Barkevious Mingo not sweating his weight


Browns first-rounder Barkevious Mingo said signing his contract felt like a “weight has been lifted” from him.

Now, he just needs to get back to adding weight to himself.

The lean-to-the-point-of skinny pass-rusher weighed in at 237 pounds in April, is listed at 240 in the team’s media guide and says he’s bigger than that now.

I’m pleased with where I’m at,” Mingo said, via Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “The coaches aren’t concerned, I’m bigger than what I was when I got here and I’m not trying to stop right there. . . .

“Our strength coaches have been doing a great job, so I’m getting stronger, getting bigger, but I’m keeping my quickness, and I think that’s the best way to go about that.”

When asked what he weighed, Mingo grinned and avoided the question.

While his speed is what got him drafted sixth overall, there’s a functional strength and durability issue at hand, which Mingo will learn about soon.

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  1. So Aldon Smith is 6’4″, 255 and he’s a beast but Mingo is 6’4″, 240 and he’s on the borderline of skinny?? Seems strange to me. I’d rather have a lean, quick pass rusher than Upshaw from the Ravens who’s pushing 300 but that’s just me…….

  2. I’ll be rooting for Barkevious for the sole reason that he’s from West Monroe, LA; home of the Duck Dynasty folks.

  3. Don’t sweat it Brown’s fans, Jack Lambert was a small linebacker and he turned out okay. Good luck this season!

  4. Don’t sweat it Brown’s fans, the league is getting tougher and tougher and teams are getting better, except yours, all is normal in Cleveland.

  5. While it certainly won’t hurt Mingo to add more mass, he already has really good functional strength for his size. You can watch video of him straight on bull rushing DJ Fluker and pushing him back.

  6. Being 6’4″ @ 240lbs is pretty normal..for an average guy who I be friends with or a coworker, but seems a tad bit on the skinny side for an NFL pass rusher.

  7. He is drafted as an outside linebacker. He played D end in college. His size is perfect for the position and a late game pass rush when 340lb linemen are tired. No worries. Don’t put on bad weight just to add it.

  8. @barkymingo says:
    Jul 23, 2013 8:40 AM
    So Aldon Smith is 6’4″, 255 and he’s a beast but Mingo is 6’4″, 240 and he’s on the borderline of skinny?? Seems strange to me. I’d rather have a lean, quick pass rusher than Upshaw from the Ravens who’s pushing 300 but that’s just me…….

    You know there are different types/purposes for outside linebackers, right? Some, i.e. Jarret Johnson – can set the edge; some, i.e. (40 mil??) Kruger, Antwan Barnes, etc, can only rush the passer; some i.e. Suggs, V. Miller, D.Ware, etc. are rare players who are great at playing the pass and run. These are the types of players that should be drafted in the top 10.

    While Upshaw has been criticized (fairly) for gaining too much wait this spring, he was outstanding at setting the edge last year. It’s something that’s critical to run defense, and was a huge issue for Ravens in the beginning of the year when (40 mil) Kruger really struggled with it. Eventually, Ravens solved that problem by playing Upshaw at OLB on run downs, and just having Kruger rush the passer. Not sure what’s Browns’ solution will be for that.

  9. @dmravens

    I’m confused by your post. Where exactly did you mention Aldon Smith which is the whole point of what I put in there??? I’m guessing by your name, you are a large follower of the Browns and what their plans are for the upcoming season. Mingo was drafted as a pass rushing specialist so I don’t know why you would compare him to Suggs, Ware or a dude that just got busted for PEDs (doesn’t seem like a rare player if he’s cheating). I also missed the part in Kruger’s contract where he received 40 mill guaranteed?? Thanks for paying close attention to news about Cleveland though.

  10. A Profile ….. Who is this?

    Height: 6′ 3”
    Weight: 237
    Position: LB
    Drafted: 1981, Round 1, Pick 2 (2 Overall) by New York Giants
    High School: Lafayette (Williamsburg, VA)
    College: University of North Carolina

    Not a bad player ……

  11. floratiotime says:

    I wonder how many puppies were named Barkevious this year?
    I was wondering how many kids were named Barkevious this year. It’s Cleveland.

  12. In a league that is super excited about the read option having an outside backer that is speedy and nimble makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, Cleveland is in a division with three QBs that aren’t mobile guys.

    It is going to be tough getting a sack on Big Ben (6’5″ – 241) or Joey Eyebrow (6’6″ – 245) at that size. At least he’s bigger than Andy Dalton.

  13. DenverDude7, Colts win Colts wins
    You are both Idiots period.
    Get a life man, you come to a article that concerns the browns, and all you do is trash talk the team, I mean DAM..
    If you can’t find something positive to say, please go to your teams website, and talk BS all you want.

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