Finally, NFL and NFLPA make progress on HGH testing


Nearly two years after the NFL and NFLPA agreed to conduct HGH testing during the 2011 season, HGH testing may finally be implemented.  During the 2013 season.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the two sides, which lately can’t agree on much of anything, have made progress on an agreement to conduct HGH testing.

Breer adds that the league and the union are “much further along” than ever — which could be sort of like Jerry Jones saying the NFL is closer than ever to a return to L.A.

Still, Breer says there’s optimism in both camps, which is encouraging.

It’s also surprising.  At a time when more than a few people are pointing out that the NFLPA got hosed during the 2011 CBA negotiations, the union could be tempted to secure as many concessions as possible when agreeing to HGH testing.  Also, it could be hard to get the players under any circumstances to consent to having blood drawn.  Given the suspicions and scattered reports about rampant HGH use are accurate, no player who uses HGH will want to be tested for HGH.

As NFL Senior V.P. of Labor Law and Policy Adolpho Birch previously has explained it, the league hasn’t pushed the issue because the NFL needs the players to buy in fully and completely to HGH testing.  To make that happen, the NFLPA will need to be able to persuade the rank and file that a clear victory has been obtained, especially in light of the many complaints and concerns the union has raised about the reliability of current HGH testing procedures.

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  1. Well at least they gave everyone who was still using it plenty of time to get it out of their systems before the “testing” starts…..

  2. We’ll never know who truly used it without a positive test but we will see trends decline which will suggest specific use.

    For example with guys like AP and everyone else who’s seen shorter recovery time. If guys stop recovering quicker it’s a likely sign the ones who did had help.

    If a player’s size or ability drops off coupled with him beinh suspect in the first place then the rumors will run rampant.

    We’ll see which teams have actual control.

  3. Translation: the synthetics are done and won’t be detected under whatever testing protocols are agreed to

  4. With all the focus on player safety and concern about injury and concussions, a layman would think players would be eager to join testing and avoid putting something in their bodies that could produce long-term damage. Eh, maybe not. It’s all about the Benjamins, same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

  5. Wow… out of 32 teams the immediate smack talk you see if ‘Clay Matthew’ followed by ‘AP’. Is this seriously a Pack-Vikes forum?

    How about JJ Watt? How about Vernon Davis? Maybe Gronk? Richard Sherman?

    It’s the NFL people. They’re ALL genetic miracles. Just because someone is dominant doesn’t mean they’re juicers.

  6. Please hurry up and get this done! I’m sick of miracle healings and guys getting unfair advantages… personally I think guys won’t be as strong/fast and some of the injuries will go down too.

  7. I suspect that the reason for years of delay in implementing testing is that they were waiting for the results of studies that were being conducted to measure normal levels of HGH in athletes as well as the clearance rates of HGH in those using it supplementally.

    Human growth hormone (and other anabolic agents) is useful when healing from injury so players and franchise doctors need to know how to best use them without resulting in a violation of league policy–whatever that ends up being.

  8. I see nothing wrong with taking hgh to help heal injuries. A lot of these injuries are not just about getting back on the field, but simply getting back to a normal function. If Greg child’s can heal his knees by taking hgh, I’m all for it.

  9. they better figure this out before my fantasy draft. if i take Peterson number 1 and they start testing the next day I’ll be pissed!

  10. I’m hoping someone, preferably Florio or otherwise any reader who happens to be a chemist, can clear up my question. Partly because I am not sure how to submit a question for PFT Live, and partly because I want the correct answer. Is HGH a steroid? (i.e. other than semantics, what is the difference between the two, if any). I shall assume I am not the only online denizen with this particular question.

  11. lol @ the idiots on here mentioning one player here or there on a rival of the team they cheer for. Here is an update for you: If the use of HGH is as rampant as they speculate, that means AT LEAST 25% of EVERY team is going to be facing suspensions. You don’t think these guys have gotten this big and fast by the advances in diet and exercise, do you? Since the 70’s all of these guys have been helped by something. That’s how you get your body to be 270 and run a 4.5. The reason this is taking so long, is the union knows it will find ALOT. The newer article shows they will use the first study to establish a “baseline”. IE if they are mostly using, the line will be insanely high (outside of the excuse “they are freaks of nature, and naturally produce more HGH”). Stop being idiots and talking like its going to be 1 or 2 people.

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