Texans sign D.J. Swearinger, OT Brennan Williams


The Texans have wrapped up deals with rookie safety D.J. Swearinger and offensive tackle Brennan Williams, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reported Monday.

The Texans now have their entire nine-player draft class under contract.

A second-round pick from South Carolina, Swearinger will compete for playing time at a position where the Texans must replace the capable Glover Quin (now with Detroit) and are waiting for Ed Reed to return from hip surgery.

Williams, a third-round selection from North Carolina, is among Houston’s options at right tackle. He missed time in the offseason with a knee injury.

5 responses to “Texans sign D.J. Swearinger, OT Brennan Williams

  1. Does it matter there is only one team relevant in Texas….The Cowboys Baby!

    This overhyped team missed the window last year.

  2. The Texans have won more playoff games than the Cowboys since they have joined the league bud, so with all do respect don’t think any Texans fans are going to listen to you about Relevancy.

  3. A Cowboy’s fan talking about another team being over hyped?!

    No matter how healthy Reid is or isn’t Swearinger will still get playing time, glad they drafted him.

  4. if you look at the history of the cowboys from their start and the texans start in their history they are just about even comparing the texans first 11 years and the cowboys first 11 years. a whole generation has been born and are now 18 year old adults since the cowboys last did anythign relevant!
    you cant compare the texans short history and the cowboys history..the cowboys werent great when they were a new team either until almost the 10 year old window.. the texans have been much better playoff wise in the period they came into the league till now than the cowboys in that same time frame!

  5. As a lifelong fan of Texas NFL football, I’d be happy to see the Cowboys become successful again – but it just ain’t happening, and Cowboys fans know it even though they won’t admit it. It’s beyond obvious that the problems start at the top with their owner, and roll downhill from there. Until he has a 180-degree turnaround in his personality and attitude, or sells the team to someone with real integrity, the Cowboys will never regain their former glory or get any new glory.

    We Oilers-turned-Texans fans know all too well what that is like. We had an owner like that. Now he’s Tennessee’s problem, thank the goodness! I couldn’t be happier with Bob McNair, a total class act. As long as the Texans have McNair and the Cowboys have Jones, it’s all but certain that the Texans will get to the Super Bowl before the Cowboys do.

    It’s sad, because after the Texans, I would love to root for the other team in my great state. But Jerry Jones and his enormous ego make that impossible to do.

    Go Texans!

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