NFL considering adding a regular season “Hall of Fame Game”


The Pro Football Hall of Fame will get its annual moment in the sun next week when the football world converges on Canton for the induction ceremonies and the Hall of Fame Game between the Dolphins and Cowboys.

In his inaugural column for the new MMQB website, Peter King writes that the NFL is trying to find a way to shed light on the Hall, which just underwent a sizable expansion, during the regular season as well. According to King, the league is looking into having a second Hall of Fame Game during the regular season each year. Such a game would not take place in Canton, however.

The idea is to label a big regular season matchup a Hall of Fame Game and tie in programs around the host city to spur interest in visiting Canton at times other than the busy week that’s just around the corner. King suggests a traveling exhibit of treasures from that Hall that’s installed at the stadium or a local museum as a way to wet the whistle of fans who might not have yet made the trek to see the entire collection.

Since there would be no change to the normal course of business for either team, it’s hard to imagine why this idea wouldn’t work as at least a trial balloon to see if it pays off in increased attendance at the Hall.

24 responses to “NFL considering adding a regular season “Hall of Fame Game”

  1. Who actually plays in the Hall of Fame game? The article mentions the Cowboys and Dolphins… so it’s a scrimmage? During the summer? More details on this please!

  2. Nice idea that will never work. Since this would be a game that the NFL has put a “title” on, it would have to be nationally televised. Thus, only the media darlings would play (Dallas, San Fran, N.E., etc.). The NFL isn’t going to waste a prime time slot on a lower market game. They hate being stuck with Detroit every Thanksgiving.

  3. Should not be a Hall Of Fame game during the reg season, but it is a good idea. Just expand it to every game on a given weekend and have a Hall Of Fame weekend. Which every team with the home games can have traveling exhibits at their stadium. And the NFL can just make sure no team has home games during this weekend back to back, so every team gets it in a two year period.

  4. We’re only billionaires, we’re not rich enough. Lets find another meaningless reason for the fans to give us more money.

  5. It would be only interesting to watch if the teams are made up of retired players & coaches. Would have to be flag football though or half the teams would end up in the hospital.

  6. Nice try but this sounds like the NFL needs money to pay for the expansion at the hall. Unbelievable NFL and goddell. You guys really take the cake.

  7. Really what they should do is instead of featuring one game during the season why not have Hall of Fame week…where you have activities during the week at the HOF and games and could even broadcast some games at the HOF…just a thought…

  8. This is completely unneeded. We don’t need to be reminded twice in one year that there is a NFL Hall of Fame in Canton. If you don’t know that there is one already, then you picked a fine time to crawl out from under that rock. As others have said, this is just another gimmick that won’t really do anything to promote visitors. You will go/not go regardless of a second game.

  9. Who wouldn’t want to make a trek to beautiful Northeast Ohio to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

    Stick around for a weekend at Dan Gilbert’s casino, catch a Tribe game, a Michael Symon dinner and maybe even some Swenson’s or a slice of Luigi’s in Akron on your way from Canton.

    Nice area. Just visit in the summer or early fall. Winter-Spring suck.

    That’s why you don’t push Canton during the fall/winter: It’s cold, and there’s not much else to do in the immediate vicinity.

  10. The Hall of Fame is a pretty amazing place. It’s hard to find the time to make the trip if you don’t live nearby, so something like this will maybe give people the motivation they need to make the visit.

    I know it looks like a cash grab, but the Hall really is about the history of the game. It celebrates a whole lot of people who made just a tiny fraction of what today’s players make. Anything that promotes interest in it is good for football, IMO.

  11. Great idea, because the NFL is tettering on bankruptcy. Maybe making a few more dollars may keep them viable.

  12. I remember when I was a kid my family was driving through Ohio and I asked my dad if we could just stop by the HOF real quick. Him not really being an NFL fan didn’t mind and had a blast. In fact my whole family had fun. We ended up spending more than 3 hours watching clips (football follies rule!), seeing the vintage early equipment, checking out the busts, and buying souvenirs. All in all, no matter what, every NFL junkie owes it to him or herself to visit the Hall of Fame.

  13. Nothing says “visit Canton” like playing a normal regular season game hundreds of miles from Canton.

  14. With some of the ridiculous exclusions that have been made to the Hall by its hidebound voting members, “shining light on it” may not be in the NFL’s best interests. But it could help some of the players who’ve long deserved to be in it.

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