Report: Mike Williams contract talks ongoing, no tangible signs of progress


Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams sent out a tweet recently that many people thought was a sign he was frustrated with the pace of contract talks with the team, but Williams later clarified that the tweet in question had nothing to do with the Buccaneers.

We’re not sure, then, if he’s feeling any angst about the pace of talks with the Buccaneers. We do know that Williams said a deal was “very close” more than a month ago, however, and that things have not reached the finish line with camp about to get started.

No one on either side of the negotiations has commented lately, but Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report reports that “periodic” talks are still ongoing. Those talks have not led to “tangible signs of progress,” though, which leaves open the possibility that no agreement will be reached before Williams is eligible to become a free agent after the 2013 season.

Without knowing the obstacles standing in the way of this particular deal, we can’t know the chances that things will play out that way. Should an agreement fail to materialize, Williams will have a chance to make himself even more money while catching passes from Josh Freeman, who will also be trying to bump up his future salaries during the final year of his contract.