HGH testing still a long way from happening


After months of quiet regarding the topic of HGH testing, Monday has featured a flurry of reports.  Here’s where the negotiations currently stand, from a source with direct knowledge of the process.

For now, the NFL and the NFLPA have agreed on only one thing:  To conduct a population study regarding the HGH that naturally exists in the bodies of NFL players.  Nothing more.

Players were told via email roughly 10 days ago about the training-camp blood draw.  Amazingly, the information remained under wraps until today.

Thus, there’s no agreement yet to conduct full-blown HGH testing.  Negotiations are ongoing, and progress is being made.  Issues include the use of third-party arbitration for discipline, enhanced confidentiality regarding test results, and assurances that the samples will be destroyed after testing has concluded.

The final agreement also could include retroactive testing.  Specifically, the blood collected for the population study could be split into two samples.  One would be used for the population study, and the other would be tested at a later date.  This potential twist, which the NFL affirmatively is seeking, would mean that players whose HGH levels drive up the thresholds for the population study could still face discipline at a later date for HGH levels that helped skew the baseline numbers.

For now, it’s too early to draw any conclusions about what will transpire.  Some have suggested players won’t be disciplined this year.  If the final agreement doesn’t include retroactive testing, that’s likely right, given the time necessary to conduct the population study, to implement testing, and to navigate the appeals process.

For now, with nothing finalized beyond conducting a population study, it’s premature to draw any conclusions other than, yes, after months of delays, a population study will happen.

24 responses to “HGH testing still a long way from happening

  1. Will someone, anyone, explain to me why larger, stronger, faster, football players with better endurance from using HGH would be such a bad thing.

  2. They probably informed the players of the upcoming blood draw and had links at the bottom on items they can purchase to beat the blood draw.

  3. man this is becoming about as much of a joke as some of the refs. Just take their blood. take 10 percentage off of the top get an average and check that average off of baseball and every other sport that checks for HGH and suspend the people that are above that level. Do it right off the top. No you get one chance. Give them an appeal so they can fight it and then suspension if they do not have a legit reason for it in their system.

  4. Why would they want testing? As a profit machine the NFL revels in the Billions it makes year in and year out. Just like Baseball during the McGwire/Sosa HR battle. The NFL is KING! It will happen eventually but until then the money just keeps rolling in.


  5. The League Obviously wants to introduce HGH Testing because HGH/Other Roids allow Players to become Bigger, Stronger and Faster meaning the Game would be more Dangerous and the league doesn’t want that because they want the Game to be Safer. Meaning the NFLPA really wants none of it because alot of Players in the League are Using HGH.

  6. mackcarrington says: Jul 22, 2013 2:26 PM

    Will someone, anyone, explain to me why larger, stronger, faster, football players with better endurance from using HGH would be such a bad thing.


    One word: concussions…

  7. Who’s arm is that in the picture…

    Manti Teo’s girlfriend ?

  8. mackcarrington says: Jul 22, 2013 2:26 PM

    Will someone, anyone, explain to me why larger, stronger, faster, football players with better endurance from using HGH would be such a bad thing.

    The answer is this:
    The moment after these players sign their retirement papers, they will sign onto a lawsuit for “injuries” against their former employer.
    Performance enhancers, like steroids and other forms of doping, have a negative effect on long-term health. But players don’t care about their long-term health but they claim that the NFL SHOULD be looking out for their long-term health.
    That is wrong, look out for yourself.

  9. no one is on PEDs or HGH…. You can get to look like ripped chiseled specimens by eating right and training nothing else needed.

    Every My Olympia

  10. 94 out of 100 NFL players are on some performance enhancer! It is fact! Proven! So , lets move past the oh golly, who knew! We all do! It is why we watch the game! So our favorite fantasy WR can return from a broken leg in 6 weeks! It took me 6 months in a cast for a broken hand after a boxing match! And I look like a ripped Greek god! These guys make $$&& millions , with any edge they can while they can,… Their shelf like is what 3 years!??! Yeah, they are juicing! So as a fan, don’t act surprised when they are caught! It’s naive of u

  11. This is all a charade. Every NFL team would lose every single offensive lineman and then some. No NFL person of consequence really wants to face that PR disaster, so this entire discussion is just for show.

    @mackcarrington can’t read. I’ve posted the health effects of hGH use from USADA’s website numerous times but the dude just keeps coming on here with the same comments time and again. If he could read, he would know that there are a vast array of very harmful effects.

    If they ever do rid the game of hGH use, it would be a better, safer, more athletic game. 265 pound pulling guards would once again have value instead of the PED-fed 350 pounders we have now, and the game would be far more interesting.

  12. The witch hunt for PED users is at an all time high… At this point can we “level the playing field” by just legalize all PEDs. If everyone is on roids nobody can complain… This might cause some problems with concussion lawsuits but boy it would be fun to watch!

  13. Folks who want to legalize steroids don’t have kids who play college football, that’s for sure. That would mean college players would have to use if they want to play in the NFL, and high school kids would have to use if they aspire to play college ball. Having had two sons who played against roided out players in college, I hope they rid the sport of all PED’s, if nothing else for the sake of our youth.

  14. @steviemo: Apparently I’m not the only one who “can’t read”, because there are dozens, if not hundreds of pro athletes who are using HGH. I don’t take HGH. But I’m sure the people who are actually taking it must feel they are getting some benefits from it or they wouldn’t use it. And you don’t have to sermonize me for simply asking a question. Don’t fall off of your high horse.

  15. So, how would their levels be any higher than other highly conditioned athletes like, say, Olympic athletes or rugby players at the highest level, soccer players, etc? This is just a ruse by the NFLPA to stall while they can get their players to stop taking the drugs *cough* Cushing *cough*

  16. Who cares. HGH is not steroids. If you played a violent sport every Sunday with only 6 days to recover, you’d want HGH too. That’s all it does, assists in recovery. It doesn’t make you bigger, faster, stronger.

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