Jaguars’ tight end depth chart muddled behind Marcedes


The good news for the Jaguars at tight end?  They still have Marcedes Lewis.  The bad news?  They only have Marcedes Lewis.

As explained by Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union, there’s not much behind Lewis on the depth chart, where Isaiah Stanback, Allen Reisner, Ryan Otten, Brett Brackett, and Kyler Reed will jockey for jobs and, ultimately, playing time.

“The biggest question when we get the pads on is physical play,” tight ends coach Ron Middleton told O’Halloran. ” I just need to figure out who’s going to hit and who isn’t.”

Until then, the No. 2 spot remains up for grabs, and Middleton won’t identify a leader.

“Coming out of OTAs and being in shorts, I don’t think I’m ready to say that yet,” Middleton said.  “All the guys showed some things and some glimpses of being able to take that role.”

As O’Halloran points out, No. 2 has another meaning in this context.  The Jaguars have the second waiver priority through the first three weeks of the regular season, behind only the Chiefs.  So maybe the Jags’ No. 2 tight end currently plays for another team.

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  1. I don’t see how Lewis is “good news”. He had one good year (when Garrard had a good year & both got paid afterwards) and then he’s largely disappeared. While MJD was winning a rushing title with the worst passing offense in football, Lewis was nowhere. Gabbert should have at least had some form of a security blanket in his TE, but Lewis was invisible. However muddled the backups may be, one of them could step up and compete for the job. Caldwell will cut highly-paid vets that don’t perform and I hope Lewis is paying attention.

  2. I agree – he really has only had 1 good year. He is a good blocker…but too many drops over the years.

    To be fair – our horrible QB situation has not helped him much…but in Gabbert’s rookie year Lewis was HORRIBLE…dropping passes right in his hands. He was def not the rookie qb safety net that he should have been…and then blamed it on baby mama drama after the season.

    He’s also one of those NFL – MMA guys….to me – it seems like those guys have gotten worse in the NFL after they start the Jay Glazer crap.

  3. @johnnyjagfan:
    Marcedes best year was 2010 (700yds, 10tds), Garrard’s best year was 2007. Garrard got his contract the next year, 2008. Let’s see what happens now that we might have a better line and he doesn’t have to practically play RT.

  4. Marcedes looks the part but has some terribly inconsistent hands. Him being left in to block a lot (especially on passing downs) may have had more to do with the OC trusting him more as a blocker than a receiver.

  5. The bad news? Jaguars fans still have to watch him drop wide open touchdown passes, miss blocks, give half-hearted efforts downfield, then pretend to be a leader (holding my nose!)

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