Every player in every camp will provide blood sample for HGH population study

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Yes, the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to conduct a so-called “population study” regarding HGH naturally occurring in the bodies of pro football players.  According to an email sent to all players roughly 10 days ago, a copy of which PFT has obtained, every player in every NFL training camp will provide a blood sample for the population study.

The sample will be used to “determine the proper decision limit for a positive test” for HGH, and the study will be supervised by Dr. Alan Rogol, M.D., Ph.D, who has been jointly hired by the NFLPA and NFL.  Also, Donald Berry, Ph.D., will design the study protocol and conduct the analysis, with a second biostatistician independently reviewing both the protocol and the analysis.

There’s one important fact the memo doesn’t mention.  As we reported earlier today, it’s possible that HGH testing will happen retroactively, with the samples being given for the population study also being tested once the appropriate threshold is determined.

So while the players who still use HGH will skew the baseline number higher in the population study, there’s a chance they’ll end up being caught at some point down the line.

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  1. So in other words if the study finds the HGH levels at say 50, then that’s the baseline? LOL! What a joke. So as long as everyone in the league is on HGH, future tests won’t show an abnormal limit. So they are basically giving the appearance of an HGH test while letting them all use. It’s like testing drunks to determine the proper DUI level

  2. The tests should either be for penalty or else totally anonymous (no names or tracking numbers anywhere). One can only assume so called anonymous tests with names or tracking numbers like baseball used will eventually be leaked to the media unless the league is solely responsible for securing the results with a $100 million penalty to the players union if they fail. Even then, the results could eventually be subpoenaed in a court case, making it impossible to prove which party in the case leaked the documents. There is no such thing as an anonymous test if any tracking exists, and the results of a leak are disappointing to all parties (tarnished reputations without justice served) so hopefully the NFL will not follow MLB’s mistaken path.

  3. These guys are freakishly HUGE!!! I would guess probably 20-25% of the guys are using something, but I wouldnt even be surprised if the real number was in the 70%.

    I know a couple of “huge” dudes- and none of them have done it 100% naturally.

  4. I would like to make a 90 player roster for that 1 single day. I would test high for everything except HGH.

    The league would think THC must be a Kellogg’s Cereal.

  5. Start with the Packers! Aaron Rodgers publicly backed Ryan Braun when he was ‘let go’ of allegations of PED usage. Guess what, Braun got busted today and Aaron is quiet. Next is Clay Matthews. Enough said, goodbye packers!

  6. UH-OH, better watchout RGIII. That MIRACLE recovery gonna get exposed! You to Adrian Peterson… Good thing Ray Lewis retired, that unbelievable tricep recovery might get him in as much trouble as that SuperBowl incident involving the murders…Just Sayin’,

  7. Of course they want to lock the baseline with the HGH induced levels included. Why else would they insist on it otherwise? Do they think folks are stupid enough to believe that the levels used for the Olympics is too low for these ‘super athletes’?

    It is just a way for them to get away with more. Maybe they can’t use HGH after this but I am sure someone will come up with something that juices them right up to the artificial limit they are now setting. Better living through chemistry you know . . .

  8. Everyone wants to believe their heros are all natural.
    The truth is the demands of professional sort are beyond the capabilities of man. Between training camp, pre, regular and post seasons as well as the conditioning that goes into the offseason something is gonna break. And with no guarantee in nfl contracts the only insurance policy for players is to use something to aid the recovery process. Enter steroids and hgh.

  9. wow I was right I figured someone was going to point out adrian. I will laugh so hard when his test comes back negative.
    To all the adrian accusers of the hgh drug.

  10. First, everyone’s body is different. It helps to have great genetics. But anyone can get big with a proper diet and workout routine. You may not look exactly like an Adrian Peterson, so don’t aim that high. But the point is some athletes do it the right away, whether it’s NFL, NBA, MLB, even MMA. It’s difficult to say if HGH by itself can get you “large and in-charge”, because most body builders and athletes who use PEDs will take steroids and HGH, not HGH only.

    Having said all that, I think we may see some of these NFL athletes getting exposed. Sure, these guys are big, so it’s understandable their HGH levels will be hire the average person’s count. But it’s foolish to pretend these guys are all clean and don’t do everything they can to get an edge. We know they do because they tell us how they lie about injuries and concussions to stay on the field, fearful that someone else will take their spot and those millions of dollars that keep coming in will stop abruptly. If taking a banned supplement COULD make the difference between you getting a new million dollar contract, wouldn’t you at least consider it? Money is a huge motivational factor, especially when it means life long finanical stability and security for yourself and your family.

    I’m sure some of you don’t even know there are masking kits out there — new ones come out all the time, some work and some don’t — which can help the athlete pass a drug test, while staying on the drug. Think Lance Armstrong (although he got caught eventually). I knew of an MMA fighter who trained at a gym I use to frequent and lives in Las Vegas now. For his fight camps, he would take something like almost 30 pills a day! That’s insane! He wasn’t even huge and this fellow is taking all these pills.

    As someone else said, don’t be surprised when you find out your heroes are not all natural.

  11. Who cares. HGH is not steroids. If you played a violent sport every Sunday with only 6 days to recover, you’d want HGH too. That’s all it does, assists in recovery. It doesn’t make you bigger, faster, stronger. Do some research people, these comments are ridiculous.

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