Ryan Braun’s suspension should prompt different reaction from Aaron Rodgers

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With Ryan Braun suspended for the balance of the baseball season, all eyes are on A-Rod.

And not just Alex Rodriguez.  From the NFL’s perspective, folks will be interested in seeing whether Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has anything to say about the situation.  After all, the Packers quarterback responded aggressively in 2012, when Braun avoided a 50-game suspension.

“MLB and cable sports tried to sully the reputation of an innocent man,” Rodgers tweeted at the time.  “Picked the wrong guy to mess with.  Truth will set u free #exonerated.  When its guilty until proven innocent, all u need are the facts. #howsthecrowmlb #exonerated. . .   All u idiots talking about technicality open up for some crow too.  See if Espn gets pressured not to . . . let the people hear the truth.  Should get interesting.  #exonerated #shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

He told me the truth and I believed him and I felt like there were some media outlets that immediately jumped on a story like that,” Rodgers later explained in an interview with ESPN.  “And the ramifications that can happen in this business when it’s a guilty until proven innocent system are far reaching.  And it’s not just personal and reputation stuff, it’s dollars through endorsements.”

Now, Braun has told the world a different kind of truth:  “I realize now that I have made some mistakes. I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions.”

Rodgers, who has a reputation for being a bit on the sensitive side, could react angrily to the fact that he went to bat (no pun intended) for a guy who told him something other than the truth.  If he does, however, Rodgers will be criticized by some for being disloyal.

But not by us.  Braun took advantage of his friendship with Rodgers, and Rodgers ended up looking bad for it.  He has every right to end the friendship, and to call Braun out.

186 responses to “Ryan Braun’s suspension should prompt different reaction from Aaron Rodgers

  1. Jordan Rodgers got cut and Aaron Rodgers made a fool in same day.

    Bad day for the family.

  2. Agreed 100%. Rodgers stuck his neck out for this guy and now looks like an idiot. Definitely should be the end of that friendship.

  3. Brauns an effin tool and Rogers should have kept his mouth shut about it in the first place.

    But speaking of people eating crow, rodgers………

  4. If I was Aaron Rodgers I would end my friendship with Ryan Braun after this. Definitely remove my name from the restaurant they have together in Brookfield, WI.

    The lying press conference Ryan Braun gave in spring training 2012 was terrible. But lying to a close friends face is far worse like he did to Rodgers, all his Brewers teammates, Bob Uecker, Doug Melvin & Mark Attanasio.

  5. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have hair one if he doesn’t call Braun what he is. A cheating piece of $#!t…

  6. This is going to be a fun bunch of comments. Rodgers is going to be spending all night clicking on the “Report Comment” link.

  7. If Rodgers actually looked at the facts as he directed others to do, he would have seen that Braun tested positive, but was let off because of a technicality of how the sample was handled. If he was dumb enough to believe what Braun was spewing than thats his own fault for being so niave.

  8. Rodgers is a great QB but I was really surprised when he got so offensive in his support of Braun whenever everyone….including the other MLB players…..knew he was cheating. Being there to support someone who does wrong is one thing, but Rodgers took it to another level by being so vocal and constant nose thumbing of MLB, the fans and the public. He needs to eat HIS crow and issue an apology to everyone.

  9. Of the top 50 problems facing Rodgers going into the season, this doesn’t even make the list.

    He should just say he is disappointed, hell, the if there is anything a Viking fan can relate to, its disappointment! You can lose all 4 of the Superbowls, and the last 5 NFC championship games you appeared in and not be disappointed, devastated too.

  10. I’m more curious if Rodgers follows through on this tweet:

    Aaron Rodgers ✔ @AaronRodgers12

    @toddsutton ya I’d put my salary next year on it. #ponyup

    5:47 PM – 23 Feb 2012

  11. The truth has now set Aaron free to look like a naive fool. Everyone on the planet knew Braun got off on a technicality before (except Aaron).

  12. Maybe Aaron “mis-remembers”? This is very disappointing … A-Roid should be banned for good at this point … but I had hoped Braun was on the up & up …

    I think Aaron should just come out & say he’s disappointed that the MLB has suspended Braun for the rest of the year and just leave it that … they obviously have the proof this time around.

  13. Call him out with as much vengeance as you called out the media or YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE A-ROD!

  14. That’s what friends do, they support each other.

    My guess is AR will express his disappointment in Braun, but will reaffirm their friendship.

    AR ain’t a hater.

  15. Just another reason why Joe Flacco is the Best QB to lead your team in today’s NFL. Hat flap, twitter fools, uncle rico, uggs and the buick boy plus the rest of the jokers. Jersey Joe Just wins and does what he’s supposed too. Haters gonna hate it but get ready for many more championships in charm city. REPEAT!

  16. The truth will set Rodgers free…it will also set his year’s salary free:

    The tweet in question on February 23.

    Todd Sutton (@toddsutton) asked Rodgers: “ @AaronRodgers12 you really believe he didn’t you PED’s???? #delusional”

    Rodgers responded: @toddsutton ya I’d put my salary next year on it. #ponyup #exonerated
    Good news Aaron, @toddsutton takes cash or check.

  17. I really like A Rod but on this case he has a disease called #footinthemouthsyndrome… spoke to soon and even when the facts were coming out everyone knew that Braun got away on a technicality. A Rod how that egg taste like???

  18. I don’t begrudge Rodgers at all.

    He did what you’re supposed to do when your buddy looks you in the eye and swears that he has been falsely accused. You defend him publicly and without reservation.

    Unfortunately, bad things do happen to good people, and by doing what he thought was the right thing, Rodgers ended up being proven wrong.

    Such is life.

  19. This just goes to show that anyone can be lied to.
    And anyone is capable of telling a lie.

  20. I agree with you Florio, Aaron Rodgers does have every right to end his bromance with Braun and fans of the Brewers , Packers and NFL fans should not shun him for it!

  21. Like you said, Rodgers isn’t at fault for batting for his friend who he thought was innocent. I applaud him for standing up for the guy. He is absolutely right about guilty until proven innocent when it comes to the media culture in this country. And I’m a Vikings fan.

  22. Truth be told, Rodgers has been one of the first non family members that Braun has confided in in the past about things. As admitted by Rodgers and Braun. I’m almost 100% positive that before this story broke that Braun talked to his family, his team and Rodgers in that order.

    Plus Rodgers is very guarded with what words he uses so I find it highly likely that Rodgers doesn’t comment on this before TC opens on Friday. Plus until we know the full story, how can you speculate that Braun ever lied to Rodgers.

  23. Why would/should anyone care what Aaron Rodgers thinks of Ryan Braun?!?

    People can’t form their own opinions? They need a celebrity to tell them what is and what isn’t?

    Sorry, I just want Aaron Rodgers to play football. And he’s not even on the team I root for. I couldn’t care less about what he thinks on Braun… Baseball… Or Miley Cyrus.

  24. He better speak up soon or Aaron Rodgers will be considered just as much of a coward and phony that this bum Ryan Braun is.

  25. Well at least Aaron Rodgers now looks just as stupid as all the Packers fans after Golden Tates heroic, gravity defying touchdown CATCH

  26. Classy thing to do would be to apologize for defending him. He doesn’t have to call Braun out for being a liar.

    The real question is whether MLB will do the classy thing and give runner up Matt Kemp the 2011 MVP. He had more HRs, RBIs, and SBs than cheater Braun.

  27. Braun is an idiot jus like Rodgers. Take alook at Braun two,years ago compared too today, rather skinny. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder why?

  28. Oh no, Rodgers can not keep quiet now. He needs to let us know how the crow really taste like, the one we chewed was a bit sour.

    I was surprised by Roders’ reaction thought it borne out of love, but now I am not so sure.

  29. Rodgers was just being a loyal friend who trusted a guy who lied to his face. As a Brewers/Packers fan, I’m pretty disgusted with Braun right now. I am proud of the fact that Rodgers is the starting QB of my favorite team. Not just because he is one of the top QBs in the league, but because he’s a stand up guy who really goes out of his way to help people. If you are a Packer lover or hater, you can’t deny the good this guy does. Check this out –


  30. This is hilarious.

    Rodgers whined, cried, threw a tamtrum and believed it because Braun said it wasn’t true so I believed him. It’s not true! It’s not true!! All of you are liars!!!!.

    Packers fans cried, whined, threw tantrums and believed the Seahawks didnt really beat the Pack last year cause idiots said it wasn’t a “catch”..
    Its not True!!! It wasn’t a Catch!!! Not fair!! We won;t play ever again!!!!

    Well Aaron, Braun DID cheat, and he made you look like the simpleton you really are.

    Packers fans, Seattle DID win, it WAS a C A T C H, and you still look like the whining , sniveling, crybaby sore loser, simpletons as last year

  31. Aaron Rodgers, who is the idiot who should be eating crows now? Answer: You of course. You are the idiot since your friend Ryan Braun the cheat can’t hide behind technicalities and lies anymore. Aaron, how do you spell GUILTY?

  32. Doesn’t he owe some guy on twitter this years salary on account of a bet he made last time Braun was in trouble?


  34. I applaud PFT for bringing this up. Aaron Rodgers has to respond to this.

    Btw – they are more than just friends. They have opened two restaurants together …called MVP of something. Nice association with a liar and cheater.

  35. You forgot to mention that on Twitter, Rodgers responded to a follower that he’d put up this year’s salary — $4.5 million — that Braun would test clean.

    Put your money where your mouth is Rodgers! But then again, I recall a little bet you made where you were supposed to wear an Alex Smith jersey if you lost, and yeah, you lost….

  36. This isn’t the legal system. You are guilty until proven innocent and that’s how it should be. Just ask Aaron Hernandez what the patriots did to him. He didn’t have to be proven guilty in court. Tired of everyone acting like its the judicial system when public opinion convicts someone of being guilty when it coincides with what everyone else has been guilty of.

  37. Aaron said he’d bet his year’s salary if Braun were found guilty. Time to pay up Aaron. If he doesn’t, send Hernandez after the prettyboy to collect

  38. Hopefully Aaron takes the high road,…talks to Ryan in private, and keeps matters to themselves. As the saying goes “no good deed goes unpunished”, so it’s best not to say anything in public that could be twisted out of proportion…

  39. why are you assuming a-rod was lied to? maybe actually he knew the truth but just assumed Braun wldnt be dumb enough to get caught a second time so he decided to gloat for his boy.

  40. Rodgers was right about one thing though, some of you petty tyrants in the media do seem to revel in destroying people through your twisting, spinning, and insinuating about things you have little factual basis for.

  41. How did Braun take advantage of Rodgers? Rodgers tweeted on his own, braun didn’t make him. I’m a fan of both but they both screwed themselves.

  42. Had Rogers simply defended Braun, no public apology or back tracking would be necessary. He chose to go well beyond that in his vilification of any and all who called Braun out for beating the PED rap on a weak technicality. His comments were WAY over the top!

    It will be interesting to see what…if anything…Rogers now has to say on the matter. My guess is we’ll hear nothing from him!

  43. I’m soooo over this same old story. Player swears on everything holy that he would never use performence enhancing drugs and that he has nothing to hide blah blah blah………..Then after they finally can’t hide anymore they come out and “ADMIT” that they made a “MISTAKE”. And you actually have some people in the MLB coming out and praising this guy for stepping up and admitting his wrongdoing. When the truth comes out what else can they do? He already lied to everyone and now that he is officially caught he ADMITS to it??!? No, that’s not an admission it’s a piss poor attempt to look like your taking responsibility for your actions when really you already lied your a$$ off and made alot of other people like aaron Rodgers look almost as stupid as you.

  44. Rodgers should be castigated for his comments. Not just because of his verbal attacks but using childish and stupid comebacks to try and defend his cheater of a friend. As dumb as his comments were at least he wasn’t wearing a FREE HERNANDEZ hat.

  45. If Rodgers ends the friendship, will Braun appeal it based on the fact that the person communicating that to him took too long to deliver the message????

  46. Comment from Florio back then:

    “Rodgers is right. And that’s why we periodically harp on the importance of maintaining confidentiality until any suspension has been finalized, especially when it comes to performance-enhancing drugs. Sometimes, the player is exonerated, but the stigma doesn’t disappear.”

    Still think Rodgers was right? Braun was never exonerated, it was a chain of evidence issue.

  47. I know he won’t give up his salary, but a $100,000 sounds good.

  48. Remember, back in February, Rodgers tweeted that he would bet his entire 2013 salary that Braun wasn’t a cheat and using PED’s etc……..while no one expects him to honor that bet, the least he can do is make a public statement/apology to sports fans everywhere as it was all sports fans that he was dissing with his “unconditional support”.

  49. Rodgers bet a years salary that Braun was not a cheater. Think he’ll pay up? I think this will be bet #2 he’ll welch on.

  50. Hey Aaron,

    I have a cousin in Nigeria who happens to be a prince who has a multi million dollar oil fortune waiting for him – he just needs you to wire him $50,000 dollars and he’ll cut you half off his fortune. Please help.

  51. That any of you care about the status of Rodgers’ friendship with Braun is ridiculous. None of you so eager to bail on someone so quickly over this would make a good friend anyway.

  52. Aaron Rogers doesnt pay up his bets. Don’t expect any money @toddsutton. We have yet to see Rogers don the Niners Jersey he was supposed to wear.

  53. im suprised coltswin and peytons
    neck are not bashing rg3 on this post..
    it does involve a qb after all..
    coining a name andrew SUCK

  54. Somewhere, Roddy White and Victor Cruz wonder why this story couldn’t have broke, oh, let’s say 10 days or so, ago?

  55. Rodgers if anything has been overly supportive of both the Brewers & Milwaukee Bucs. I think this was an extension of that, and he got burned. And it looks bad.

    Overall Rodgers has been a class act & is well liked. Some of these comments I’m reading, don’t forget Braun is the liar and cheat who should be kicked out of his sport. Don’t be surprised if Rodgers does own his mistake (trusting Braun), he’s owned everything else good or bad so far.

  56. LOL Rodgers is just like the packer fan base…a bunch of delusional idiots. Rodgers had to defend Braun because if Braun goes down the next one in line to get hammered for use of PEDs is Rodgers. Good luck packer homers.

  57. Rodgers should take the easy way out. Fake an injury and stay on IR for the rest of the year as damage control. Then relaunch a new image promotion for the 2014 season. Packers finish 4th place get a high draft choice and hopefully address their pathetic offensive line. Packer fans will yap about the past for the rest of the year since there will be little to brag about a horrible season this year.

    This would not surprise me one bit.

  58. This is the moment where Rodgers comes out of the closet. Braun should too. Then, they’ll be invincible to any and all media criticism instead garnering praise for their “bravery” and “courage.”

  59. Today was NOT a beautiful day in the neighborhood for Mr. Rodgers.

    Good that he went to bat for a friend and business associate. Bad that he made such a big deal out of it. Now its come back to bite him like twitter tirades so often do.

    As a Packer fan I love it, a pissed off Aaron Rodgers is a motivated Aaron Rodgers. Perfect fuel for the fire needed to beat the brakes off teams this year. #watchandsee

  60. I love reading all the puke and urine fans try to defend their boy. Didn’t Rodgers just teach you a lesson about doing that? This is the 2nd bet he welched on too (Boyz 2 Men was the other). His word is mud. Still a good QB, but a complete choad beyond that. Typical Wisconsin misguided/misplaced loyalty.

  61. ud1hens says: Jul 22, 2013 9:08 PM

    I’m more curious if Rodgers follows through on this tweet:

    Aaron Rodgers ✔ @AaronRodgers12

    @toddsutton ya I’d put my salary next year on it. #ponyup
    He didn’t actually make the bet as I’d = I would and Would does not = will or do. Reading comprehension is important. Also it is a sad day when we bag on a guy for sticking up for a friend who lied to him

  62. After navigating the Farve saga perfectly, it looks like Rodgers has made a mistake.

    He usually does a pretty good job of avoiding the traps the media lays out for him, but it looks like he stepped right in this one.

    It’ll be forgotten about after the first dozen TD passes.

  63. I suspect Arron will view this with a different view that a lot of people like myself can relate to. Ill give you my story and you can substitute the names and substances where appropriate.

    A friend of mine who I used to get high grade herb from stopped using said herb and put me in a bind seeing as how he was my connection to my product of choice.

    I’m sure Aaron has a lot of the same feelings I had at that point

  64. Who’s the idiot now Aaron? It’s sad a guy just doing his job had his career and life destroyed by this lying piece of Sh!t! Braun is the lowest kind of human being.

  65. Training partners? Maybe they shop at the same “supplements” store. Perhaps it’s time for Erin to submit a blood and hair sample. #crowforweeks

  66. Rodgers stood up for a friend. Nothing wrong with that.

    The friend disappointed him. That’s probably happened to all of us at one time or another.

    Not surprising the two are pals given their positions in Wisconsin sports and the place each is in his career.

  67. I d

    Rodgers standing up for a friend wasn’t the bad part. His arrogance and immature hash tags are the parts that have opened him up to the backlash. He should make a statement about the situation and then move on. Also, never stick up for a fellow athlete accused of using PEDs–chances are good that they are guilty.

  68. I think Rodgers was defending a guy who personally proclaimed innocence to him directly because he was being persecuted before he was even found guilty. Now that Braun admitted lying, Rodgers just has to say he was lied to and wouldn’t have come to Braun’s defence otherwise.

  69. Rodgers isn’t the first guy to make a mistake by backing someone based on a lie. He won’t be the last. As mistakes go, that one is pretty far down the list in terms of seriousness. Yeah, he looks like a fool now. But lots of people look like fools from time to time.

    At this point, he should worry about playing QB for the Packers in 2013. Braun’s suspension is a non-issue to that. If it was May, I might feel differently but camp is 2 days away.

    If Rodgers feels the need to respond, he should do so by issuing a statement expressing his disappointment in Braun that also makes clear he won’t be answering any questions about this during the season. If he doesn’t forcefully put an end to it now, the questions will keep popping up all season. And from Rodgers perspective, nothing good can come from that.

  70. Rodgers should man up and donate his salary to a charity like the Red Cross. A) I’m sure he has enough money to survive. B) The good-will he would earn, not only would make him a saint but he would probably make up that money in new endorsements.

  71. This is the kind of adversity the team needs to close ranks and rally for another Superbowl run. I think that would be a record 14th World Championship.

  72. some of you people are idiots…
    how many of you have said ” I bet you a million dollars” and how many of you have either paid out or collected on such a bet.

    and if you say you never have, you are lying.. everybody has…. so grow up

  73. I’m sure ShAaron will play innocent victim in the media.
    But, the fact remains he’s Brauns strawberry ho.
    Can you snort lines of HGH?
    #12 knows.

  74. Rodgers just didn’t realize that the GH and stuff that they both take regularly isn’t tested for in the NFL is actually tested in the MLB.

  75. I just hope people will realize the amount of smack that Rodgers talks on all subjects and ever since the “gag order” the Packers put on him in the Summer of 2008 was removed a couple years ago, he’s been unstoppable. Verbally attacking reporters, Mark Sanchez, the NFL Pro Bowl team, MLB, 60 minutes, etc.

    He gets away with this because they won a SB back in 2010, but at some point people will call him out for just being a jerk who can’t keep his thoughts to himself.

  76. billsfan1 says: Jul 23, 2013 9:35 AM

    some of you people are idiots…
    how many of you have said ” I bet you a million dollars” and how many of you have either paid out or collected on such a bet.

    and if you say you never have, you are lying.. everybody has…. so grow up
    The difference is I don’t HAVE a million dollars. As of a couple months ago, Rodgers has at least $50m!
    and the bottom line is if you aren’t prepared to pay up, then don’t make the bet! (still waiting for Rodgers to wear that Alex Smith jersey …)

  77. Where do some of you get this idea that Braun personally “lied” to Rodgers? This fantasy Packer world some of you live in …

    As if Rodgers called him one day and said “listen Ryan, we are bros for life, and I’m about to post on Twitter that you never took a thing and I’m going to bet a year’s salary too, so tell me now and swear on our friendship that you never cheated with steroids”.

    They’re the two high profile reps for Wisconsin’s sports teams and probably hung out a couple teams, there was no BETRAYAL. get a life cheeseheads.

  78. I’ve been a huge fan of Rodgers since he was at Butte through CAL and with the Packers. That said, I cringed when he first started tweeting that vehement defense of Lance Armstrong, er Ryan Braun.

    I work in the Biotech industry and take/test samples for a living. There’s no way that test taker could have contaminated the sample WITH steroids, perhaps with some microbes, but not for what they were testing for. The appeals arbitrator was a moron for falling for the lawyer’s “defense” in attacking the sample taker.

  79. Rodgers may be good on the field but as a person he is, much like your typical packer fan, a complete loudmouth joke!

  80. Wow look at the jealous Viking fans trying to villify a guy for sticking up for a friend in tweets who lied not only to him, his teammates, a city, and fans everywhere. Regardless of this little deal he will be haunting your team for another season. Deal with it.

  81. The reason people are disgusted with Rodgers is not his defense of Braun, it’s how he defended him. He has become a blatantly arrogant person. It shows on and off of the field. It just rubs people the wrong way.

  82. Some say ‘why do you care what Rogers thinks of Braun.’ Well, I don’t. What I find amusing is how player continue to display such poor decision-making, from the very worst possible to the most silly. No one should put that much faith in another human being considering how people are by their human nature. Rogers should abandon twitter the player killer and re-evaluate his relationship with Braun.

  83. gbmickey says:
    Jul 23, 2013 1:04 PM
    Wow look at the jealous Viking fans trying to villify a guy for sticking up for a friend in tweets who lied not only to him, his teammates, a city, and fans everywhere. Regardless of this little deal he will be haunting your team for another season. Deal with it.
    LOL – this has nothing to do with the Vikings so quit trying to spin it. Also, im sure there are lots of posters who will stand up and say they are fans of other teams who also dislike both Rodgers and the Packers. Nice try.

  84. So, so sensitive!!

    Look, this won’t be the first (or last) time Karen Rodgers has had to eat a 4-letter C-word.

    -Cobb (Randall)?

  85. This little dust up is not likely to change the fortunes of those hapless, tasteless teams that are desperately looking to avoid being humiliated by the Packers twice each again this season – like they have been for the past 3 years.

  86. Pretty hard to convince anyone of that Contra when looking at the last 10 posts or so 8 are from Viking trolls.

  87. How can Aaron Rodgers be wrong about anything? According to the media and everyone from Wisconsin, everything and everyone from there is perfect.

  88. goforepare, logically this is how these comments are made, via keyboards.
    “ShAaron mvp. sb mvp” too.
    Live in past much? impress me w/your cheesy wit by honoring the gun-slinging legend 1st before a childish rant on #12.
    Besides, this article is not about me or you. It’s about ShAaron, his arrogance to the media, & ultimately his scapegoat excuses pertaining to his bro-love.

  89. Holy crap there are some insanely moronic people out there. Let’s demonize a man who was sticking up for his friend! I bet most of you would do the same, although not to the sensitive extent AR went to. He probably believed Braun because friends trust each other. But judging from some of these comments saying some of you have friends would be a stretch given that there is confusion between confidence and arrogance.

    Also, why all the Rodgers hatred? What did he ever do to arouse such anger besides play good football?

  90. GenXJay says:
    Jul 23, 2013 3:10 PM
    ……this article is not about me or you. It’s about ShAaron, his arrogance to the media, & ultimately his scapegoat excuses pertaining to his bro-love

    Has anyone else noticed the fascination Viking fans have with giving grown men feminine sounding names? This guy is absolutely in love with Rodgers. There is no other explanation.

  91. stellarperformance says:
    Jul 23, 2013 3:34 PM

    Has anyone else noticed the fascination Viking fans have with giving grown men feminine sounding names? This guy is absolutely in love with Rodgers. There is no other explanation.


    Says the guy associated with the fan base that likes to give “queen” names to a certain other team…

  92. For the sake of the Viking fans, I hope Rodgers is not taking PED’s. Instead of kicking their butts by three touchdowns it could end up being six or more.

  93. Maybe, Aaron Rodgers and Mark Chmura can open a new restaurant called “Chodes”.

    Oh and you guys did NOT sweep us last year, we split that one.

    Times. Are. A. Changing. Still.

    We’re comin’
    We’re COMIN’!!!!

  94. The best thing Rodgers could do (seeing as how the fan who won the “bet” has said he’d settle for on game check) is donate one week’s pay to an appropriate charity (something that educates young athletes on the dangers of PEDs perhaps?) in the fan’s name. Problem solved, no other comment necessary. Just post a video of him smiling (respectfully resigning) while he signs the check over.

  95. Only the losers in MN would characterize dropping 2 out of 3 and getting bounced out of the playoffs with a humiliating loss to the Packers as “we split”.

    That’s why they’ll always be losers.

  96. It’s still called a split, in the regular season. But I’m happy that you’re still amped about your playoff win against our backup, while in reality, the week before our starting QB went toe to toe with yours, and we were definitely on a roll.

    But that’s fine if you want to call is losers, good for you.

    Drink your beer, eat some more cheese, learn your math.

    We’re comin’!!!

  97. It’s easy to laugh at Rodgers now, but think how you would feel if someone you believed in let you down, even after you boldly defended them.

  98. Almost 100% of the people on this thread are of the mind that Braun lied to Rodgers. Is that a substantiated fact?

    Since there’s no evidence that I’ve seen either way, I’ll take the opposite approach. Braun confided in Rodgers that he was, in fact, using PED’s. Rodgers attempted to intimidate fans, MLB, etc. with his Twitting, hoping that future tests would be swept under the rug. An undeniable example of Rodgers’ arrogance and delusion. All fostered by the media and Green Bay faithful. In the end, the same mentality fell the great Brett Favre. So too shall it Aaron.

  99. Ah, the modern day celebrity.

    Tweet first, think later.

    Maybe Rodgers can get a discount double-check on paying off that lost bet.

  100. Envision when the two lovebirds met……they knew it was love:

    Erin: I love you!

    Ryan: I love you more!

    Erin: I love you MOST!

    Ryan: You ALWAYS know what to say……hehehehe.

    Birds in the background singing……ahhhh……love!

  101. Oh geeez what is Rodgers going to do now! His friend just lied to him and now he is suspended! Who is Rodgers going to talk to and hang out with now? Oh wait he is one of the best NFL QB’s in the NFL i’m pretty sure he has 3 million other friends! All and all who cares! I mean besides them owning a business together this isn’t really news worthy at all!

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