Jets to work out Laurent Robinson


The Jets aren’t sure who their quarterback will be, or to whom he’s going to throw the ball.

So naturally, they’re bringing in a guy who no one was sure about the future of.

Former Cowboys and Jaguars wide receiver Laurent Robinson is visiting with the Jets today, according to Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. He could also visit the Patriots, who have a slightly more stable quarterback situation but concerns about receiver depth.

Robinson suffered four concussions last year, and was released by the Jaguars a year after signing a five-year, $32.5 million contract . He filed a grievance against them last week.

He’s said he wants to return to play. When he was well, he was a productive wideout, something the Jets could certainly use. But his medical condition will be the first stumbling block toward a return.

8 responses to “Jets to work out Laurent Robinson

  1. Ha, yes, the Pats have a “slightly more stable quarterback situation “, arguably the G.O.A.T. vs the Bumbler.

    The Pats, by releasing WR Donald Jones and picking up those two UDFA, tell me that they are pretty happy with their WR draft pickups. The fact that Lloyd and Branch haven’t gone anywhere tell me that the Pats are keeping them on the shelf until after week #1 when veteran contracts are no longer guaranteed. So why are they interested in this concussion case? Remember Ted Johnson?

    More likely, Robinson’s agent is trying to squeeze a few more bucks out of the WR-starved Jets.

  2. Look if anyone is thinking the jets are going to have a productive season you’re insane. Yea they’re bad. Have been for the past 2 years. This WR is gonna be cheap if healthy, which is why the cash strapped jets are looking at him.

    One last thing, so called “GOATS” don’t choke in 2 superbowls. The so called “GOATS” team hasn’t won anything since they got caught taping practices. (spygate) regular season, juggernauts? I’d agree. Hell even butt fumbling Sanchez is responsible for taking the “GOATS” out of the playoffs one year.

  3. Jets should seriously consider Braylon and Lloyd too. all three are viable (injuries pending). Laurent flourished when he had solid starters in front of him with a good qb. I dunno if he’ll have either in NY, to start.

  4. How many QB’s have led their team to 5 superbowls and won three? He gave his team the lead in the 4th quarter of every superbowl, what more can you ask?

    Hasn’t won anything?? They went 18-1 after Spygate, one of the greatest seasons ever, despite the spygate cloud over their heads. Is there any NFL team with a better record since the 2007 season began? “Denial” is not a river in Egypt.

    Meanwhile, the Gmen follow up their superbowl win with an 8-8 season, unable to even qualify for the playoffs.

    You have to go back at least 20 years to even find a QB in the conversation comparable to #12. Plus, his amazingly hot wife. I mean, seriously.

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