Taking page from Saints, Rams plan to spread ball around on offense


The Rams worked hard to give quarterback Sam Bradford better options to throw to this offseason.

They moved up in the draft to select wide receiver Tavon Austin, but the passing game isn’t going to be heavily slanted toward the eighth overall pick. Nor will it be centered primarily on tight end Jared Cook, who signed a five-year deal with the team as a free agent. Those marquee additions will be part of a balanced attack that utilizes all the skill position players at similar levels. Or so goes the plan laid out by Rams COO Kevin Demoff during an online chat with fans.

“The goal this year is for Sam to be able to throw to the “open” player, and I expect that we will get meaningful contributions from all 5 WR’s, the 2 TE’s and the running backs,” Demoff said, via Turf Show Times. “I think you could see this offense resemble an offense like the Saints where you have 4 or 5 players catch 40-50 balls but nobody who catches 70 or 80. I’m not saying that we are the Saints offense, we need to improve to become that, but more that style where anybody can be a threat on any play. I think that is where we are evolving, letting the down, distance, scheme and coverage dictate who becomes the targeted player.”

Making those decisions is not the only way that the team will be leaning on their quarterback more heavily in the coming season. Demoff said the team was more effective offensively last season when they would go into hurry up mode and said he felt they had the personnel to make spread formations work more often this year because of the mismatches they can create on offense. The quarterback needs to be even more in control of the offense on the field when the pace picks up, as Brees has shown in New Orleans, which adds even more to Bradford’s responsibilities.

The Rams have been clear all offseason they believe Bradford is up to any task they have in mind for him. If they’re right, the NFC West will be all the more interesting for it.

10 responses to “Taking page from Saints, Rams plan to spread ball around on offense

  1. The Rams are extremely young and will probably have a 7 or 8 win season this year, but watch out for them in 2014. At that point, a lot of their young talent will be entering their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th years with guys like Jake Long, Chris Long, Laurinitus, and Finnegan in their primes. Could be a special team at that point on both sides of the ball.

  2. It might take another year but it might not. Many of the young Rams are entering their second season right now. If they can collectively transform ‘potential’ into ‘performance’, watch out NFC West. For the first time since GSOT, the Rams could be very good, even scary-good.

  3. Bradford is certainly capable of running the no huddle. He’s shown that quite frequently, it’s been previous coordinators that did him wrong by not using it more often.

  4. The Saints offense is predicated on two very important things. One, a quarterback who will throw to the open player regardless of who that is. In other words, a quarterback who has a security blanket couldn’t run the system. The other is a receiving corp that doesn’t have an ego. They have to understand that they are part of a machine. You get one Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens and it won’t work. I’m not sure the Rams have that. Poor Bradford has been through so much he can’t help but develop a security blanket.

  5. I think I maybe more optimistic . I see the Rams winning 9 games and hopefully the west gets 2 wild card teams. I by no means think the new Off. will compare to N.O. Give them a year or two . But the DEF. will be a game changer in its own right .

  6. The reason why the Rams drafted Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey is that both are product of a no-huddle spread offense on which are in par with Sam Bradford’s offensive philosophy. The purpose of having a “Bradford mini camp” (which includes most of his receivers, Jared Cook and Isaiah Pead) is because he wan’t to start using the offensive philosophy as early as possible. Come Training camp, he’ll only need to master his timing with them .

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