Garrett allows his camp-opening remarks to be taped, in full


Somewhere, Gregg Williams has broken out in a cold sweat.  (Hopefully, the shoe polish in his goatee won’t run.)

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett allowed Peter King to record the entirety of Garrett’s training camp-opening remarks to the team, which King has used to help launch his new microsite at, The MMQB.

We agree with King’s three takeaways — primarily, Garrett’s pleading with the team organically to produce the leaders they’ve lacked in recent years — but the broader point that struck me is that, with Garrett (unlike Williams) knowing that a camera and microphone were present, did we see and hear what we would have seen and heard without the camera and microphone present?

It would have been easy for Garrett to simply refuse to do it, but Garrett knows (no matter what owner Jerry Jones says) that the third-year head coach is coaching for his job.  So Garrett needs the fans and the media to take up his cause, which means letting them get to know him better.  As a fallback, Garrett needs to give other owners a chance to see how he communicates, in the event he’s looking for another job.

Basically, Garrett and the Cowboys have given us all an unedited episode of Hard Knocks, reality TV which given the presence of cameras and microphones is anything but reality.

For the Cowboys, the real reality will come when no one outside the building is watching or listening.  Unless Sean Pamphilon sneaks into the room.