Packers check in at No. 8 in our preseason power rankings

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The Packers made it to the Elite Eight before losing in the playoffs last season. We expect them to be that kind of team again this season.

The Packers come in at No. 8 in our countdown of our preseason power rankings, as voted on by PFT’s six writers.

As long as Aaron Rodgers and a good receiving corps are around, the Packers can count on having an elite passing attack. But what about the rest of the team? Are the Packers Super Bowl contenders who deserve to be higher than No. 8? Or are they going to take a step back from last year? Or did we hit it right on the nose at No. 8? PFT Planet, weigh in below.

23 responses to “Packers check in at No. 8 in our preseason power rankings

  1. It looks like the Packers get to beat up on the hapless, tasteless Bears and Vikings twice each again this year – just like the last 3 seasons. And they are within striking distance of World Championship number 14.

    I like it!

  2. How are the Bengals and Ravens better teams going into this season than the Packers? And the Patriots with all their problems? Who are Brady and Flacco throwing the ball to this year besides Amendola and Torrey Smith?

  3. rodgers does make this team super dangerous. he is the best in the biz. as far as who flacco is going to throw to…smith jones pitta dickson rice and pierce for starters

  4. I’m OK with this rating. They read and believe their own headlines when they are at or near the top. Maybe this will cause them to focus better. Being in the upper 25% is better than the bottom 25%.

  5. Being a Packers fan I am probably being a bit optimistic but I think they are set for a run to the NFC championship game. We lost Nick Perry just when he was getting good and our MLBs started to mesh by years end too. If I were an NFCN QB I would start practicing the fetal position for when I get sacked 8 times a game. Plus the DBs are looking really good which makes the QB hold the ball longer. Get ready to see Clay punish some people…

  6. 1st paragraph sums up the 2014 packers. Even ShAaron says they’re a “different,” not better, team now.
    Who’s “hapless” now, tokyomcnasty?

  7. The Packers will have three things that they didn’t have last year. A good running game, Nick Perry to take pressure off of Mathews and Jones at DE. A better defense will take us deep in the playoffs.

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention the 6 auto wins we get every year, Vikqueens (2), Lions (2) and Cutler and his 7 picks (2). We only need to win 5 of 10 for another NFCN Division Title.

  9. Weak division. Crazy fans (who apparently vote a lot ). They will make the playoffs and as the last three winners show, all that matters is who is hot at the end.

  10. So there’s 12 teams in the playoffs – 2 road wildcard teams from both conferences …

    meaning the Packers (at no.8) are considered a 4th seed by PFT….Ka-Durrh!?

  11. The Packers are considered a top 10 team every year primarily because they are the Packers. No NFL team has been more successful at winning World Championships.

  12. The Packers are going to be really good for the next 5 or 6 years at least. They have AR at QB, their D is going to be way better this year barring injury, and they will have and use a running game. I don’t know if anyone will stop them this season. That 9ers/Packers game will show who has the power in the NFC thise season.

  13. The Pack will be better than the Bengals and re-configured Ravens. Top 6 team at worst…

  14. I wouldn’t rank anyone but the 49ers above them. Certainly not the Bengals, Ravens, or Patriots. Or the Seahawks, whom the Packers beat on the road last year. That said, I’m happy to see them ranked low. They don’t seem to perform well when expectations are high.

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