was one of the greatest plays in sports history while nearly all agree the tuck rule call to be one of the biggest shams.

  14. No matter which team you hate or like and what team you are a fan of, it is a bad bad rule.

  15. I don’t care what it was. It was called a forward pass , that’s good enough for me .

  16. maybe after that call had the Raiders stopped them on defense instead of letting them get into field goal range this wouldn’t be so bitter.

  17. What the Raiders always fail to acknowledge is that they were still winning at the time…they could have made any number of plays to stop the Patriots after the Tuck Rule play and they didn’t…winning teams are able to compose themselves even if they get a bad call and still find a way to win…Raiders didn’t, they lost and the sooner they make peace with that, the better off they’ll be

  18. Not a Raider fan but that was the worst call in the history of sports and it’s impact on two franchises is undeniable. To have a couple of clowns in stripe shirts insert themselves into a critical point in a Championship game and change the outcome was inexcusable.

  19. As a Jet fan I still have not gotten over the Mud Bowl where the Dolphins purposely flooded the field to derail the Jets running game before the 1982 AFC Championship game.

    In respect to the Raiders at least the Tuck rule was the correct application of a legitimate rule even if the rule itself was questionable. Neither was the Tuck rule an attempt to cheat by the Pats but just the Refs applying the rules of the game. Not even a bad call. Just arguably a bad rule.

    What the Fish did was cheating and still stings and prevented the Jets from going to the Super Bowl.

  20. Cheating would be the Pats in the Superbowl no less secretly video taping and stealing signals then letting their D know the plays ahead of time.

  21. Everyone in the world knows that if the same play happened with the teams on the opposite sides of the ball, no way in hell the ruling would have been the same. I would bet my entire net worth on that one.

  22. I’m not over roughing the passer or the attempted murder of Daryl Stingley by Jack Tatum

  23. It was a bad rule, not a bad call, that’s why the rule was eventually dumped. Like the Schwartz rule, sometimes it takes a game turning on such a dumb rule for the league to see the absurdity of it.

    The Holy Roller was clearly a deliberate forward-pass-on-the-ground but was legal…stupid rule, good call, and like the tuck rule it was changed.

  24. And the Bucs still aren’t over the Bert Emanual incompletion in St. Louis (if the Bucs win that game they face the Patriots in the Super Bowl). If the Bucs even make the Super Bowl that year with Shaun King at QB the already legendary defense is in consideration for GOAT. Think about it, 3rd string talent QB, SuperBowl, pretty much unheard of now.

  25. The stuck rule is an embarrassment to NFL fans everywhere. It’s also proof, the NFL is not as progressive as they believe.

    Last year’s Lion’s challenge rule on TD also is proof of the NFL’s lack of intelligence.

  26. The 1972 Olympic basketball team still hasn’t accepted their silver metals because they got screwed out of the gold. They haven’t gotten over it after 40 years. When you get so blatantly screwed, you never get over it.

  27. i think what most people fail to bring up, is that this was the same year as the 9/11 attacks…The fear of terrorisim with the bush administration issuing various code level alerts every other day… was really all about the Red White and Blue, rather than silver and black

  28. I hate the Raiders, but there’s no doubt they got hosed on that call. Seeing and hearing them constantly complain and cry about is funny though.

  29. I’m over it.
    Yes, it’s a symbolic moment and the beginning of our downfall (despite making the SB the following year) and it was proof of a league bias against Al Davis.

    But it is past history. Move on Raider Nation. Let’s rebuild and start winning again!

  30. I have a friend in Arizona who is an ardent fan of the New York Giants and he STILL hasn’t gotten over the ref’s call on where Frank Gifford’s forward motion was stopped which led to the Colts’ getting the ball back with 1:56 left in the 4th quarter which led to the drive which led to the Steve Myra FG which led to the (1st) sudden-death overtime which was ended by Alan ‘The Horse’ Ameche scoring to win the Champeenship for the Colts in 1958 in ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’.

  31. I love to hate the Raiders, but I’ve got to admit that was in the top 10 worst NFL calls of all time. I was watching it live & was shocked it was called an incomplete pass. “Correct application of a bad rule” or not, it just doesn’t even pass the eye test.

    You really do have to wonder how differently things might have turned out for each franchise without it…

    Patriots: No Brady/Belichek legend; Bledsoe returns the next season as starting QB

    Raiders: Possible Super Bowl victory over the Rams; Gruden stays in Oakland & doesn’t become the final piece to the puzzle in Tampa Bay

  32. Honestly I like the Raiders but they are a team that are known for being a dirty team (not like the 09 saints). They like it when calls go there way but heaven forbid when something goes against them they cry about it. Be thankful you have a Superbowl trophy. As a Vikings fan I would kill to have one of those. The Vikes were screwed when Drew Person pushed off in the nfc title game not to mention against the Saints in 09. So sorry if I am not sympathetic to Raider fans

  33. The mere mention of that game leaves a bad taste in my mouth! I understand its a lot of couldve, shouldve, wouldve’s, but Pats dynasty started with that game! The entire league wouldve been affected one way or another..

  34. Bad Rule, Bad Call..but that is not why people are not over it. On any given Sunday, Brady gets calls.
    That tuck call ushered in a decade of favoritism to Tom Biieber.

    Suggs was right..Different rules for the Patriots, but mostly because of Brady.

  35. I don’t like Peyton Manning but at least he wins legitimately. How many other QBs are favored with penalties to win a game like Tom Brady? Tom sets the record with those, and the Tuck Rule is just the more obvious of all of them.

    I want to know the many Brady wins were a result of bad calls favoring Brady. Brady owns that stat.

  36. The worst part is that it has to do with the false dynasty the patriots never earned. Spy gate, tuck rule, Bryan Cox.

  37. Brady consistantly ranks sat the bottom of the league in roughing the passer calls, a stat easily looked up… unless you just want to make up stats yourself, like some poster I know. Then you can say smart things like,’I don’t know the stat, but whatever it is, Brady owns it”.

  38. I really pity Raider fans.

    A rule on the books is correctly applied by the officials, as confirmed by the league, and reaffirmed as the standing rule and applied frequently in other games for 11 years

    So of course to them, that constitutes “cheating”

  39. literally 100s if not 1000s of games and great games that could be re-aired. yet this pos seems to get an awful lot of air time. why is that?

  40. Those of you that say the Raiders should have stopped the Patriots after the tuck rule please remember, they DID stop them by forcing and causing a fumble. It’s hard to get more than 1 game saving play a game.

  41. I think you need to take into account by what it means to be “over” something, to properly put it into context.
    There I was, sitting in my favorite wings place on a Thursday night for dinner, having a couple Korbels talking it up with some friends. I was truly enjoying myself, not even thinking about football when suddenly my wife, Who I love, but not at that very instance, points to one of the larger flat screens and say “hey look hun, the Raiders.” Instantly my stomach clenched and the fun buzz I was rolling turned into the beginning of seething anger. While nothing bad happened that night, I am just trying to illustrate that I personally do not wake up and say “freaking tuck rule,” it does not rule my existence, but just seeing it draws on a lot of fury/emoitions, knowing where we were then and where we are now.

  42. If you watch any footage about Raiders games and players, you will find that it’s a cultural thing with them. NEVER get over any real or perceived wrong or you can’t call yourself a Raider. I was rooting for the Raiders against the Patriots in that game and I was in disbelief when the call was made, but geez guys, it’s time to grow up and get over it. Probably still crying about the time the other kid in kindergarten took your toy.

  43. At the very least the refs could have called tripping on that play. Biekert going for the fumble and get’s a blatant trip.

  44. I would like to see the rule changed to the following for a non-kicking play:
    If the ball is a forward incomplete pass that has passed the line of scrimmage it is dead, and it is otherwise a live ball as long as it stays inbounds.

  45. All I have to say is that the Tuck rule call was pay-back for that BS roughing the passer call against
    Sugar Bear Hamilton in 1976. New England had to wait another 25 years for their first SuperBowl win. SuperBowl XI belonged to the Patriots not the Raiders. Even The Snake has finally admitted it! Besides it was my 20th season as a Patriot season ticket holder, the last game played at Shaffer/Sullivan/Foxoro stadium and my birthday. Pay-back was very SWEET!

  46. SMH at everyone who still thinks it was “the right call” according to the rules at the time. Apparently bringing the ball back into two hands pressed against your stomach is not sufficiently “tucked” enough to the point where you wouldn’t overrule it with an obscure, virtually never applied rule.

  47. fail Mary was the worst call I’ve ever seen. Tuck rule was the worst rule enforced I’ve ever seen.

    However, to say that the BB/Brady connection and/or legacy would have never begun if that play didn’t happen is just silly…

  48. The call on Brady was just payback for the BS roughing the passer call on Sugar Bear Hamilton that let the Raiders steal a win from the Pats in the 1976 playoffs. Are the Raiders over that one yet??? Silence. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  49. As a Raider fan, I will never get over the tuck rule. It was ruled on the field a fumble and should have stayed that way. A matter a fact I will state in my will that it be known what a piece of crap call the tuck rule was to all who attend its reading.

  50. Real Raider Fan 4Eva!

    To all of you who say it was the right call and just a bad rule?you people are what I like to call? Wrong!

    It was a bad call! First of all it was called a fumble on the field! Now once the deer-bra goes under the hood and looks into the lights he loses his flipping mind…Or maybe someone called him from upstairs and told him that he had to apply the rule?either way it makes no difference they were wrong.

    At what point does it become a tuck? when the q b brings it to his chest?That is Bird Seed. And this is the part of the rule that is up to the judgement of the deer-bra!

    Within the motion of a pump the QB never has to bring the ball to his chest. So taking that literally means that he could hold it in the two hand position forever and it would never be a fumble! is there a time limit to go along with the pump if he doesn’t bring it to his chest?

    Can he start to run around behind the line of scrimmage now holding it away from his chest because he has not officially tucked it?and it can never be a fumble? of course not! So there is some judgement to be made,if its a split second or six seconds it doesn’t matter.

    Once the ball touched that other hand then he has tucked it and that motions shows without a doubt that he was not passing the ball!and he stopped the forward motion of the arm on his own.

    Now if the ball comes lose it is a fumble plain and simple.If he never touched it with the other hand then apply the rule because you can say that it is a possibility that the ball slipped out of the hand in the motion of pumping or passing.

    So now the deer-bra can see it on the replay that it was a fumble because he and we can see that he clearly touches it with the other hand!and this is where judgement comes into play. So you don’t try to apply a rule to make it not a fumble when you know with your own eyes that it is clearly a fumble.That is not the right application of that rule,so it was a bad call and the wrong call to go along with a bad rule….

  51. The things that bother Raider fans the most about the tuck rule game are simple. The play was ruled a fumble on the field. If it remains a fumble or an incomplete pass, the Raiders win. The only thing that saves the Patriots is the tuck rule…and they used it to overturn a call on the field without indisputable evidence which is in contradiction to the policy.

    Watch it again. It’s a fumble, but even if you believe that it isn’t, ask yourself if there is enough evidence to overturn the call on the field…if it’s indisputable. Then pretend it’s your team on the other side of that call. Then call me when you get over it….especially when you look at it for the catalyst for two franchises that headed in very different directions. That’s all I’m saying.

  52. Before New England had that drive……that ended in a fumble..

    Raiders Fullback Zack Crockett was stuffed on 4-1 and a 3rd and short before that.

    Raiders could have put it away before all this.


    Still love my Raiders

  53. Raider fans live to cry about how everyone is trying to screw them all the time.

  54. A few facts:

    There WAS indisputable evidence that Brady’s arm is moving forward before the ball came out. Hence, by rule, the reversal to incomplete pass.

    There was NO indisputable evidence that Brady had completed a tuck. Therefore by letter of the same rule, not a fumble.

    There was NO indisputable evidence that Brady was pump faking. Hence by the same rule, not a fumble.

    It is comical that Raider fan is angrier about this game than they were about the beating they took in SB 37 against their ex coach who they let walk. And a loss that they have never recovered from a decade and counting later…

    After the travesty 25 years earlier of Ben Dreith stealing a playoff game from the Patriots and giving it to the Raiders by the worst call in the history of pro sports otherwise known as “roughing the passer”, raider fan should just smile and consider their debt paid in full.

  55. The Tuck Rule was dumb, but it was called correctly. Charles Woodson also hit Brady’s helmet on the play. Another dumb rule that is still on the books that SHOULD have been called “roughing the passer” and would have negated any fumble even if one did occur.

    By the rule, that should have been called, given the Pats an extra down, and put the Pats 15 yards closer to the endzone. If anything, the letter of the law was not enforced, and Pats were required to kick from much further than they should have in a blizzard.

  56. Do you think this dead horse has been beaten enough?? What about the phantom roughing the passer against the pats many years ago on stabler??? Can we call it a draw?? Get over it!!

  57. My only issue with the rule is that people are mad at the Patriots. What are they going to do, nicely hand the ball to the ref and say “Hey, this is a terrible rule, let’s play this down over”. You can be mad at the league for having a terrible rule, but don’t be mad at the team that was just playing by that rule.

  58. “There is nothing good in life that isn’t worth cheating for”
    —-Al Davis

    I wonder how much Al paid Ben Dreith and his officiating crew for a job well done

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