Robert Griffin III: “Doctors cleared me to practice”


Six months after major reconstructive knee surgery, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III says he’s good to go for the start of training camp.

Griffin wrote on Twitter on Monday morning that doctors have cleared him to practice. He added that the Redskins’ coaching staff will ease him in, a point that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has reiterated several times this offseason, as he has been criticized in many quarters for leaving Griffin in the Redskins’ playoff loss to the Seahawks after it was clear that Griffin’s knee was hurt.

Just how much practice the doctors and the Redskins’ coaches want Griffin to participate in remains to be seen, and it wouldn’t be at all surprising if early in training camp and in the preseason, we see more of Kirk Cousins than we see of Griffin.

But after every report about Griffin’s knee all offseason long said that he was doing as well as could possibly be expected for an athlete with a torn ACL, this is the most optimistic report yet. Griffin appears to be good to go.

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  1. You omitted the part where he indentified his doctors as “Dr. Kyle” and Dr. Mike.”

  2. This is great news.

    While I don’t understand the impulse that some people have to make negative comments about RG3’s knee or health, I’m not going to let that put a damper on the news that one of last year’s most electrifying players has come back from a terrifying injury and been medically cleared before training camp.

  3. I really HOPE this kid is healthy and is truly ready to play.
    Such a talent, and so fun to watch. And great for the NFL in terms of ability.

    But… I have to admit I have this sinking feeling that he is rushing it along, and is going to end up re-injuring that knee.

    I know Adrian Peterson came back this fast and had no set-backs… but that was freaky. And not to mention like the first time anyone was that successful so fast.

    Hope I’m wrong… hate to see him hurt again. It’s just a fear…..

  4. All surgeries are successful … every recovery is ahead of schedule … everyone will be back 100% … no one will miss any time. Same old same old …

  5. I remember when Tom Brady was hurt in the 1st game of the 2008 season. I don’t think it was the same injury but he was out a whole year and wasn’t himself in 2009 and it wasn’t until 2010 until he was all the way back. I know that RG3 is much younger than Brady was at the time of the injury but I still think it’s way too soon.

  6. Doctors also cleared him to continue to play in the game he shredded his knee in after anyone with half a brain could tell it was only a matter of time.

  7. Can’t wait to beat his head in week 1 cause there d is gonna suck this year eagles shock the world and win the east but only if foles starts can’t stand that Vick guy can’t stay healthy and to many turnovers

  8. Yet another person who returned before D Rose. And to all the redskins fans don’t worry about the annoying eagles fans, they just feel antsy and confused about the cellar dwelling there about to witness.

  9. I’m interested to hear more about the possible of use of stem cells to help RGIII heal.

    If they’re his own cells I don’t see how the league could claim it was a “ped”. But I have no idea what the laws are and how they apply. After years under Bush and the GOP heavily limiting stem cell research, does anyone know what the laws are for actually using them in a healing process like this ?

    If stem cells were used and they have accelerated the healing period, and its legal to do so, that’s great news not only for athletes but for anyone with a serious injury like this.

  10. This coming from the same Dr’s who took him in some shed like contraption during the playoff game, examined him, and said that he was ok, only to have him return to the field to see his leg do something you only see on a bugs bunny cartoon. What can go wrong?

  11. Logicalvoicessays: The league has been warned, we will witness the ressurection of IRG3, the return to his wheelchair will be televised! !!

  12. Why would eagle fans worry about redskin fans the redskins stunk for years outside of qb what postion do they have better than us and when any skins fans answer I want you to be honest with your self when u answer to

  13. As a Skins fan…. all of you goalpost moving haters make me so happy… keep giving RG3 something to shoot for so he can continue to make you all look like the loud mouthed fools that you are…

    RGIII 3 Mouth Breathing Morons 0

  14. CCJCSR

    Did you even watch the Was/Dal games last year? The Skins made Ware look pitiful… he was confused and tripping over his own feet… Typical Dallas fan… doesn’t bother watching the games just knows the Cowboys are the best team ever…

  15. peytonsneck18 says:
    Jul 22, 2013 12:28 PM
    Logicalvoicessays: The league has been warned, we will witness the ressurection of IRG3, the return to his wheelchair will be televised! !!
    Oh I get it. You are trying to be funny, like a comedian. That was as lame as it gets. Don’t quit your day job, if you have one sucker.

  16. Very exciting news! I hope he proves all the doubters/haters wrong. I’ll enjoy watching him lead the Redskins to another division title. HTTR!!!

  17. He’s done well in his system and that’s somehow a fault? Ha! Alfred Morris is a phenomenal back who ran the ball just as well with out the read option as with it. Check the games last year. Redskins are on the ascent while the Eagles hope they have their stuff together this season. Yap yer trap but it don’t mean crap!

  18. @harrisonhits2 — Regarding your reference to stem cell research, the legal limitations you mention reach back even farther than the previous Bush administration and were aimed at “embryonic stem cells” — there are several other types of stem cells, at least one of which is so close to identical to embryonic stem cells that it renders the “need” for ESC research entirely moot. Science has found a way to do complete research without crossing any ethical boundary. Sadly, this is not widely reported and the perception by the general public is that somehow science is being held captive.

    Whether Robert used stem cells or not, I can’t say. I can, however, state with 100% certainty that any stem cells that may have been used were not embryonic, since a) it’s illegal and b) even when it was legal, embryonic stem cells never yielded positive results with targeted regeneration of tissue.

  19. Hope it’s not the same doctor that cleared him to play last season, when he shouldn’t have…

  20. I knew skins fans were mommas boys, didnt know they were sensative n crybabies too…fail!!!

  21. The redskins suck it wouldn’t shock me if the giants are better than them like I said outside of qb where do they hav the eagles at the hav questions on D just like us on O our oLine better wr better rb better te better like I said where are they better than us at rg 3 not better than luck or Wilson all he did last year was dink and dunk all season and if u think I’m lying go watch the games again and u will see luck and Wilson each got the ball down field I’m not saying rg3 not good cause he is he just hyped up more than he needs to I would take Wilson over him anyday of the week twice on Sundays

  22. Haters,Give me one reason why you wish the worst for this nice young man….Just one!


    because we cheer for other teams. so we want to see your team weaker.

    it is not show friends. it is show business.

    -Bob Sugar

  23. skinsfan91 says:
    Jul 22, 2013 12:17 PM
    Our D is going suck this year? The hell do you know Sonny? Just sit back and pray the eagles finish .500. Haters, keep hatin.

    14 10
    Yes just like it sucked last year, and the last 17 years. Need stats to backup that claim? I’d be happy to dig them up for you.

  24. It is a proven fact that in the NFL running QBs don’t win it all.

    Steve Young? He didn’t run unless he had to and when he did he was good at it.

    RGIII – Running plays are part of his game and when a QB starts running defensive players hit him a little extra hard – that’s what they do. The first time RGIII takes off on a running play specifically designed for him I will hold my breath.

    And the next time and the next time after that ……

    Meanwhile – The Colts will get better and better every week.

  25. The Redskins were actually a top ten rated defense for years and years while we ran the Four-Three. The transition to the three-four has been rough, but i’m predicting a marked improvement this year. We have players coming back from injury, and we drafted ball-hawks. I look forward to seeing if Chase Minnifield can crack the line up.

  26. gloomysmitty says: Jul 22, 2013 12:06 PM

    Can’t wait to beat his head in week 1 cause there d is gonna suck this year eagles shock the world and win the east but only if foles starts can’t stand that Vick guy can’t stay healthy and to many turnovers
    Glossing over the Eagles three sacks against Washington in 2012; Glossing over the how the Redskins have a healthy defense and have fixed their secondary issues; glossing over how classless it is to talk about bashing a 21-year-old kid’s head in, in an article about returning from an injury; glossing over the importance of using periods, commas, and basic sentence structure, can we discuss how exactly the quality of the Redskins defense has any correlation to the Eagles ability to bash his head in? (“Can’t wait to beat his head in week 1 cause there d is gonna suck”)

  27. andyreidisthegoat says: Jul 22, 2013 2:09 PM

    Haters,Give me one reason why you wish the worst for this nice young man….Just one!


    because we cheer for other teams. so we want to see your team weaker.

    it is not show friends. it is show business.

    -Bob Sugar
    I understand the football sentiment, but it’s kind of trashy to hope a 21-year-old kid’s career is over.

  28. Now if only we can get RGoodell to issue by proclamation the Manning/Brady Rule, which reads, (if you tackle, breathe on or even get close to these guys I’ll kill YOU RULE!!!!!) Ole RGIII will have a long and illustrious career……GO STEELERS……

  29. IRG3 the ressurection of him getting blasted several more times and him walking on crutches will be televised!!!

  30. “We will see how that knee holds up when he meets Demarcus Ware this year!”

    LOL, they played twice last season 2-0,Ware is still wondering who has the ball on the option.

  31. Demarcus Ware , lol Yeah lets see where he fits in with this 4-3 defense the cowboys are going back to, RG3 and Alfred Morris ate his lunch last year, and so many people put RG3 down for being injured, just remember Eagles and Cowboys fans, RG3 beat both of you on one leg. Just let that sink in and ask yourself how great your defenses were last year, and as far as the Seahawks and all the comparisons to RG3 and Russell Wilson.

    Just watch this year in a Pete Carroll offense if Wilson has that great follow up year, my bet is that he does not. Seahawks were getting there butts handed to them with no answers until RG3 went out. And 49ers fans please, Your coach took the Redskins offense and ran it with the quarterback who could in Kapernick, to get to the Super Bowl but lost the game because of stubbornness because everyone started stating that the offense was just like the Redskins so he went away from it to be his own man.

    Harbaugh done his own team in to save face as a coach. Good move in them picking up Boldin this year though, cause they are gonna run it again this year and he will be great blocking on the edge in that offense.

  32. Peytoneck just wet himself with fear and remembered the days of gettin pushed around by skins fan and crying all alone at the lunch table in school

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