Bills could have new punter and kicker


Last year, Shawn Powell beat out veteran punter Brian Moorman in Buffalo.  This year, Powell could have the favor returned.

As explained by Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News, both Powell and kicker Rian Lindell could end up losing their jobs to Brian Stahovich and Dustin Hokpins, respectively.

The problem for the incumbent specialists is that the Bills have a new coaching staff.

“I think it all depends on how and where we’re evolving and where we’re moving and what our plan is as a team, on finding the best way to win football games,” special-teams coordinator Danny Crossman said of Lindell’s chances of keeping his job.  “I’ve been around a lot of veteran kickers and it can change year to year on what the philosophy of that team is and how that team ends up being built.”

Lindell is likely more vulnerable, given that the Bills invested a sixth-round pick in Hopkins.  Stahovich was a camp leg in Indianapolis last year.

For teams that don’t have dynamic passing offenses, kicking and punting take on extra importance in the battle for field goals and field position.  In Minnesota last year, for example, rookie draft pick Blair Walsh helped the Vikings to the playoffs by making 10 of 10 field goals from 50 yards or beyond.

Sure, having Adrian Peterson didn’t hurt.  But without a franchise quarterback, strong special-teams play becomes even more important — and Lindell has tried only two 50-plus yard field goals in the last two seasons.

7 responses to “Bills could have new punter and kicker

  1. That’s not Lindell’s fault. That’s because our former stupid head coach believed that nobody should kick a field goal from 50 yards out because “the percentages say we shouldn’t”.

    Stupid Gailey.

  2. I think this is an upgrade that most people overlook. Buffalo punted on or near the 30 yard line several times and most of the time it resulted in a touchback. So if they can turn what was essentially a 10 yard punt into 3 points 5 or 6 times next year, they are likely to win 2 more games.

  3. “I honestly thought Powell was horrible last year. Lets hope anybody comes in and takes his job.”

    If you look at the stats, Moorman was ranked almost identically to Powell. They both sucked. The difference is Powell is young and can only get better. Moorman is getting old and is on his way out.

    I like the change, but Powell isnt going to be a long term solution at punter. Bring on the replacement

    Also, Lindell is losing his touch, stop defending that. He ranked 15th in FG% despite not attempting anything long. The year before he was 11th despite not attempting ANY outside 50. And then lets go back to 2010. He was 35th in FG% and had 50% outside the 40. He hasnt had a good leg for years. We all know his kickoffs cant make it to the 5, forget touchback.

    Lindell is a great guy, but he hasnt had a big leg really at all in his career. His strength has always been accuracy. Hes accurate in the swirling winds. Hes accurate in bad weather which made him perfect in Buffalo. The problem is he is losing that accuracy as well. We need a new leg and Powell fits the bill.

  4. First of all, Powell did not BEAT OUT Moorman….Moorman won the job (and due to our stupid ex-coach Dehaven) / was cut AFTER three regular season games. After Dehaven sabotaged Moorman’s last few years in Buffalo, then we have this “disrespect” for him…..Moorman, at 37, is in better shape (and a lot better accuracy) than most of the 24 year olds, punter or regular players alike.
    Also, not respected, is the difficulty of kicking/punting in Buffalo’s weather conditions. Good luck with bringing in somebody to replace Moorman and Lindell…..especially from Florida or San Diego. wow. You can’t blame Lindell too much for accuracy last year when you took away Moorman’s holds…..big mistake all around….and now DeHaven has been fired TWO times from the Bills. But not before he ruined special teams – the only area where we have been superb over the last decade;)

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